Gaming Detail: Star Wars Episode III On The GBA Won't Let Anakin Play On 'Master' Difficulty (But Obi-Wan Can)

A "gaming detail" post is making the rounds claiming that Anakin can't play on Master level in a GBA game, but there's hidden truth in the Jedi lies.

A post has been going around recently that seems to point out a neat detail in an old Star Wars Game Boy Advance game: when Anakin Skywalker is the chosen character, he isn't allowed to play on the "Master" difficulty. It's a fun nod to a moment in the film that became one of the more infamous Prequel Memes. Unfortunately, just like the lies of the Jedi, it only takes one good look to see through this "gaming detail."

The post in question has made the rounds before, but its most recent exposure was on Reddit's Gaming Details subreddit. A user posted this picture with the caption "Star Wars Episode III on Game Boy Advance doesn't let Anakin play on Master difficulty."

via: reddit.com/user/SleepingAran

It supposedly refers to a scene in Episode III where Anakin is given permission to sit on the Jedi council, but is not promoted to the rank of Jedi Master. The soon-to-be Vader calls the decision "outrageous" and "unfair," spawning several memes with his line delivery.

This screenshot of the GBA game's menu shows the Master difficulty faded out, apparently not selectable as long as Anakin is the player character. It makes it look as though the developers were purposefully referencing the movie by withholding the rank of Master from Anakin just as the Jedi council did. There's even supporting "evidence" in the form of claims that playing as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi makes the Master rank available. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately if you have a certain point of view, both characters can access Master difficulty.

via: youtube.com (vii89)

Several comments on the Gaming Details Reddit post point out that Master is just locked the other difficulties. Beating Jedi mode unlocks the Master difficulty, even for Anakin. Further confirmation comes from this archive that details the story of the game via screenshots. Scrolling to the end shows that both Anakin and Obi-Wan can play, and defeat, all difficulty levels.

It was a nice joke while it lasted. But a good Jedi must be vigilant, lest they be tempted by the lure of spreading lies for fake internet points. We're smarter than this.

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