Waluigi Was Secretly Introduced Six Years Before Mario Tennis In A Mario & Wario Manga

A Super Mario fan account dug up some old art that might place Waluigi's origin in 1994, six full years before Mario Tennis.

The Nintendo fandom is about to be shaken to its very core. Well, at least the people who care about Waluigi. A drawing from an old comic resurfaced recently that shows Waluigi might have roots in the deepest depths of Nintendo lore. If the image is to be believed, Waluigi as a concept was actually created in the '90s, well before his first appearance in a video game.

The accepted origin story for Waluigi is that he was created for Mario Tennis, a game released in the year 2000 for Nintendo 64. Wikipedia even says it to be so, and credits Fumihide Aoki with his creation. It also makes a lot of sense for the tennis game to be his debut. Doubles is a big part of tennis and Wario needed a partner. Why not make a twisted version of Luigi to match him?

via: avclub.com

Except a new piece of history has come to light via the Supper Mario Broth Twitter account. The account, and its adjoining blog, dish out little snack-sized bits of Mario Bros. trivia. A recent post claims to have found a drawing from 1994 that depicts an early version of Waluigi.

The source for the image is credited as belonging to a 4koma series called "Mario and Wario." The term "4koma" refers to a particular kind of manga that only uses four panels to tell a story. Ususally 4koma are humorous, much like the short comic strips featured in newspapers. So this early Waluigi likely existed as a "what if Luigi had an evil counterpart?" throwaway gag.

Joke or not, this would mean that Waluigi existed a full six years before ever appearing in an actual game. However, evidence aside from this one tweet is hard to find. There was actually quite a lot of manga starring Mario released in the '90s, but only in Japan. This makes finding them a difficult task for one who doesn't speak Japanese. Google seems to prefer showing the more famous Super Mario-Kun series whenever a search is performed for Mario manga.

While the news would certainly be shocking if it is true, take it with a grain of salt. The drawing does look convincing, but could also easily be fan art made for an elaborate joke. As always with Waluigi, just watch the internet. Waluigi fans are unquenchable in their thirst for more content starring the purple weirdo. If the truth is out there, they'll dig it up soon enough.

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