Gaming Detail: Xenoblade Chronicles' Disc Art Is Perfectly Placed

Gamers, as a whole, often get so passionate about our hobby that we forget how much work goes into a game. No, this isn't an attempt to get you to pity the poor Madden developers or forget the shady practices behind most mobile games. It's more of a chance to consider the people that have nothing to do with the game mechanics or marketing. The people who probably do show up in the credits but don't show up on our wish lists for the dream E3 game. Like the genius who decided where to center Xenoblade Chronicles' disc art.

Xenoblade Chronicles was originally a Wii game. However, as a JRPG on a dying system, it got little attention outside of Japan. Then its main character, Shulk, appeared in Super Smash Bros. and people suddenly wanted to play his game. Nintendo accommodated with a 3DS port and the just-announced Switch remaster. Some people, however, would rather play the original. It's thanks to this renewed enthusiasm that we got this observation:

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For those not in the know, the disc is depicting Shulk holding his signature sword, the Monado. For a better look at him, here's a shot from Super Smash Bros.

via: jaydinitto.com

As you can see, the Monado has a hole at the base, right near the handle. When Shulk activates its powers, the hole will glow and might even display a character representing the nature of the power. But usually it's just an empty hole. An empty hole that happens to be perfectly placed right where the disc hole should be. Based on just how well lined up it is, we can only imagine the person that designed the disc made this brilliant choice on purpose.

Xenoblade Chronicles is starting to see a rise in popularity thanks to Shulk's time in Smash. The sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, is doing well on Switch. It earned a full expansion game. Fans are already excited for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, the remaster. Sadly, the remaster will be on a small cartridge, not a disc. Although it will probably improve on the original game in every way, it will fail to measure up to the ingenious disc art.

Source: Reddit

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