Ranking The 10 Best Garfield Games Ever Made

There are few people out there that aren't a little familiar with the lasagna-loving, Monday-hating orange tabby Garfield. He's been in comics since the late 70s and the franchise has spawned books, TV shows, movies, and even games. It might surprise some but there are over 20 Garfield games that have been released featuring Garfield and all his friends. He's been featured on the PC, handhelds, consoles and more than a few mobile games. While there are a lot of Garfield games to choose from, some of them rise above the others.

Here are the 10 Best Garfield Games Ever Made.

10 The Garfield Show: Threat Of The Space Lasagna

The Garfield Show: Threat of the Space Lasagna is based on the CGI animated show that aired on Cartoon Network from 2009 to 2012. This 2011 game was made for the Wii and has both a single-player mode and multi-player mode. In single-player players take on the role of Garfield as he tries to prevent the Space Lasagna from wreaking havoc around town and save the family of his friend Squeek. Players get the chance to take the role of either Garfield or the opposing side in multi-player. It also supported Wii Motion Plus and the Wii Balance Board.

9 Garfield And His Nine Lives

Garfield and His Nine Lives is a Game Boy Advance game that came out in 2006. In it, players control Garfield as he accomplishes different tasks in nine levels. Some levels are completed by simply finding items or leading Garfield through a maze-like level.

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Every third level has players taking on a boss. In the third level, he has to defeat a circus bear, the sixth is a large gray cat and in the ninth and final level, he faces against an animated refrigerator that attacks him with vines and food.

8 Garfield's Nightmare

Garfield's Nightmare is a game that came out in 2007. In it, players are Garfield, who after eating a sandwich made up of pizza, lasagna and jelly donuts, falls asleep an wakes up in a haunted castle. Players have to guide Garfield through 16 levels filled with monsters. The levels are divided into four different themes, with their own boss, who Garfield has to defeat to turn his nightmare into a dream. He also has to find the broken pieces of his alarm clock, as he smashed it in the real world and it's his only chance of awakening.

7 Garfield's Diner

If one thought of the perfect job for Garfield, what would it be? Other than a competitive eater or a professional napper, maybe becoming a chef would suit the cat that loves to eat?

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In the mobile game Garfield's Diner, he gets the chance to be one as he and his friends take over Irma's diner while she's away on vacation. The game is simple, the player has to serve customers by making what they want and serving it to them. As they gain more money they can upgrade the diner and add more staff.

6 Garfield's Escape

Garfield's Escape is another mobile game where players play as Garfield and Odie. They have to keep the two of them out of the clutches of the Bath 'o Matic Robot, a robot Jon had purchased to keep Garfield and Odie clean. The game is in 3D and there are 15 levels, each one more challenging than the next. Garfield and Odie have to run through the kitchen, the living and more places within the house. There's even another game mode available called Endless where players see how long they can outrun the robot.

5 Garfield: Big Fat Hairy Deal

Garfield: Big Fat Hairy Deal is the first video game to be based on the Garfield comics. It came out in 1987 for the PC. Players control Garfield as he tries to save his girlfriend, Arlene from the cat pound. Players could make him jump, crawl, walk, and kick. Players had to travel throughout the town to pick up items they needed to save Arlene, including traveling through the sewers. Garfield's hunger and sleep meters needed to be watched as well. If his hunger meter got too low or if his sleep meter did the game would end.

4 Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt

Just in time for the Halloween season, any Garfield fans out there might want to check out Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt. It's a series of two games that's available on the official Garfield website. The flash game has players lead Garfield through a haunted mansion in search for tasty pastries. The mansion is filled with different horror movie monsters like ghosts, werewolves, and vampires that will give Garfield a fright. Garfield can only be scared a limited number of times before he runs out of the mansion and the game ends.

3 Garfield's Defense

Garfield's Defense is another mobile game that features Garfield and all his friends. This time the gang is battle a group of aliens portrayed as sentient meatballs.

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These meatball invaders have come to take all the food in Jon's house and use it for their own designs to take over the world and it's up to Garfield and his friends to stop them, using popcorn as currency. It plays a little like Plants Vs Zombies where players have to use characters and weapons to keep the waves of enemies at bay.

2 Garfield: The Search For Pooky

Most Garfield fans know that there are a few things that Garfield holds dear. Tasty food, being able to nap, and his stuffed bear named Pooky. He's Garfield's best friend in the whole world and Garfield would do anything for him. And that love for Pooky is tested in The Search for Pooky as one night a group of mice steals him from a sleeping Garfield. This Game Boy Advance game has players on a search for Pooky as Garfield collects items, powerups, and even fights bosses to get his friend back.

1 Garfield's Wild Ride

To end this list of the best Garfield games we have another mobile one, Garfield's Wild Ride. While in the real world Garfield does even less than a normal house cat in his dreams he can do an extraordinary amount of things. And that's the premise of the game, he falls asleep and the game takes place in his dreams where he can fly, collecting coins and lasagna to help him defeat his enemies. Garfield can be customized with items, though they cost in-game currency. But the game is simple and can be enjoyed by everyone.

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