Gas-Powered: 25 Steampunk Cosplay That Are Awesome

Guess what, everyone? I'm doing another cosplay article! Why, you ask?


I mean, I'm not sure if you guys have gotten that yet or not, but honestly, I am a guy who really enjoys his cosplay. It's all of the wonders of the imagination, made real by stitches, solder, gears, goggles, and foam, and brought to life by putting it on a person.

"But Rick," I hear you saying with an amount of reverence that rivals even those who are granted an audience with the Pope, "I've seen my share of cosplay, and solder, gears, and goggles are definitely not in the normal repertoire of your average cosplayer!"

I look upon you with justified rage for speaking out of turn and smite you. You tumble to the ground, weeping, chastising yourself internally and wailing for forgiveness for incurring your patron's wrath.

I descend from my throne with the grace of a thousand doves and lift your limp body to its knees. I don't apologize for smiting you, but my kind visage gives you succor. You know my rage has abated. With my hand on your chin and a warm glow in my eyes, I reply to you with the tone a loving parent uses after they have just disciplined an unruly child.

"That's because today, dear reader, we're talking about Steampunk cosplays."

All has been forgiven. Your mind explodes with joy as your life have been realized. You hurry back to your chair and prepare to scroll through the twenty-five selections your benefactor has prepared.

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25 Watch Out - She'll Whozit Your Thingamabob!

via Dorkly (TheArtfulDodger)

You gotta love Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I'm pretty sure she might be the most meme'd-on Disney Princess. From Hipster Ariel to plot holes everyone likes to poke in the story, she's stayed pretty current over the years.

Well, having bright red hair and a little clam thing can't hurt, either. But what happens when someone decides to cosplay as Ariel and go a little bit more 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with it? Then my friend, you get this awesome Steampunk rendition by TheArtfulDodger. Gotta love the Triton and flintlock accessories on this outfit - if Ariel can't shock you, she's gonna bust a cap in you.

24 Imperialism Checkmated By Incredible... Polygons

via DeviantArt (Masamune Cosplay)

So, remember when your mom asked you what you wanted for the holidays and you had to resist the urge to tell her "a really steamy Lara Croft with goggles and handguns?" Well, Masamune Cosplay heard your thoughts and made it a reality. She's stunning in her outfit, and the little touches from the sweet boots to the bracers really sell the look. But my personal favorite has to be the contrast we're getting from the delicate lace on her corset and the hammered steel and bronze color tones of her handguns. Absolutely beautiful, absolutely Steampunk. I guess she just needs, like, her own zeppelin so she can raid tombs all over the globe. And maybe one of those old-timey announcer dudes to go along with her and recount her exploits. You can't go wrong with an old-timey announcer.

23 "It's Apple Pies That Make The Menfolks' Mouths Water!"

via Pinterest (Tea Time Costuming)


Seriously, the title for this article came straight from the movie. Snow White says it. Whenever I hear the work "folk" attached to something, my mind immediately goes to words "Merfolk" and "Lizardfolk." I blame D&D.

Anyway, looking at highly-tailored dresses like this one from the ladies at Tea Time Costuming always blows my mind at the amount of hours it must have taken to complete. Never mind the haberdashery skills needed to complete that awesome hat.

And with having used the word "haberdashery" correctly in a sentence for a published article, I will move on, secure in what sure as hell feels like victory.

22 When She Uses The Lasso, It Gets... Greasy

via Pinterest (Apotheosis Cosplay)

Being created back in the forties, Wonder Woman isn't that far from being out of the Steampunk era herself.

Alright, so that was a joke, but she's been around for a hot minute. She's into ropes and tight outfits - it's an outfit that's kinda ripe for Steampunk. And it's Apotheosis Cosplay who comes up to bat with this one.

It might be a bit of a stretch to say that you can make anything a Steampunk cosplay with a pair of goggles, but from this photo, it almost makes that idea true. Apotheosis does have a much more armored look to her cosplay than a normal WW would be, with the epaulets and helmet making her look like she's flying a steam-powered version of the Invisible Jet.

21 The Rocketeer Ain't Got Nuttin On This

via SquareSpace (VynetteDantes)

There's only one way Boba Fett could possibly get more bad ass, and that's by taking his outfit and giving it the ol' Steampunk special. Cosplayer Dany Ashby understood this and took it to the next level, adding metal and goggles and burnished steel to places I didn't even know you could. It ends up becoming a super cool mix of Boba Fett and Kroenen from Hellboy.

And you know what? There is not a damn thing wrong with that. This cosplay is amazing, you're amazing for reading this, and I'm amazing for writing it. We're all amazing, it's just up to us to realize how.

That got oddly motivational for a TG article. But you know what? I stand by it. Moving on.

20 The Lady Leia And Her Gentleman Mauler

via Dorkly (Eiraina and DLo Cosplay)

You knew it had to happen at some point. It's Schmexy Slave Leia, the one character from all Star Wars that has been cosplayed the most, of course, she has a Steampunk version. She's probably got dozens. But ol' Eiraina here was the first.

And what a catch she's got there, cavorting with that dashing rogue Steampunk Darth Maul! You have to love the welder's mask he's got with his face paint and horns on it, not to mention his solid copper twin light sabers. Combined with that blood-red brocade vest? Too haute to trot!

But back to Steampunk Slave Leia. Eiraina has another great look going on here, with the loose trappings of her weird bikini being replaced with a form-fitting bronze corset. She's also packing quite a bit of heat for a slave, and that's nothing to distract from that blaster she's got at her hip, either.

19 Femme Link Gets Steamy

via Pinterest (MolecularAgatha)

This cosplay is about as amazing as its creator's name. Molecular Agatha? Does that mean she so fundamentally identifies with the name Agatha that it's a part of her molecular structure? Is she a molecular biologist who just happens to have a super sick cosplay game? Does she think all molecules should be named Agatha?

Whatever the story behind the name, this outfit shows us just how much you can do with leather and have your cosplay still look Steampunk. The wooden sword and shield have amazing details to them, so much so that I think the look would be diminished if it was painted, never mind that her suit wouldn't match anymore. All the belts and straps look awesome on her shoulders and arms, and of course, the goggles - gotta love the Triforce on the lenses!

18 Ferrous Man!

via DeviantArt (Mission Forty-Six)

One might say that using Iron Man as the basis of your Steampunk cosplay is kinda cheating. He's pretty much a Steampunk robot himself - all the iron and whozits and whatnot. To that I would say:

"Yeah, but are you wear a bowler hat?"

If your answer is no, then you don't get to talk anymore for the rest of the day.

God, I love this cosplay from Mission Forty-Six, and we're only seeing the top half of him. It's perfectly articulated and given that weathered, aged look that's the difference between "meh" Steampunk cosplay and amazing Steampunk cosplay.

And then he's got the friggin' hat! It's too much! Ugh, I hope he talks with a British Cockney accent.

17 When Plumbing Gets EXTREME

via Imgur (Ctrexpope)

If there are any characters that are going to get Steampunk'd, it's the president and first lady of video games, Mario and Princess Peach. This spot here by Ctrexpope and his girlfriend is a great take.

Mario's overalls and utility belt are very much a great "plumber" look, though I guess I do get the choice to change the overalls from blue to beige. Makes it seem more Victorian. I don't think the color blue had been invented in Steampunk times, everything was all just shades of sepia.

Princess Peach also looks great, with the corset and parasol combo really selling the time period here. The goggles seem to be fighting the adorably-skewed crown for real estate on her head, but it still works out.

16 Heroes Never Die! (They Just Wear Goggles)

Via DeviantArt (Demora Fairy)

Making an Overwatch cosplay is usually a pretty daunting task. There are so damn many different costumes to choose from, and then the rigors of actually making a good costume. Can you imagine what it would be like if somebody was like "alright, that's not complicated enough. Let's make a Steampunk version!"

That somebody was Demora Fairy, and she made a Steampunk version of devil Mercy from Overwatch's Halloween edition. Everything about this costume is awesome. Her wings, her skirt and gauntlet are amazing. I just wish that we'd actually see her version of the staff here.

Did I mention how much I love her wings? Those are amazing.

15 Steampunk Bubblegum (And Not That Fionna)

Via DeviantArt (Shiya and Sweet Illuzions)

Man, here goes another entry where I talk about how I really need to watch more Adventure Time. I'm a flawed person, I get it. But there are so many good shows out there right now! That, and I religiously watch about three or four different animated shows to lull me to sleep every night, so a lot of my TV time is taken up by that.

Anyway, these costumes look great, with the corsets and dresses completely on point here. I dig the subtle body paint on Sweet Illuzion's Princess Bubblegum. Also, you gotta love the little stuffed Cake on Fionna's shoulder. Absolutely adorable. I think stuffed animals should be a serious consideration for inclusion in any cosplay.

14 Pika In A Pokéball Hat

via DeviantArt (TacticWarPanda)

Man, we've seen all sorts of Pokémon gijinka over here at TheGamer, but this is definitely the first time we've seen one in the realm of Steampunk. It's a classic Steampunk look that brings the iconic colors and Pika-ears.

I do have to give a shout out to the top hat here. Not only is it holding up the little Pika-ears, but it's home to an awesome Pokéball floral brooch. It's a lovely little touch to the outfit, one, I very much approve of. Give the props deserved to TacticWarPanda. She's killed it on this one.

13 Fresh From A Safari In Darkest Academia

Via Pinterest (IrrationalWoman)

This might be my favorite unofficial OTP on the Internet that has come completely out of its own consciousness. There have actually been a ton of Carmen x Waldo couples cosplays out there, and I do have to say I've got a soft spot for most of them. And then this one went all Steampunk on me and I just went goo-goo-eyed.

Now we've got Waldo looking like a damn Safari head, and Carmen Sandiego looking like she's about to get stranded in Africa and enter into a relationship with Tarzan.

Like all Steampunk cosplays, the beauty is in the accessory work here. The leather work on Waldo's arms have been made by himself. I also love the touch of Carmen's handbag - she's got the whole world in her hands.

12 Tinker-Steam

via Firefly Path

Ah, Tinkerbell. You gotta love her design - the classic pixie look and that mischievous grin of hers has been the inspiration for hundreds of cosplays over the years, not to mention a couple of TV series of her own.

And of course, she's awful ripe for Steampunk interpretation. This outfit crafted by the folks over at Firefly Path is so Steampunk it hurts -  the fine gossamer wings with filigreed edges, the golden goggles and the details in the leggings look awesome. It's a bit tough to see here, but the corset is also incredibly detailed, and the shoulder work is also perfect. I mean, there's just nothing to dislike about this.

11 Those Of Wit And Learning Will Always Find Their Kind

via GeeksGirls (Aleta Pardalis)

I'll be honest. Whenever I take those quizzes to see what Hogwart's house I'd belong in, I always get Hufflepuff. However, I also get really close to Ravenclaw because of my bookish qualities and my introversion. But you know what? If I had an outfit like this Rowena Ravenclaw getup, I'd want to go Ravenclaw as well. Cosplayer Aleta Pardalis really knocks it out of the park here with a dress that looks like it's worthy of being included Yaya Han's collection. The color scheme is spot on, of course, and the embroidery is fantastic.

Also, I think we need to speak about the wonderful touches of feathers on the dress. They really pull the look together and add a really cool layer of style and texture.

10 Batmen, With A Lot More Gears

via JDBuzz.com

Is it just me, or do Steampunk Batmans actually seem a bit more plausible than normal Batmans?

Maybe it's that, or maybe they're just more interesting to look at. I mean, I love Batman on the right with the visible fishing line holding his wings spread, and the tattered leather wings themselves looking just all kinds of awesome.

Not to mention the dude on the right. His utility belt game is super on point, and you really have to love the leather bracer work, replicating the sharp plastic or metal from the movie. Just awesome. Also, he's got a total Joseph Ducreux expression going on, which totally adds points in my book.

9 All Of The Can Openers On All Of The Body

via Flickr

Dude, there's only one thing cooler than seeing a cosplay of Shredder from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and that's seeing a Steampunk cosplay of Shredder from the original TMNT movie. Here, Shred Head drops the steel construction of his helmet and arms and replaces it with copper. Then he matches it down with a long coat and happy little belt buckle that could totally be a deadly weapon on its own.

He's got the standard goggles on this outfit, but I'm really trying to figure out how he can use those and have the helmet still fit. Anyway, he's still got a great dapper look, especially with the brocade vest and collared shirt combo peeking out of there.

8 Gearing Up For ADVENTURE!

via DeviantArt (Super Adequate Cosplay Society)

Since there's myriads of alternate fan art versions of the characters from Kingdom Hearts, it's only natural that there would be real-life Steampunk costumes of these guys.

That corset on poor Kairi, though - damn, nothing is where it's supposed to be. But it looks really great.

Moving on, though - these costumes are incredible. The tailoring on both of them is incredible - Kairi's skirt, Sora's vest, and holy crap Sora's boots. They're ridiculously detailed and oversized, just like Sora's clodhoppers in game.

But honestly, the keyblades are both incredible. The gear work on Sora's Keyblade is awesome, and Kairi's build of Destiny's Embrace is spot on. It must have taken them forever to get it right, but it totally pays off here. Hats off to you, Super Adequate Cosplay Society!

7 Precision-Calibrated For Maximum Punctuality

via Pinterest (Epbot)

Here we have Jen from Epbot, showing us how to do Alice in Wonderland cosplay right. In case you're wondering, this is supposed to be the White Rabbit. You can tell by the bunny mask and the oversized pocket watch. Like any awesome cosplay, the true wonder is in the details here, and the recurrent themes of the card suits are perfectly utilized here in the corset, on the face of the clock, and on her gloves. I also love that the corset's centerpiece is, again, a nice big clock. The painted red rose next to her pocket watch is a great yet easily-missed touch, showing us once again how dedicated Jen is when she makes costumes.

6 You Don't Even Want To KNOW What Her Tiger Looks Like

Via PInterest (Cindyrella Cosplay)

I don't know who decided it would be a good idea to bring Agrabah fashion into the Steampunk age, but I have to applaud them for it. Well, I guess I have to thank Cindyrella cosplay, if I look at my own caption I wrote like ten minutes ago. Who says the Internet shortens your attention span?

Oh right, I'm talking about this awesome Jasmine cosplay. She looks amazing here, and like many of the cosplays on this list, the leather work in the belt and gloves is awesome. I love how the chains from her belt are accented by belly dancer... rings? Circles? I'm not sure what to call them, but they're the little things that make belly dancer outfits make noise and shimmer. It's a great touch.

5 After All that Work On The Outfit, It'd Be A Shame To Lose Her

via Pinterest

Dude, if every red shirt in the Star Trek universe had outfits that looked like this, none of them would ever die because they'd be too worried about getting their uniform dirty.

I really wish I could find a source for this, but let me just say that the woman who pulled this look off is awesome and she deserves a bit more time in the spotlight. Steampunk can be so hard to do correctly and have it look authentic (even though it's just a romanticized version of an incredibly oppressive chapter in human history, but hey, cool costumes!). This costume may be a little low-budget, but she pulls it off and looks great in it.

4 Ever Been Force-Choked By A Sith In A Corset?

via Pinterest (Epbot)

Holy crud. I don't know if she's a Darth or a Domme, but I am so totally into this. If you actually check out Jen from Epbot's chronicle of what it took to make this costume, you'll end up seeing the work that went into this masterpiece. Yes, you see the detail on the custom light saber and the cane. But what you don't see are the other tiny details that make it so cool - for instance, did you know that "V" belt buckle is actually a business card holder made from a makeup compact that holds period-accurate business cards for "Lady Vadore?" Oh yeah, that's totally a thing.

This outfit is five years old now, but I'll be damned if I would ever stop wearing that thing for less than a minute if I made it.

3 Pony Girls And Toothless Alligators With Hats

via DeviantArt (KrauseMouse)

Gosh, there's so much to love about this cosplay. KrauseMouse decided to take the objectively greatest character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and do a Steampunk version of it. So to take the bubbly nature of Pinkie Pie and do it justice, of course the outfit had to be bright, sickeningly sweet bubblegum pink. Add the cutie marks embroidered all over her corset and on the dress itself, and you're halfway there. Accessorize with baby pink-and-blue stockings, an off-pink parasol, and the classic mini-top-hat-and-goggle combo, and you've got yourself a Steampunk Pinkie Pie.

Just don't forget to add in the Gummy the Alligator with a teeny tiny top hat. That makes things about 1,000% better.

2 What Ho? Shoppe Smarte: Shoppe S-Marte!

via mydisguises.com / Dim Horizon studio

When you look at lists of people that end up getting Steampunk cosplays, Ash from the Evil Dead movies is pretty much somewhere in the middle of the list. He's got the chainsaw, and I guess that kind of works, but that's it. However, Clifton of Dim Horizon Studio took his love of the character (and his love of the world's greatest actor, Bruce Campbell) and ran it through a steam engine. He found the exact same type of chainsaw Ash used in the movies, gutted it, and turned it into his vision of a steam-powered lumberjack's tool. He also fashioned his own boomstick and wardrobe, culminating in an awesome cosplay I'm sure Groovy Bruce would be proud of.

1 She's Got Somethin' For The Red Queen...

via DeviantArt (Moving Cosplay Photography)

I love the look on the face of this Alice cosplayer that Moving Cosplay Photography captured here. Total disaffected attitude. Like, "Yeah, I'm hold a giant black horse head warhammer, what the heck are you gonna do about it?"

Nothing. I'm just going to admire this cosplay. The monochrome styling is true to Alice: The Madness Returns and also looks like Wednesday Addams decided to go a little wild with her wardrobe. The clashing stripes (vertical on the dress, horizontal on the legs) make for an easily identifiable figure, and I love the rivets for no apparent reason towards the bottom of the dress.

But of course, the big selling point here is the big black horse head. It's five feet of total "yes please" wrapped with a horsey-shaped bow.

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