Gearbox Teases Next Borderlands Game In New 'Mask Of Mayhem' Trailer

After 7 years, Gearbox has pretty much confirmed Borderlands 3 with the first trailer, titled "Mask of Mayhem."

Gearbox Teases Next Borderlands Game In New 'Mask Of Mayhem' Trailer

Gearbox has dropped the first trailer for the upcoming Borderlands 3 game.

The hype train has arrived! In an almost tacit admission that yes, Borderlands 3 is on its way, developers Gearbox Software have posted a teaser trailer to whet every aspiring Vault Hunter’s appetite.

There’s nothing in the video description or a helpful narrator to tell us exactly who we’re seeing in the brief 1-minute trailer, but we here at TheGamer have eagle eyes and an endless ability to speculate, which will come in handy here.

The first two people we see are almost certainly the new villains. One male, one female, with the woman appearing to have angel wings and holding up a vault symbol while the male has a robot arm and a giant gun. They’re all being worshipped by psychos, which says that the psychos are on their side and will have to be collectively murdered in order to get to them.

We briefly get to see Claptrap on the woman’s lapel in the next scene before being introduced to our new Vault Hunters.

First, we have some bearded dude with an eyepatch and a sniper, who will obviously be the sharpshooter of the group. He sort of looks like Handsome Jack, but he could just be one of his clones that were playable in The Pre-Sequel. Next is a robot who is completely new, followed by what is almost certainly the new Siren driving a flying buggy. Note the vault-key fragment necklace.


A very soldier-lookin’ woman is mid-air and mid-explosion as they all shoot Raks and other flying baddies.

The next scene gives us our returning characters. Brick, Mordecai, and Tiny Tina share a high-five and reveals that Tiny Tina is all grown up! Hammerlock, Ellie, and Lilith are all there too, as well as some bespectacled dude wearing VERY tight pants and wielding the cutter arm from a Loader Bot. Might he be Rhys from Tales From The Borderlands?

Moxie, Athena, and of course, the ornery gun vendor Marcus all appear on the final composite mask.

With the name being Mask of Mayhem, we might also have just discovered that the game will be called Borderlands 3: Mask of Mayhem.

Of course, all of this is just speculation. We’ll find out more during Gearbox’s panel at PAX East on March 28th.


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