Gearbox CEO Thinks Competition Between Epic Game Store And Steam Can Only Be Good For Consumers

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has shared his thoughts on the fact that upcoming title Borderlands 3 won't be on Steam, noting that the competition with the Epic Games Store can only be a good thing for consumers.

The highly anticipated shooter is due for launch in September and is one of the latest games announced to be staying away from Steam.

Pitchford has revealed that he did not have much of a say on the matter as publishers 2K Games were the ones who made the call.

“While I may have some influence, I cannot force anything (and this ship has sailed, so to speak)," he explained in a long Twitter thread put together on Reddit for easier readability.”

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The CEO has been working with both Steam and Epic for quite some time and says the entities are motivated by very different things. In Valve's case, a lack of competition has made it so the company could reinvest Steam income into other ventures.

“They have had no external force sufficient to challenge their revenue share and no external force sufficient to motivate a sufficient reinvestment of revenue," he claimed.

Epic, on the other hand, is set up differently as it's a publicly traded company with shareholders who are very keen on reinvesting in the company itself, as opposed to the Valve model.

He added: “All of those plays are going to be fed by a business that is not taking cash out of their system and putting it into individual’s pockets but towards putting all of their cash back into [their] system."

As for the competition between the two companies, Pitchford reckons that consumers, developers, and publishers should stand to benefit from it.

“The competitive store that happens to be the leader in 10 years may not be Epic’s store, but it probably won’t be Valve’s and Epic’s moves right now are opening the door and paving the way for a vibrant competitive economy,” he says.

“Competition in stores is going to be absolutely best for consumers and probably good for developers and publishers as well. The stores that tend to win are the stores that offer the best to their customers. It’s very difficult for customer interest to be king with one store.”

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