Gearbox (Weirdly) Wants The Rock To Voice Claptrap In Borderlands Movie

Gearbox has an audacious bid in mind as they consider the star they want to voice Claptrap in the upcoming Borderlands film adaptation. That man is none other than former WWE superstar and current Hollywood bigshot, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The developers are already immersed in enough drama as it is, where Claptrap's voice is concerned, having split ways with the robot's voice actor in a less than amicable fashion. But, with a movie now on the agenda, The Rock's the one wanted for the job.

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This is all a bit strange, given Johnson's extremely masculine tone. However, somehow, the former wrestler could find himself the subject of an approach for a role as Claptrap's film adaptation voice actor.

via screenrant.comTo be fair, this isn't something Gearbox has been considering for a while. Creative Director Paul Sage actually came up with the idea during an interview with VG247. Sage was discussing his dream casting for the movie and, asked who could play the popular little robot, he came up with The Rock.

“Who could play Claptrap? Our audio guys would tell you, ‘Hey, we can make anybody Claptrap,” he explained. After a bit of thinking, he said, “I think The Rock. Yeah, The Rock has to play Claptrap!”

Borderlands 3 Art Director Scott Kester was also present and needed some clarification, given that it is not known whether the movie will be animated or live-action.

“Do you mean as a voice or dressed up," Kester asked. "Because if he was dressed up, I agree with him completely.”

Unfortunately, Sage could not confirm, so Bill Murray was the next logical choice.

“I’m gonna go with Bill Murray," Kester declared. "Yeah! That’s who I want to play Claptrap. Maybe he’d finally get an Oscar."

Taking into consideration that The Rock's played the tooth fairy in a movie, we can't say for sure that he'd snub the offer. However, asking him to voice Claptrap would kinda be like the Power Rangers people asking Hulk Hogan to voice Alpha 5 back in the day.

That said, fans probably wouldn't mind a jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow-raising CL4P-TP in a Borderlands movie.

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