Gears 5 Fans Celebrated Launch With Tattoos At Gears Ink

Gears Ink is a fan-centric official event where people got tattos in honor of the Gears 5 launch.

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment to whatever subject matter the tattoo has, getting a tattoo for a game you play obsessively is a great way to show that enthusiasm everyday. Gears Ink is just the way to do that. Lots of gamers have inked their love of games into their body, from simple things like controllers, to large and vibrant murals that cover large portions of the body. Without a doubt, there are a LOT of fully inked up gamers out there who show their love of games every moment, after having bled for the right to do so. But Gears of War fans have an officially-sponsored way to do this, given to them by Microsoft and professional tattoo artists from around the world. Gears Ink, which happened recently, was a great way to celebrate Gears 5 and the series as a whole.

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The event, or rather, series of events took place all across the world in the form of pop up one night only experiences. Fans were able to meet the artists at these events and get inked to show their Gears 5 pride. The events were held in L.A., London, Berlin, Paris, Mexico City, and Melbourne.

Above other games, Gears has always had a certain connection to tattoo culture because of the storyline itself. The main characters go through getting inked as a part of their training. This lends itself naturally to people who like tattoos and games getting inked up for Gears even if combat training is taken out of the equation.

It was an interesting show to say the least, with different celebrities and tattoo artists available at each event. Fans weren't only getting inked up at these events, there was also a live stream set up for each of them, showcasing everything from celebrities in attendance to Gears gameplay and tattoos. If you’re a fan of Gears, ink, or gaming, there’s a good chance there will be something here for you. Here's hoping the event comes back next time. 

Source: Microsoft

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