Gears 5’s Early Access Wasn’t Easy, But Players Are Getting Rewarded For Their Patience

So, how did you fare with Gears 5’s Early Access? A little rocky? Don’t worry, The Coalition have a little gift for everybody to help smooth things over.

It’s always the same, isn’t it? A crucial AAA big-name title, a much-anticipated launch that just goes south very quickly. Cases like Pokémon GO and Grand Theft Auto Online come to mind: games that were so hotly anticipated that, on arrival, the whole solar system tries to log in at once and the servers turn to jelly.

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Down Xbox way, when it comes to huge releases, Gears 5 is the name on everybody’s lips nowadays. Gears of War has always been one of the biggest names in Microsoft’s exclusive arsenal, and fans have been wanting to get their hands on it for some time. The game has finally dropped, and we’ve no doubt that many of you are journeying across its world in your fancy new Skiff as we speak. But what of this past weekend’s Early Access experience?

Well, “teething troubles” would probably be a fair way to put it. It’s very, very early days, but connectivity and matchmaking issues aren’t the sort of things that are going to leave a great first impression. It’s absolutely crucial that the online experience works as well as it possibly can, especially considering how multiplayer-focused the game is.

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Nobody spreads the word like disgruntled gamers, and that sort of thing can be disastrous for a launch. Don’t worry, though, The Coalition are on the case. First order of business? The usual: give out some in-game goodies to keep players happy. As the team Tweeted on Monday, players have a little peace offering waiting for them:

That Scrap will certainly come in handy, considering that it was tough to actually see a whole game through without being kicked at times. Boost is particularly welcome around launch time, too, for those players who want to grind themselves up as quickly as possible from the get-go.

It’s clear that Gears 5 had a bit of a bumpy landing, but how many big releases don’t? The important thing is, The Coalition are passionate about the game and seem to be listening to the community. That’s always a positive. Now, let’s see how things shape up as players really get to grips with the new title.

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