Gears Of War: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Kait

Kait Diaz is relatively new to the Gears franchise, so catch up on her backstory with these 10 relatively unknown facts.

Despite being relatively new to the series compared to the old-timers and major players of the COG Delta Squad like Marcus Fenix and Damon Baird, Kait Diaz has quickly proven to be one of the series stronger and more interesting characters.

Coming from such a diverse - and pretty rough - background, which has seen no shortage of action, Kait has become battle-hardened even before joining forces with JD, Del, and the rest of the COG troops she crosses paths with.

But what exactly is the story behind this intricate, and often conflicted new main character? What sort of interesting events comprise her past, and just what traits make her unique?

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We'll take a closer examination of this Gearsand protagonist and cover some details about her you may not have known.

Please note: there will be some spoilers here for those who've yet to play or finish Gears 5!

10 An Outsider From The Start

Kait definitely shares some of those rebellious, "outsider" traits with other Gears protagonists like Marcus, who had deserted the COG and even became imprisoned. Yet, the roots of her outsider nature extend quite a bit deeper and remain very consistent for much of her life.

Her family had been very-much steeped in the events and culture of the aptly-named Outsider Movement, raising her in this rough, gritty environment for most of her life. She had remained isolated from the COG's influence and taught to fend for herself, living off the land and only receiving military training from her uncle, former Gear Oscar Diaz.

9 The Significance Of Her Hair Braids

You may have noticed Kait's braids, which have become something of a defining feature of hers. But what's the story behind them? Well, one unique custom that's prominent in the culture of the Outsider Movement involves the braiding of girls upon reaching a certain age.

As is custom, braiding the hair over the left shoulder indicates she is now a woman and single, while the braid is switched to the right shoulder the day she's married to indicate her marital status. It's a unique attribute that adds some depth both to the backstory and attire of our protagonist.

8 A Hodgepodge Of Influences In Her Upbringing

If there's any character that's had an eventful, diverse upbringing, it's Kait Diaz. Not only does she begin as a child steeped in Outsider culture, she also has parents and an uncle who have all somewhat been in the trenches, you might say, when it comes to resisting the COG and its influence. And of course, she eventually learns the ways of a Gear by fighting alongside major players in the fights against the Locust; Marcus and JD.

Not only this, but she also has significant ties to the Swarm, being a key descendant in the bloodline of major Locust figures. Kait's influences extending and overlapping between these three major factions makes her the product of toughness and wisdom, and sets the stage for a dynamic main character.

7 A Wide Variety Of Skins

Kait doesn't just embody a number of factions and personality traits - she also sports quite a few player skins. She has seven particularly unique, unlockable varieties in Gears 4, including "Day of the Dead," "Outer Wilds," "Outsider," and even a zombie theme.

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There's also a slew of interesting outfits for her in Gears 5, which range from "Ice Kait" to a version of her sporting some Esports-themed flair. This latter outfit was obtainable via a limited-time challenge achievement that required you to knock out 5 matches of Escalation.

6 Skilled Fighter And Engineer

While she may lack the steroid-level bulk and stockiness of the intimidating Marcus Fenix and Cole Train, Kait is a particularly useful fighter to have around. Being an Outsider somewhat cutoff from COG-regulated civilization, Kait developed a toughness and independent quality from a pretty early age.

This upbringing, along with her training, have made her a very skilled and versatile hero. She's not only a well-trained soldier and a skilled engineer who can fix old COG machines, but she's also a knowledge sponge, being well-read and a lover of books.

5 Has A Cosplay Guide To Her Elaborate Design

via: ign.com (Alana Pearce)

You know you're dealing with a pretty intricate, detailed character design when there's an entire page dedicated to the various wardrobe and cosmetic elements to Kait. This site, which can be found here, exists mainly as a means to provide a roadmap for potential Kait cosplayers to reference when throwing together her outfit.

The site gets impressively elaborate, touching on everything from her ragged beanie to her unique beaded necklace and green-tinted arm tattoo.

4 A Gears Of War First

No, we're not speaking of Kait's unique traits of being the first protagonist with a bloodline tied to the Locust, or even the first of the Outsider faction to serve as a main character. In fact, Kait is significant in another way as well.

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She is the first main female protagonist in the Gears' franchise of 6 games, if you include Judgment - though most fans would prefer not to include that game... It's a great milestone, to be sure, especially given the in-depth, badass character she is.

3 A Video Game Voice Actress Vet

It's no coincidence that the voice behind Kait is so well-acted. After all, her voice actress, Laura Bailey, is quite the veteran when it comes to playing memorable characters in a countless number of games, anime, and TV. In fact, the current tally of her roles extends north of a whopping 400.

These roles date all the way back to 1986's Dragon Ball, where she voiced Chi-Chi, and also include Jaina Proudmoore in World of Warcraft and Lisa Jackson in Days Gone. The voice and emotional soul of Kait is certainly in good hands!

2 Her Connection To The Locust

One of the most interesting aspects to Gears 5's protagonist is her connection to the Swarm, which we learn, much to our shock, actually ties in with the Locust queen Myrrah herself. As we discover while playing through the gripping campaign of the latest Gears, it's no accident that the Queen was able to communicate with her telepathically and even control some of her actions.

In fact, Kait's mother Reyna is the daughter of Myrrah and geneticist Dr. Torres, who had been tasked with finding a cure for Rustlung, an Imulsion illness. Ironically, it was his desire to stave off the effects of Imulsion and eventual relationship with the soon-to-be Locust Queen that mushroomed into a far worse threat; the Swarm.

1 The Last Of A Major Bloodline

The reason Kait is so vigorously and relentlessly pursued by the Swarm Queen isn't just because of her connection by blood. As it happens, she is actually the last of the living female descendants of Myrrah, making her a critical target for Reyna, who would succeed her as Queen of the Locust.

The fact that she's not just a skilled, knowledgable soldier for the COG side, but also a prominent figure in the hierarchy of the Swarm makes her a strong narrative anchor and a dynamic protagonist in Gears 5.

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