Gears Of War 5 Revealed During Microsoft's E3 Presentation

Gears Of War 5 was officially revealed at today's Microsoft E3 briefing. A trailer showed off the more dramatic aspects of the game's story, as well as bits of gameplay. That's not all, the Gears franchise is expanding beyond the confines of console shooters to the land of mobile and tactics games. But of course, Gears 5 is still the main attraction.

The trailer opens up on an emotional moment likely pulled from the game's story. We see Kait Diaz shocked and distraught to find that someone has met a brutal end. Her squadmates try to comfort her, but she recalls having prophetic dreams that carry an ominous message. Something to do with the Locust Horde. Defying orders and splitting off from the group, she decides to go back to "where it all began."

From there, a series of clips previews the journey to come. Kait and her companion travel through frozen waters, a lonesome jungle, and the wreckage of battles past. Different enemy types are also shown, along with a few of the brutal melee weapons that will be at the player's disposal. Finally, Kait makes a startling choice to leave the trailer on a cliffhanger.


Overall, it's very promising stuff, and it looks to be continuing many of the threads laid down in Gears Of War 4. Fan commentary looks to be positive so far, but of course, several comments have already appeared questioning the presence of a female lead. "The new Ghostbusters movie, oceans 8, the new Indiana Jones movie to be and now gears 5....everything is going girly feminist! Wtf!" writes a Youtube user with the handle Pat S.

Another, Willie Tanner, said "Gears: Feelsy Feminist Edition!"

"It’s stupid we have to play as Kait id actually rather play as JD. at least we look more cool in this game." a Twitter user called Frosted Nips says, although they might just be opposed to Kait for her character and not her gender.

via: youtube.com (NRMgamingHD)

But perhaps the most amusing announcement was the initial trailer, which showed the Gears logo only to reveal Pop! Figure versions of the characters. It turned out to be the reveal for Gears Pop! This will be a mobile Gears game using the vinyl figure art style. Also revealed was Gears Tactics, a PC-exclusive spinoff of the franchise.

There were many more awesome announcements at Microsoft's conference, such as the Battletoads reveal. Be sure to check back for more of E3's stunning reveals.


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