10 Bad Gen 2 Pokémon That Are Better Left Forgotten (And 10 That Still Own In Battle)

The second generation of Pokémon brought a lot of winners, but also some Pokémon that just shouldn't be used anymore.

While the second generation Pokémon games were a fantastic addition to the series, a slight drawback would have to be that there were only 100 new Pokémon compared to the 151 in the first generation. Even so, the new Pokémon ranging from the starters to the legendaries were just as awesome as the first generation’s. We first got a glimpse of the new Pokémon from the Pikachu short that appeared before the first movie. We never saw them in game until Gold & Silver came out.

While some are great, there are some Pokémon that can be seen as filler and not that fantastic when used in competitive battling. We won’t be including the starters or legendary Pokémon because there are some that deserve to be recognized whether they are terrible or still fantastic. Pokémon that are terrible in battle does not mean they are terrible overall. Just don’t expect to have a successful run whenever you are doing competitive battling.

Those that are awesome to this day are beloved and managed to get upgrades whether it is slight stats increasing or getting Mega Evolutions. There are a lot of ways they can be built and whatever interests you will be worth the IV training.

At the very least, the Pokémon that will be referenced on this list do have something about them that makes them memorable. Here are ten Pokémon from Gold & Silver that should be forgotten and ten that still own in battle.

20 Bad: Just A Cute Critter (Furret)

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Furret might be an adorable rodent type Pokémon, but it won’t be doing any favors for any type of battle. While this list isn’t going to mostly go over Pokédex information, but once you look at Furret, you will be shocked to see that its height is 5'11".

Being a Normal-type also makes this Pokémon not stand out.

It might be a speedy creature, but it hits like a wet noodle and one of its abilities, Run Away, is one of the worst to have in battle unless you are annoyed with having to face wild Pokémon. At least it wins in the cute department.

19 Good: Patience Is Key

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This adorable blue rabbit grew over time ever since it first appeared alongside its pre-evolution Marill. Ironically enough, when baby Pokémon were introduced, Azumarill got its baby form in the next generation. Either way, Azumarill might not have started out that great since there were other Water-type Pokémon that were better, it eventually got great treatment in the sixth generation and onward.

Gaining, the Fairy-typing, Azumarill would become one of the bulkiest and learning Play Rough can make for a dangerous situation. Its ability Huge Power makes this cute creature a force to be reckon with. Or it can have Sap Sipper, which gets rid of its Grass-type weakness to boost its attack greatly.

18 Bad: Doesn't Stand Out

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Strangely enough, there are a couple Pokémon that have the Christmas aesthetic to them, and Stantler is one of them. After all, it is a reindeer and has been featured in one of the Christmas episodes. It might be the Pokémon world’s version of a reindeer, but Stantler as a battler is not a good choice.

Like with a lot of Normal-types, this Pokémon won’t be able to take care of its opponents effectively. Its hidden ability Sap Sipper would make Stantler immune to Grass-type moves and raise its attack, but the previous entry Azumarill benefits this a lot better.

17 Good: Everlasting Bulk

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When Eevee was known to evolve into three different types of Pokémon, it boggled our minds when two more Eeveelutions were introduced in the second generation. Umbreon is a great example of being a fantastic Pokémon while focusing on its defenses rather than offenses.

It can even take some hits from its weaknesses to Bug and Fighting-types at the time.

Umbreon is a great wall that can slowly take out its opponents with the use of Mean Look and Toxic, that way, the opponent will be prevented from switching out. Sometimes it’s fun to be more defensive rather than offensive!

16 Bad: Oh, Miltank...

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Oh Miltank, you damaged our childhoods with how tough you were with Attract, Rollout, Stomp, and Milk Drink as Whitney’s move set. To be fair, Miltank is a tough Pokémon during her time, but she would later get outclassed by other Pokémon in later generations.

Miltank can be seen as overrated since everyone talks about how tough she is.

However, Rock-types are fantastic against Miltank. With high defenses, they can tank hits from any her. Nowadays, Miltank is a joke compared to future Pokémon now. So while it had its primetime in the glory days, let’s put this Pokémon to rest.

15 Good: Turning The Tables

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Ampharos might be a strange choice, since it has rather abysmal speed compared to other Electric-types, but it is still a decent Pokémon. In fact, before it would get a Mega Evolution in the sixth generation, Ampharos would have been the first ever Electric and Dragon-type Pokémon. However, in the final versions of Gold & Silver, it only remained an Electric-type.

However, it does gain the Dragon-type when it mega evolves and having Mold Breaker adds the cherry on top. It might gain three more type weaknesses, but Ampharos is a unique choice for an Electric-type in playthroughs.

14 Bad: Weak Aquatic Creature

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You know it is bizarre when a little fish like Remoraid evolves into an octopus, of all sea creatures. Octillery does stand out as a Pokémon that looks like it can from the second generation, but as a Water-type, it does not have anything special going for it.

It does have its signature move Octazooka, but a Horsea can learn it through breeding and use it better once it evolves into a Seadra, then Kingdra. It is cool how we got an octopus as a Pokémon, but other than that, stick to better Water-type Pokémon in your playthroughs or competitive battling.

13 Good: Serene Power

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At first, it would seem like a weird choice to put Togetic on here. But if you think about it, there are two very good reasons why Togetic has great potential. The first one is that in the fourth generation, it will be able to evolve into Togekiss, an amazing user of the ability Serene Grace.

Second, it will gain the Fairy-typing.

It might have gotten off to a rough start with being a Normal and Flying type, but over the years, Togetic has received amazing treatment and would get better. If only Misty was able to witness what a beautiful Pokémon she could have had in the anime.

12 Bad: Super Goofy

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Either you love it or hate it, Delibird is a funny and kind of charming Pokémon. But in a battling standpoint, its signature move can either be convenient or unfair. Present has a higher chance of damaging the opponent, but it also has a chance to heal the opponent.

Face it, who wants a Pokémon, let alone a move, where you can heal the opponent?

Delibird is also an Ice-type, and while it is not the worst type, it is weak to common attacking moves like Fighting or Fire. It can serve as a Pokémon to fly you to a location, but that is pretty much all Delibird has to offer.

11 Good: A Reason To Fear Bugs

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In the first generation, Bug-types were nothing but a huge disappointment, even if there are cool Pokémon like Scyther and Pinsir. Once Heracross came into the picture in Gold & Silver, it became the juggernaut of its typing. It is also a Fighting-type, which adds variety and it can even pack a bigger punch for taking care of Rock and Ice-types.

Many fantastic opportunities would later arrive for this awesome bug.

There are a lot of way to build up Heracross and it can perform well as a Pokémon with Moxie as its ability or mega evolve. Depending on your choice, Heracross will be an amazing battle partner to use.

10 Bad: Not So Useful

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It is hard to imagine that a typing like Bug would become one of the best offensively thanks to some that will appear on this list. Unfortunately, there are some duds for this type. Ledian is a cute and well-designed ladybug-like Pokémon, but its offensives are so weak that it is a joke.

Even Bugsy, a gym leader who specializes in you know what, does not use a Ledian in his first gym battle or rematch. If he knows that Ledian is not that good of a Pokémon battle wise, that’s a clear sign we should follow.

9 Good: Dangerous Hound

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Just when you thought Dark-type Pokémon couldn’t be cooler, we have Houndoom. This ferocious dog might look spooky, but it could be a nice pet since after all, who doesn’t love dogs? Since the second generation has the types split for physical and special moves, Houndoom is fantastic for using special moves with its Dark and Fire typing.

Getting a Mega Evolution showcases how awesome and powerful Houndoom is. If it is out in the sun, its special attack will get better and its Fire-type moves will be annihilating. And of course, its design is just one of the coolest to come from the second generation.

8 Bad: Terrible Blowfish

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If there is a Pokémon that is an unfortunate creature for battling, it is the one that does not evolve from or into anything. Not counting legendary Pokémon, some not exceed in battle and it is due to the fact that they are known to not evolve. Qwilfish is a perfect example of this.

Being a Water and Poison-type might be a unique combination, but we already have that with the Tentacool line. It is also an ironic Pokémon since it cannot actually sit well with water due to being the Balloon Pokémon. Qwilfish is an overall strange mess.

7 Good: Dragons Make Everything Better

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Dragons are one of the coolest types in all of Pokémon and starting with Dragonite, the type would be introduced with a new Pokémon. Kingdra evolves from Seadra, a first generation Pokémon that looked like it has potential, and boy did it so. Before Fairy-types became a threat to the ferocious Dragon-types, Kingdra became one of the best Pokémon due to only having just the Dragon type as its weakness. Its special attack and speed are incredible and combined with Swift Swim as one of its abilities will leave the owner and opponent breathless with how fantastic Kingdra is as a Pokémon.

6 Bad: Just A Troll

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You can take one glance at Sunflora and say to yourself, “Who would want to use this Pokémon at all?” Then again, who can recall a person saying that this sunflower inspired Pokémon is their favorite? Sure, it does have a salvageable special attack stat, but it is also so slow that it can easily be defeated by a Fire or Poison-type Pokémon.

It might look happy, but it is quite a sad Pokémon.

There are just so many Grass-types that players can choose who are faster and stronger than this sunflower. Even Meganium is better despite being mostly bulky.

5 Good: A Reason To Love Psychic Types

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Getting new Eeveelutions is great and all, but having one that is strong and cool overall definitely fits Espeon. Being a Psychic-type, Espeon manages to stand out despite facing some competition such as the powerful Alakazam and the insane Mewtwo.

Its speed and special attack makes Espeon a great choice for sweeping back in the day. Plus, the fact that Eevee can evolve into it during the day makes it more likely to have an adorable yet dangerous Pokémon to add to your party. It’s no wonder why it is one of the starter Pokémon in Pokémon: Coliseum alongside Umbreon.

4 Bad: Overall Terrible

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Design wise, Dunsparce has been greatly influenced by the mythical Tsuchinoko. Even with an interesting design choice, Dunsparce does not fill the role of a unique or strong Pokémon to use in battle. Despite all of that, it can managed to learn incredibly powerful moves such as Dragon Rush and Aqua Tail in later generations.

Being a Normal-type doesn’t help Dunsparce in the slightest.

It is unfortunate how it does not get an evolution, so that makes this snake-like Pokémon a huge letdown. We must also say this, but it looks so tiny, yet the Pokédex states that it is 4’11. Is that not just weird?

3 Good: An Awesome Upgrade

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Scyther is one of the coolest first generation Pokémon and even though its Bug-type moves in the first game were very weak, the second generation did a complete 180. Not only Bug-type Pokémon get better, but Scyther would be able to evolve into the awesome Scizor.

Along with that, it would gain the new Steel-typing.

A lot of fans will quickly say how amazing Scizor is despite the limited moves it can learn that are STAB. And then it would gain a Mega Evolution, making Scizor incredibly powerful in the sixth generation. Thanks to the second generation, Bug-types like Scizor show that they can be very strong.

2 Bad: Wasted Hype

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Who remembers Unown being a huge part of the third Pokémon movie? There were so many of them that they caught our attention with how impactful they were in the movie. That said, it was all too good to be true when we found out that Unown is one of the worst Pokémon of all time.

There are 28 versions of it and for collection’s sake, it is a chore to try to get all of them. Not to mention, it can only learn Hidden Power and that’s it. Even though there were some incredible Psychic-type Pokémon in the second generation, Unown is just not one of them.

1 Good: Epic Tyrant

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Let’s face it: Tyranitar is easily the best Pokémon to come out of the second generation games that isn’t even a legendary. The fact that you can’t get its pre-evolution, Larvitar, until you get to Mt. Silver shows much of a beast the pseudo-legendary Pokémon is.

Like other beloved Pokémon throughout the games, Tyranitar ended up getting a Mega Evolution.

It might have a four times weakness to Fighting-types, but that doesn’t stop Tyranitar one bit. Being a Dark-type adds how awesome it is and if there is one Pokémon that will be remembered that’s not a starter or legendary, it’s definitely this one.

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