Pokémon Sword & Shield: Gen 2 Pokémon That We'll Miss The Most

Pokémon: Sword & Shield is taking the videogame franchise in a new direction with its newest, upcoming generation. Certain Pokémon from past generations will not be featured within Sword & Shield in any form. It is a controversial move by Gamefreak and The Pokémon Company that was humorously coined "Dexit" by fans of the franchise. For awhile it was tight-lipped on exactly which Pokémon would be featured, but recently there was a credible leak detailing every Pokémon that would be in the games.

While some of our favorites are still in the game, many others have been shelved to hopefull appear in a later generation down the line. It is sad to see Pokémon from every generation go, but this list will focus exclusively on the Pokémon of generation 2’s Johto region. This generation had some of the coolest Pokémon, and while some have either made it in Gen 8 or were given a regional variant, others did not. This list will be ranked by popularity of the Pokemon and the capabilities of them in game. Additionally, only one Pokémon will be picked for each evolution line. So, say farewell to these Pokémon, and hope that we may see them at another occasion.

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10 Teddiursa

While not the strongest Pokémon in this generation, Teddiursa is certainly one of the cutest. It is basically a teddy bear come to life. It is known as the little bear Pokémon and loves honey.

While the Pokémon is cute, it is not surprising to see it taken off as it was never all that strong. Even its later evolution as Ursaring is not all that powerful and loses the cuteness factor.

9 Phanpy

Phanpy is a beloved and cute little elephant Pokémon that rolls into a ball to attack its enemies. This mix between an elephant and a tire is a ground type. It is known as the long nose Pokémon, and has a snout that is so powerful, it can send a person flying.

Phanpy will be missed mainly due its adorability factor. It is so happy and affectionate, that it is hard to say goodbye to this spunky blue elephant baby. Additionally, while it is not the strongest Pokémon, its eventual evolution into Donphan makes it a worthy companion to have on any trainer’s roster.

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8 Houndoom

This Pokemon has one of the coolest designs of this generation. It is basically a hellhound, and it being a dark/fire type makes for an interesting typing. It is known as the dark Pokémon, and the pain of its fire burns never go away.

While Houndoom has a great design and is certainly cool, it is not really the strongest Pokémon. Its move pool has never been great, and its stats never made it as strong as it actually looks. Despite this, the Pokémon will certainly be missed simply due to how awesome it looks.

7 Typhlosion

All three of the starter Gen 2 Pokémon, and there evolutions, were excluded from the game. It is not really surprising as much more popular starters from other regions were also excluded. Despite this, Typhlosion is still pretty cool.

Typhlosion is the final evolution of the fire starter, Cyndaquil. It is the known as the Volcano Pokémon and when enraged grows hotter to the point that world around it erupts in flame. It is a strong fire type, and definitely worth picking to be on a team, but tends to get overshadowed by other fire starters from other generations.

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6 Heracross

This Pokémon is basically a giant hercules beetle. It has the interesting type combination of bug/fighting and has a giant horn on its head that it uses to charge at its foes. It is known as the single horn Pokémon, and tosses around its foes with said horn.

This Pokémon will be missed due it being one of the cooler designs of Generation 2, as well as being a fun Pokémon to use. Bug types have always struggled a bit more to be popular due to their weaknesses, but this funky blue beetle will always have a special place in our hearts.

5 Lugia

Lugia will be missed because it is the most iconic of the Gen 2 legendaries. It has its own game, is featured prominently in a movie, and has the most striking design. It has the typing of psychic/flying and its signature move is Aeroblast. It also is known as the diving Pokémon and is referred to as the guardian of the sea.

It should not really be surprising that most of the legendary Pokémon were excluded from Sword & Shield. They do not really have as much as strong standing in being in this generation since they usually have special moves, typings, and abilities which would complicate the balancing aspect of the game.

4 Crobat

This poison/flying type is the final evolution of Zubat. It is known as the bat Pokémon and is capable of flying so silently through the dark, most people do not even notice it pass by. It is evolves through the power of love and is well-liked for its design and its capabilities in battle.

As much as people love Crobat, Zubats and Golbats are universally hated to how obnoxious they are in caves. Due to this, it is not surprising to see this Pokémon not included in the game for that reason solely. Despite, this many fans will miss Crobat, as he is a great Pokémon to use.

3 Feraligatr

Another final evolution starter is Feraligatr, who is the water starter of Gen 2. This evolution line in general is probably the most popular of the starters for this generation due to its fierce looking design, as well as water starters always being solid picks to start a game with. It is known as the big jaw Pokemon and has a powerful and savage bite.

While it is one of the most popular starters of its generation, like all the starter lines in Gen 2, it tends to get overshadowed by many others starters. Still, it is certainly a good pick to have on any team.

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2 Scizor

As one of the first metal types and one of people’s favorites throughout the series, Scizor will certainly be missed. His dual typing of bug/metal made him versatile in both offense and defense. It is known as the pincer Pokémon and it flutters its wings to adjusts its body temperature.

This Pokémon has one of the coolest designs, not only for its generation, but for Pokémon in general. While it may have a severe weakness to fire, we look forward to seeing this Pokémon again in the future.

1 Ampharos

It is hard to understand why Ampharos and its evolution line are not included in the game. The lightning lamb has always been a fan favorite and a strong pick for any trainer’s team. It is known as the light Pokémon and uses its tail as a beacon for those who are lost.

The only explanation we can come up for why this Pokémon was not included is the introduction of Wooloo. They are largely different Pokémon, but perhaps the logic was that they did not want to have too many sheep Pokémon. Regardless, Ampharos will certainly be missed. And for all the Pokémon who were not included in the game, we hope to see them again one day.

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