Pokémon: 10 Bad Generation One Pokémon Designs Fans Let Slip By

Look, original Pokémon fans love to rag on the newer generations due to some of the designs of the creatures. And while it is valid that Sword and Shield will be featuring a ghost living inside of a teacup that you can drink, Generation 1 looks a lot worse when you take off those rose-colored glasses. Every generation of Pokémon has had some questionable designs. Today, we'll be taking a look at ten from the original 151 that fans just kind of let slip by. Let's jump right into the list!

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10 Muk

We sure do love a pile of sludge, don't we? Look, the legendary and iconic Garbador is attacked day and night for being a garbage bag. And this isn't to say that he shouldn't be, but if we're going to do that let's keep the same energy with Muk. He's just garbage in an even worse form. At least Garbador contained himself into a bag. Muk is literally just as much trash as Garbador.

9 Dewgong

Dewgong has a pre-evolution named Seel. Dewgong is a seal. That's really there is to it. Couldn't they at least have given this line like... wings or something? Like yeah, Rapidash is just a horse but he also has a unicorn horn and just constantly has flames pouring out of him. While Dewgong is certainly the cutest boy and it is a federal crime to say that he isn't, just some sort of a flourish would have gone a long way in making this Pokémon feel more special.

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8 Lickitung

Well, If it isn't you... tongue boy. Lickitung's origins are rooted in the Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite. Just kidding he's just a big old toungey boy. Why does he exist? Why did Lickylicky get to exist? These are likely questions that we will never have an answer to. Most of the Generation 1 Pokémon are rooted in some sort of origin. This lil guy is just a weirdo. We still love you though Lickitung. Sort of.

7 Dugtrio

What are you? What do your feet look like? Do we want to know? The answers to these questions are likely very cursed, so not knowing is probably a win for us. Either way, Dugtrio is literally just three cylinders living together and doing their best. It really doesn't make much sense. However, one thing that is undeniable about Dugtrio is that its Alolan variant deserves to share a mythical status with the likes of Mew and Celebi.

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6 Primeape

Very angry circular monkey. Pretty close, right? Primeape is a weird little boy. Everything about this thing is just kind of like, alright? Cool? He's certainly not the worst of the bunch, but he really doesn't pull his weight as much as the rest of the original 151 do. Also, remember that one time when Ash had one for like eight seconds before he left him forever? Thanks Ash. Knew we could count on you.

5 Geodude

You know that when you're googling the term, "Rock with hands," when you forget a Pokémon's name, you have a great one on your... hands. That's exactly what Geodude is, a rock with hands. While its evolutions get... better, they're basically all just rocks with faces (and hands) so better really isn't too much of a hard goal to reach. Still, Golem is a fine Pokémon, so its humble, and I cannot stress this enough, humble beginnings as Geodude are a bit of a letdown, to put it lightly. At least the Alolan version of Geodude is hairy for absolutely no reason at all. That really just makes it all okay.

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4 Exeggcute

You are a pile of eggs. Explain to me why you exist. You can't, can you Exeggcute? Exeggcute is such a weird Pokémon. What is going on there? And why do you, a pile of eggs, grow into a coconut tree? Where did the coconuts in this equation come from? Also, why do you go from six eggs to three coconuts? Why did that transition happen? There are so many things that are weird about Exeggcute as a stand-alone Pokémon, and it just gets even weirder when you add in Exeggutor. This whole line is just a walking question mark that will probably just stay that way until the end of time.

3 Omastar

Doesn't it kind of make you want to ask, "what that mouth do," but in a totally not creepy way? While regretful, this entry had to start off with that horrible little question. Omastar is so weird looking. It's just kind of gross. The aforementioned mouth isn't doing it any favors, and tentacles really aren't helping much either. Omastar just kind of has a lot going for it, but in the opposite direction that one would hope for. The complete vacancy of any sort of emotion in those eyes probably isn't helping too many things either though. Omastar is just... off. At least Omanyte is cute.

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2 Gloom

Why did this have to happen? Oddish is one of the most adorable Pokémon out there. He's a stupidly cute little blue turnip, great. It's fully evolved forms, Vileplume and Bellosom, are each great in their own right. Two icons, fantastic. And then there's Gloom. The ugly duckling stage is real in this line. Gloom is just a slobbering mess. For no good reason either. It just kind of is. Also, why is it asleep all of the time? Wait... Gloom knows the move sleep powder... maybe he's addicted to his own powder... it's all making sense now. Gloom is an addict and we need to get him help.

1 Shellder

Why the tounge? That's all we want to know Shellder. Shellder is so weird. It's the crux of Slowbro's evolution (even though it looks nothing at all like a Shellder), and it also has its own, very upsetting evolution. It kind of seems like everyone forgets that Shellder exists at all. Poor, poor Shellder. What a sad little existence you have. Well, at least you're used as a sacrifice to make other Pokémon evolve, which in turn ends all of your autonomy. Fun.

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