10 Gen 3 Pokémon That Should Get Galarian Forms

Zigzagoon was the only Gen 3 Pokémon to get a Galarian form. We think that these other Pokémon would fit into the Galarian aesthetic.

Zigzagoon was the only Gen 3 Pokémon to get a Galarian form. Not only did Zigzagoon and Linoone get a Galarian form, but they received a new evolution called Obstagoon. Ever since Alola introduced the idea of regional variants, the community has been intrigued by the possibilities for other Pokémon.

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Pokémon Sword & Shield raised the bar on how variants can be created and adapted, so why not think about other alternatives? What other Gen 3 Pokémon could fit into the Galarian aesthetic? Here are 10 Hoenn Pokémon who we think should get Galarian forms.

10 The Seedot Line

Seedot and its evolutions, Nuzleaf and Shiftry, could be based on the silver birch tree from England. Seedot would look a little funky, considering the seedling for a bitch tree looks like a long, stripped pinecone, but GameFreak could figure something out.

Nuzleaf and Shiftry’s bodies would be white with black dots, making its hair either black or dark green for color contrast. The leaves on Nuzleaf’s head and Shiftry's leaf fans would see the biggest difference, of course. Birch leaves are darker and have a different shape.

9 The Surskit Line

Surskit is classified as the Pond Skater Pokémon. There are many rivers, lakes, and ponds in the United Kingdom, so it would be natural for Surskit to make its appearance in this region with a Galarian form.

It could keep its core concept as a spider that skates across water surfaces. It will keep its Bug/Water-typing, but when it evolves, it should have a new evolution. It would probably be a Steel/Bug-type or a Fairy/Bug-type with Water-type moves. This new evolution could weave silk and threads are seen as unbreakable, something valued back in the Galarian past for armor and such.

8 The Whismur Line

Continuing with the punk and rock n’ roll theme of Galar, they should’ve converted Loudred and Exploud into concert speakers. Whismur would stay the same. Loudred and Exploud would have paired nicely with Pokémon like Toxtricity and Obstagoon.

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Loudred and Exploud would become either pure Electric-types or Normal/Electric. In terms of in-game lore, they probably feed off natural electricity to enhance their sonic abilities. Most Loudred and Exploud are domesticated so they can access electricity all the time.

7 The Shuppet Line

Fans might enjoy this suggestion. Banette becomes a banshee. Banshees are one of the more popular myths to come from Celtic and Irish mythology. For those who aren’t aware, a banshee is a lamenting woman who cries and wails as part of traditional Celtic mourning. Most Western depictions have banshees screech at ear-splitting volumes.

Shuppet can keep its standard appearance but evolves into a different Banette if it’s female. When it evolves into Banette, it is sporting a longer dress with its zippers on the sleeves and dress. It has long hair, and its mouth is open since it will be screaming a lot. If it had a different typing, it would probably Ghost/Fairy or Ghost/Dark. Banshees are considered fay (or fae) spirits in Celtic mythology.

6 The Barboach Line

There are plenty of rivers and lakes in England. Barboach was originally based on the pond loach of Eastern Asia. How about we transform its concept into the stone loach of the UK? Barboach would take on a more olive-brown and grey color scheme and have more whiskers.

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Whiscash, on the other hand, is based on a mythical creature from Japanese mythology, specifically a catfish that can cause earthquakes. If they were to be based on stone loaches, this would change Barboach and Whiscash’s typing from Water/Ground to Water/Rock.

5 The Corphish Line

Okay, this is going to sound pretty awful. A favorite dish in the United Kingdom is fish and chips. Seafood is pretty popular there. And it’s no secret that humans in the Pokémon world do eat Pokémon.

What we’re saying is, there should be a Galarian version of Corphish that resembles blue lobsters from the United Kingdom. When it evolves, Crawdaunt could become a Water/Steel type or a Water/Ice-type. Corphish and its evolution Crawdaunt would be on the menu constantly, especially in port cities/towns.

4 Absol

Absol is a fan favorite Pokémon and sure to draw in fans if a Galarian variant was a thing. Absol’s dex entries portray it as a Pokémon that brings disaster wherever it goes. In the Galar Region, Absol would be seen as a celebrity due to its appearance and appeal. Something inherently counterculture, like Team Yell.

Now, how would Absol species change in the Galar Region? Instead of having a somber appearance, it would appear more confident, more stylized in appearance. I doubt it would have a new typing. If it did, Absol would probably be Dark/Fairy, or Dark/Psychic. The Psychic typing would be for sensing human adoration.

3 The Budew Line

Since Budew’s line is all about roses, let’s remake their design around the rosa canina species. This species of rose is native to the United Kingdom, including Scotland and England. Colloquially known as dog roses, they are a pink wild rose that can bear fruit. They also look much different than a standard rose.

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Budew, Roselia, and Roserade could become Grass/Fairy-type Pokemon since dog roses are white or pink. They have no other color variation. Speaking of which, Roselia and Roserade’s bouquet hands can be white and pink respectively. They can also bear Berries for humans to create recipes.

2 The Aron Line

The first Industrial Revolution happened in England, so this would be a great time to transform Aron’s appearance. Perhaps they could design it to have a knightlier appearance from the helm-like face and head to Aggron’s towering body. Lairon could resemble something like an armor-plated steed.

Aggron is practically a blank canvas for them, as well. They could redesign its appearance into a full-blown black knight. That would transform Aggron into a Steel/Dark-type. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

1 Mawile

Going back to the Industrial Revolution theme, Mawile could be reworked to resemble a 19th-century female aristocrat. Make its leg fur, which resembles hakama pants, into a full-blown dress. Its ear-like extensions can be interpreted as hair bangs, so maybe there are multiple ones to simulate stylish hair.

What about the maw itself? It could become wider with fewer teeth, or it could become longer with more teeth. One could grasp more items but have less jaw strength, the other is vice versa. Why not both? These two Galarian variants could be distributed by area.

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