Genesis, That PS4-Exclusive MOBA, Now Has A Two-Player Hero

The PS4-exclusive MOBA Genesis is getting a big update to make it better, including a hero that two people control simultaneously.

When it launched back in August, I called Genesis just another MOBA. Specifically, I found it to be an easier version of League of Legends. My assessment was inspired by Genesis' lack of unique features. There's a story campaign, sure, but it wasn't working during the review period. Without the one thing that could've made it unique, Genesis has just sort of existed. Now, the game's first major update is looking to change that.

Developer Rampage Games sent out word of the big update, and also wants everyone to know that Genesis has been downloaded over 600,000 times. Too keep all these new players of the PS4-exclusive MOBA happy, Rampage is introducing three major changes in a new update. They come in the form of a battle pass, ranked mode, and a new hero with a wild gimmick.

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via: Genesismoba.com

The new hero is actually a pair of characters called Mitch and Cuth. As their description says, they're champions of a dangerous event called the Road Rage Club. This has fashioned them into a pair of daredevil drivers who operate a miniature tank. When played in Genesis, one player drives and the other shoots. Each one of the pair has their own separate abilities to level up, including personal ultimates, so the two players will really have to communicate to turn this strange hero into an effective presence in-game.

Mitch and Cuth can be obtained through the new Genesis Pass. This pass shares the same structure with many other online games that have a battle pass. It's split into two versions, one paid and one unpaid. Rampage didn't say how they will differ, only that the Genesis Pass will allow players to get "stunning new skins, special heroes, powerful weapons, additional avatars, and many more permanent items." Mitch and Cuth are part of the free pass, so anyone will be able to get them.

The final addition of note is the implementation of ranked mode. Ranked in Genesis will consist of seven tiers. Ranked play will also yield rewards, as players can earn loot key crates and skins by moving up.

There are other "gameplay improvements" in the update as well. Sadly, none of them are keyboard and mouse support. Genesis remains a firmly controller-first game. It is nice to see the developers adding such impactful content with the first update, though. It means there's hope that Genesis will become a more unique and fun game over time.

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