Genesis PS4: Enter The Mech-o With Sion

Genesis is a new MOBA available exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game plays very similarly to League of Legends, to the point that its characters often feel like LoL rip-offs. Fortunately, Sion the mech-riding lizard mostly avoids this fate. At first glance he seems like Rumble, being a small animal in a robot and all. And while Sion does serve as a mage/tank hybrid, he breaks away from his LoL counterpart by offering more crowd control. So let's talk about how to build Sion and maximize his ability to initiate team fights.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Sion's four abilities are:

Vorpal Chakram - A single-target disc throw that damages and stuns the enemy.

Slam Dunk - A leap that does damage on landing.

Dampening Pulse - Makes Sion's basic attacks occasionally shoot out energy that damages everything right in front him.

Sanguine Storm - This ultimate attack makes Sion spin around constantly, doing more damage to enemies who are closer to the center of the storm.

If you take a moment to visualize all of these abilities, you'll realize they share a common trait. Sion works best when he's right next to opponents. All of these abilities help him get close or reward him for staying there. Working on that logic, you'll want to level your abilities in a way that helps you be right in enemies' faces.

When the game starts, take the power-up that makes you level four right away. From there, put two points in Vorpal Chakram, one in Dampening Pulse, and one in Slam Dunk. Slam Dunk does all it needs at level one. It helps you jump next to fleeing foes or get away if you're in trouble. Jump over a wall if you're the one being chased to put fast distance between you and would-be killers. Since Slam Dunk is fine with one point, focus your points on Vorpal Chakram. The stun duration increases with level, and you want that. That leaves Dampening Pulse as your second ability to max. And of course, put a point in Sanguine Storm at levels 6, 11, and 16.

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Sion's Shocking Item Build

You always want to take boots first because Genesis characters are super slow. With Sion, you also want to rush your boots to their final form. The Atomic Stompers are the boots for you. They help with defense and energy, Sion's two greatest needs as a mage tank. Even better, they have an activated ability that restores health. If you find yourself in danger, just press Square to get a hit of health back and surprise foes who thought you were gone. Keeping Sion in the fight longer keeps enemies distracted longer, the essence of a tank's job.

After that, work on a Scepter of Zeus. This item compliments Sion perfectly. It gives him the stats he likes, sure, but it also has a passive that causes lightning to come down and damage nearby enemies. So now you do damage just by standing next to people. And you already know you'll be doing lots of that. Once you have the boots and Scepter of Zeus, build a Refractor Prism. These are your core three items, the things you'll build every time. After that, it's up to you. We recommend Medusa's Shield for extra tanking power, but gauge how the battle is going and if your team needs more tank or damage. Or something else entirely.

Putting It All Together

As a mage/tank, you have two roles to play in a match: harassing enemies early game and intelligently starting fights mid-late game.

Take bottom lane if you can. Going with a ranged carry is even better. Watch your enemies to see how they move. If they seem uncertain in the way they approach or if they're too eager to kill creeps and push, throw a chakram at the weakest player character. It's usually a mage or shooter type. Jump at them as soon as the stun hits. Your goal is to get your partner to take advantage and land as many kills off your stuns as possible.

In mid-late game, your jumps require more care. When you see the enemy team gathering, take note of how your team is responding. Are they retreating back to base? Stay with them. Are they surrounding the enemy, itching for a fight? Then it's go time. Leap close to the low-health enemies like mages or shooters. Then throw a chakram and stun them. Finish off the combo with an ultimate right in their faces. If you did it right, and your team actually takes the signal to help, you should finish off the targeted foe before they can do anything. Removing a mage or shooter removes a crucial source of damage for the enemy team. With that, your team should easily defeat them. There are always complications, of course. Other players also have ultimates, and might use theirs to trap you. Try to use each team fight as a learning opportunity, especially paying mind to how to safely jump in and which enemy deserves your stun the most.

All that said, good luck, have fun, and throw lots of chakrams!

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