German Farmer Livestreams Using A Drone

Van_Hinten88 cuts out the middle man and just streams himself actually farming.

Some Twitch streamers play Farming Simulator 19. Then there’s Van_Hinten88, who cuts out the middle man and just streams himself actually farming.

The German-speaking streamer, who currently has just over 36,000 followers, posts live streams of himself driving a wide variety of farming vehicles, including a combine, a tractor, and other pieces that are no doubt easily identifiable to people who have had any experience with farming whatsoever.

Streamers broadcasting their day to day activities is nothing new, but these streams tend to take place in cities, not rural areas - and certainly not on farms. The simple change of scenery is enough to make Van_Hinten88's streams stand out, and his well-planned use of multiple cameras helps add a touch of professionalism that makes the stream all the more compelling.

The majority of each of Van_Hinten88’s streams involve a view of him from inside the vehicle, making occasional comments in German. It’s clear that he knows people want to see his equipment in action, however, and often makes a point of getting outside angles of the work getting done.

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Van_Hinten88 even has a drone, which lets him get a bird’s-eye view of his work on occasion. Watching him harvest his crop from above is an oddly-satisfying experience that everyone should see at least once.

According to TwitchTracker, Van_Hinten88 started broadcasting back in December 2018 with only 11 followers, and continued to fly completely under the radar until mid-February 2019, when a sudden burst in attention almost tripled his viewership overnight. Since then, his followers have continued to grow quickly.

His adventures in farming aren’t the only content on his channel, however. He has occasionally streamed himself playing games, including Grand Theft Auto V, Monster Hunter World, and the recently-released co-op bullet hell shooter Steambirds Alliance.

The game he has streamed the most often, however, is Farming Simulator 19. The man definitely has a passion for his work.

While English speakers such as myself will have no idea what the man is talking about as he tends to his crop, there's something oddly relaxing about seeing a man grow and gather food while sharing the experience with the world.

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