The German Government Is Funding Game Development

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The German government has approved the funding of 50 million euros for game development in the country, according to game.de.

The powers that be are looking to promote the internal development of video games and, as a result, have decided to pump cash into local studios.

Germany's Finance Committee has approved the aforementioned sum for its 2020 budget and hundreds of proposals are already said to be taking shape. The country is keen on reducing their "major competitive disadvantages" and are looking to model off France, Great Britain, and Canada, who have all assigned government funding in order to spark growth in the gaming industry their respective gaming industries.

Germany, though, is reportedly 30 percent more expensive to develop when compared.

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"The Finance Committee of the German Bundestag has decided: The federal budget for 2020 and the upcoming years will also include a funding in the amount of 50 million euros to promote computer game development in Germany. Thus, it is now certain that the games funding introduced only last year will continue at federal level. The decision was made in the adjustment meeting of the Finance Committee following a government proposal and finally provides the planning security demanded by game – the German Games Industry Association."

- game.de

Funding for game development was agreed on last year on a federal level among three government parties. The budget has been assigned to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, a department now in receipt of 380 project proposals.

“The securing of games funding is a clear signal for Germany as a games location. The Finance Committee of the German Bundestag provides the important planning security by fixing the budget for the coming years,” Managing Director of game Felix Falk said.

“The decision as well as the broad consensus display the intent across party lines to make Germany a more vital player internationally in the field of computer game development. Now we are awaiting the successful notification of the funding directive by the European Union so that the numerous new projects in Germany can be put into action. As games industry, we are waiting in the wings.”

The decision will certainly help Germany catch up to other countries as long as it's undertaken correctly. Video games and esports have taken a major foothold on an almost worldwide scale over the last few years and no one's looking to get left behind.

Source: game.de

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