Get Your First Look At The XIII Remake

Cult classic shooter XIII is coming back with a less exaggerated style, though it still looks pretty good.

The remake of cult classic shooter XIII is coming in 2020, and publisher Microids has released screenshots of the game. The screenshots show off some improved graphics and lighting, but fans of the original may be disappointed that the new look doesn't quite embrace the comic book styling to the same degree that the original PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox versions did.

The game is based on a Belgian graphic novel series of the same name, and boasts cell-shaded graphics and on-screen sound effects that are meant to reflect the comic book roots of the series. The newly-released screenshots show that the remake will keep both of those iconic elements.


However, fans of the original may notice that the cell-shading is less pronounced than in the original version. Along with higher-polygon models, the screenshots show off more-realistic shading and explosions, making the game look more akin to the Borderlands series of games than the flatter colors of the original title.

Just take a look at this screenshot from a walkthrough of the original title for comparison:


For those who are willing to embrace game's new look, everything else that the screenshots reveal about the game seems faithful to the original.

While screenshots don't reveal nearly as much about the game as gameplay footage, they do show that the remake will at very least follow some of the same story beats as the original, in which the main character has to unravel a conspiracy after being accused of killing the President of the United States.

For example, the screenshots show the protagonist in what is almost certainly Winslow Bank, which he visited to retrieve an item from a safety deposit box.


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The screenshot also shows the player in FBI headquarters, where they had to escape after being captured in the original game.


Unfortunately, the original game ended in a cliffhanger, teasing a sequel that never got made. There's no information on the company's official site about whether or not the remake will continue the story to its logical conclusion, or whether it'll end with the same unfinished story, which would signal hopes of finally making a franchise out of the game.

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