• As if San Diego Comic Con 2019 is not already an exciting affair, Rick and Morty fans will have even more reason to look forward to the event 1 / 9

  • Adult Swim on the Green looks to make its presence known to all. Fans will have the opportunity to test out Rick and Morty’s "Rickflector" 2 / 9

  • There will also be panels to meet the creators and producers from both Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken 3 / 9

  • The Rickmobile will also be present in the form of a shop, selling all sorts of Rick and Morty merchandise 4 / 9

  • Funko Pop collectors will have the opportunity to snag two new figures, but the identities of the characters are a secret, since they appear in season 4! 5 / 9

  • Two exclusive Pocket Mortys Plush 10” toys will also be available, with Underwear Jerry and Doofus Rick 6 / 9

  • Cryptozoic Entertainment will be offering a limited-edition Rick and Morty trading cards, made of metal and appearing more like business cards 7 / 9

  • Best of luck to everyone attending the SDCC this year, may they acquire all of the limited collectibles they can! 8 / 9

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