Ghost Recon Breakpoint Community Survey Reveals Players Want Gear Score Removed, Offline Mode Added

A recent community survey for Ghost Recon Breakpoint has revealed fans want to see some drastic changes to the game.

In its attempt to improve the disastrous launch of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft held a community survey to see which areas of the game fans wanted to see tweaked or improved. The results of said survey were revealed last week and, surprising no one, fans have asked that the technical aspects of the game receive attention. At launch, Breakpoint was laughable in how low-quality it was, especially for a Triple-A experience.

Most intriguing, though, is the next request. Around 35% of fans have asked that Ubisoft removed the tiered loot system present in Breakpoint. Changing the game into something resembling The Division, it seems fans aren't happy with how unrealistic this supposed realistic military shooter is.

Along with that, more than half of the players polled requested that AI teammates be added to the game. Present in Breakpoint's predecessor, Ghost Recon Wildlands, it seems the shift to the "live-service" model necessitated that Ubisoft remove AI companions from this latest installment. This also falls in line with the request to add an offline option, which the game still does not have.

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Looking at these results, it's hard not to agree. Playing through Breakpoint makes one wonder what the hell happened. There are good ideas buried under all of the technical mishaps, but it seems Ubisoft was more focused on getting DLC plans together instead of ironing out bugs.

When played solo, there's a glimpse at the tactical depth that Ubisoft was going for. Needing to be careful with resources, planning around the treacherous terrain, and even lining up shots: it can sometimes feel like a Ghost Recon title. It's just that for the rest of the experience, it basically plays like every other shooter on the market, but with a surprising lack of quality.

While these changes wouldn't suddenly make Breakpoint feel complete, they would certainly be a good start. The loot system, in particular, doesn't mesh with the theme of Breakpoint. I'm not a fan of The Division, but that game exists to fill a specific niche in Ubisoft's catalog. Transforming Ghost Recon into the same game defeats the purpose of having different IPs. It's also decidedly not tactical, which is the whole point of this series.

Source: Ubisoft

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