Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Project Titan Raid Is Now Available

Ubisoft has finally released Ghost Recon Breakpoint's first raid, "Project Titan."

Ghost Recon Breakpoint might still be in a horribly buggy state, but that isn't stopping Ubisoft from forging ahead with content plans. As originally announced a few months back, the first raid for the latest Tom Clancy shooter is now available for players to tackle. Titled "Project Titan," the mini-plot for this new operation sees Team Ghost heading to Golem Island to square off against a brand new faction of enemies.

Featuring four distinct bosses and a completely new location (set off the coast of the main game's Auroa Island), Project Titan will be free for all owners of Breakpoint. Ubisoft stresses that a full squad of four will be required to defeat this raid. You'll also need a gear score of 150+ to even attempt it, which isn't too difficult to come about.

For now, Project Titan is only available on "Normal" difficulty. An Easy and Heroic option will be added sometime in 2020. Completing the raid will award players with the best gear that Breakpoint has to offer. It will likely be supplanted by whatever the Heroic version brings when it finally launches.

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As with games like Destiny and The Division, Project Titan will work on a weekly cycle. Once you complete the raid, you'll need to wait until it resets before attempting it again. If you fail, you'll be able to retry however many times it takes you to defeat all of the bosses.

As for the tasks you'll be doing, Project Titan sees players taking on four robotic bosses to thwart the plans of an evil new faction. It doesn't seem like there is a set order, so players can tackle these bosses in whatever fashion they like. You'll also encounter drones and laser mounted vehicles that are intent on ending your day.

Whether or not you should even bother with Project Titan is another matter entirely. Being so new, I've yet to give this a go, but the main Breakpoint game is incredibly disappointing. Featuring some of the worst technical problems of any Triple-A game this year, it's probably better to wait until next Fall before you even bother with Breakpoint. At least by then, Project Titan will be free from bugs.

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