23 Hidden Things Casual Players Still Haven't Found In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands was released worldwide in March 2017. The tactical shooter is the tenth installment in the Tom Clancy franchise and was described by Ubisoft to be one of their biggest open-worlds to date, also becoming the first Tom Clancy game to feature an open-world environment. It features a range of different regions: mountains, lakes, forests, deserts and even underground caves. The game is based upon the actual works in the military, using the same weapons and gear; creating a more realistic feel for players.

There are many secret locations, weapons, easter eggs, and missions in the game that many casual players haven't stumbled upon. However, if you were truly committed to this game, then it's likely you may have discovered some - if not, prepare for hours of challenges and adventures.

The game is based in Bolivia and strangely enough in the year 2019. The country has been overrun by a wicked group, and it's up to the players (taking the role in an elite special operations unit) to take them out. It all sounds serious, however, the game is filled with easter eggs that will make you wonder why on earth they’ve in there. Many hidden secrets have been revealed in this game, but there are still many that haven’t been uncovered. We’ve put together a list 25 hidden secrets in Ghost Recon: Wildlands that have taken us on the wildest of adventures.

Lock and load, because it’s time to venture through an open-world full of surprises and mysteries.

23 The Best Sniper Rifle In The Game (And A Tank)

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TANKS! - There are a fair few APC's dotted around the map, however, they aren't necessarily easy to obtain. One can be found a little west of the Montuyoc, following the road right down into an area named Choza Padre Mine. There are a lot of enemies here, however, once you have passed and obtained the APC, there is a plethora of gear you'll have access to. Down in the mine, you will find the MSR sniper rifle, which is arguably the best sniper rifle in the entire game. Good luck!

22 Sam? Is That You?

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Yes, Splinter Cell did a crossover event with Ghost Recon: Wildlands, in a mission featuring the protagonist. The mission was added in the spring 2018 update, located in La Cruz.

WARNING: Players must be stealthy approaching the mission area...

You will eventually come across the story mission icon exploring La Cruz region. Sam Fisher will ask for your help and the journey begins. The quest has teased players into wondering if the crossover means a new Splinter Cell game, it could be possible?

21 Unlock The Fastest Car In The Game

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There are a number of rare vehicles hidden out of sight across the game. Our favorite is the mighty fast Lamborghini ranking to be one of, if not the fastest car in the game, bringing a Forza vibe to the open-world. The supercar can be found in Itacua, in an area near the introduction of the game. In Itacua head to a place called Khochi (bottom right), the Lamborghini respawns around the top right edge, just where the ocean borders. Search around here and you will eventually come across it.

20 Yes, There Is A Ghost...

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Did you think Wildlands was a game just about bringing down a malicious force in the South? You were wrong. As Ubisoft have featured yet another easter egg telling the tale of a missing boy... One day a village boy went to help his Mother in the swamp wash clothes, and mysteriously disappeared.

The villagers and his family searched everywhere for him, but he never returned. The ghost of the boy can be located around the 'Child Hut', watching passers-by through the eerie waters.

19 Did We Just Ride A Llama That Farts Rainbows?

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Slightly random, but easily one of the most fun (and crazy) vehicles in the game. However, it can only be acquired in the Narco Roads DLC pack, which might just be worth buying though if you fancy riding a llama dirt bike that farts out rainbows when you accelerate...

To find the unexplained hybrid vehicle, you need to head to the Los Jinetes Locos region on the map. Get a helicopter, and fly down to the Santa Muerte Tomb. On the very top of the tomb, you will see the llama - enjoy the ride!

18 There's Something Waiting For Us, And It Ain't No Man...

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Predator is one of the most famous sci-fi villains in the fantasy universe. We've seen him fight alien, but never did we think he'd be roaming around in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, ready to attack any players in his path.

Get your walking boots on, this ones hard to find!

The mission is located between the Caimanes region - it is exactly two lands south from the Las Angela Wreck. It's tricky to explain, so you engage your true explorer skills. In this area, you will find a girl sitting in front of a rock covered in red. You will be told to investigate three areas - watch your back!

17 The Assassin's Creed Leap Of Faith

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One of the best easter eggs in the game has to be this location which identically resembles the architecture in the Assassins Creed franchise. Of course, Ubisoft are going to include a reference to their most successful game series - they've even included the famous eagle who will be waiting for you on a ledge at the top of the tower, which sits directly above a haystack ready to be jumped into. If you want to find this location, head to the Beauty Queen's mansion. The tower lies on the south-east edge...

16 Finding The First Don't Press Me Button

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There are four secret buttons scattered across the open-world. An exciting feature for players who will dare challenge themselves into pushing a series of buttons that say 'Don't Press Me'.

For the first button, you want to journey to La Cruz. Grab your desired vehicle and head around the northern border until you stumble upon a burnt forest region. The button can be tricky to find, so keep an eye out! If you've already explored the area then you will have unlocked fast travel to the rebel hideout. Within the burnt forest, you will find the first 'Don't Press Me' button on top of a hill amongst an area of charred trees.

15 Big Foot's Hidden Cave

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The anticipation is over! Players have been exploring for hours and hours to find the mysterious Yeti Cave (amongst trying to find the Yeti himself). The Yeti hunter community has finally found the cave amongst the mountain states. Marked on the map is the 'cable car', and directly south-east underneath is the area you want to go. You can get here via helicopter after spawning at Inca Camina Delta. The El Yeti cave is very hidden, so make sure to search every inch of the snowy rocks. You'll know when you've found it, as the cave is riddled with his leftovers - skulls and bones, mostly. Have fun!

14 Don't Be Salty About This (Button #2)

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The second 'Don't Press Me' button is all the way across the map in the Koani, in the Salt Flats, directly south-west of the Salt Hotel. This one is fairly easier to find as it's in an area with literally nothing else around, which technically makes it not very hidden... more hidden in plain sight? We'll let them off.

Perhaps make sure the weather is decent before traveling to this location, as you never know what's gonna happen after you press that button...

13 A Villainous Barbie House...

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The Barbie Dreamhouse isn't as luxury as it sounds. The feature tells players a story about the infamous World War II villain, Klaus Barbie, allowing them to go to his house and find out what happened to him.

The story is a little bit different to your average Barbie and Ken... 

The secret bunker is located in Death Road (don't worry it's not as bad as it sounds, just be careful not to veer off the edge!) Follow the rocky road until your marker shows you're just above the bottom left area of Death Road on the main map. It is tricky to find, but just keep driving and enjoy the adventure!

12 Don't Show Marge Simpson This One

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Another Easter Egg is a reference to the book, documentary, and movie 'Alive', reflecting the true story of the Uruguayan Air Force crash. It is found in the lower left of the map in Nuevo Mundo (the area won't be on your map if you haven't discovered it yet). The site follows the story of the Andes Survivors, a Uruguayan rugby team who crashed aboard Flight 571, in 1972. The survivors supposedly used the plane remains in order to stay alive, the remains are shown in this area of the game, along with a cemetery that they made for their fallen comrades...

11 The Dark Souls Bonfire

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It seems to have become a thing that games recently feature Dark Souls easter eggs, and we aren't complaining! A flaming sword bonfire can be found in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, prior to references also appearing in For Honor and Just Cause 3.

The flaming sword exactly resembles the bonfires scatted across the Dark Souls series 

It is located in the Caimanes province near a rebel outpost. Fast travel to this outpost and journey up to the top of the hill. Here you will find the sword on top of a summit - make sure to take some screenshots!

10 The Wicked Witches Of Wildlands

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Are you brave enough to go on a witch hunt?

This secret easter egg is truly epic. Pa Kollu used to be the home where three witches lived. We don't know where they've gone, but they've left behind some items in a hut just beyond the market. Here you will find three items to interact with that resemble three shrines awaiting your arrival. If you hear the witches whispering, don't runaway, you're one step closer to the next step - happy hunting!

9 The Creepy Button... (Button #3)

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The next 'Don't Press Me' button has a creepier vibe to its surroundings. Located high on top of a hill, the easiest way to find it (like most things in this game) is by helicopter. It's somewhere in Malca, and will be easily spotted after flying around the region in the chopper. Directly in front of the button is a strange statue of a man, who, ends up in flames.

There's only one more left to find - don't give up now!

8 Welcome To The Matrix

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One of our favorite easter eggs is located in the Salt Land. In the middle of the barren wasteland, players will come across an isolated chair. Players were skeptical as to whether this was an easter egg or not, but soon figured out that it was a reference to The Matrix. In the movie, there is the scene of the endless white void (much like the Salt Land), and in the game, there are chairs that resembles this exact one.

7 Not Supposed To Find This One

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This stunning, mysterious cave is not your average tourist spot (especially seen as you will be ended for snooping). The secret cave lies in the region of P.N. De Agua Verde, south-east of the Patuja Mansion. The easiest way to get here is to fly via chopper and parachute to the rocks on the water's edge.

Once you find the entrance you're in for a treat as there are many collectibles and items to collect (not the kind your thinking).

6 I Ain't Saying She A Gold-Digger

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Always wanted to be a builder as a kid? You're in luck! An armored construction vehicle can be found if you really feel like running down those enemies. Only three have been found so far in the game, and there could be more. One is located in the middle of San Mateo. You'll spot it easily once you are in the right area. The digger is reinforced with metal plates, which is perfect if you want to be protected, as it can take more damage than most vehicles in the game.

5  Jeepers! Where'd You Get Those Peepers!

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There is a cornfield filled with terrifying scarecrows in the game that looks a heck of a lot like the 2001 horror movie, Jeepers Creepers. This could be an easter egg, but it hasn't been officially confirmed. If your a fan of horror movies, you're going to want to come to this place. To find the scarecrows you need to spawn to the San Mateo Alpha. Fly from this location to the right, where you will see a black square on the map (this is where the fields are located) Other scarecrows can supposedly be found across the game - let's hope they don't come to life...

4 Dam, This Better Be Good (Button #4)

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The final button (hooray!) is located near the Olico Super Dam, in Pucara. Use the chopper to travel into the water dam, into the area where the river starts to widen. As shown in the picture, the final button it is located next to a bush. Another great explosion will happen and you've done it, the challenge is now complete. Unfortunately, there aren't any great rewards for doing it, its more just something to do for a good time (which some will see as pointless and others quite enjoyable!)

3 Dealing With The Yeti

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One of the most fun, challenging, but also disappointing easter eggs across video games. The hunt for the El Yeti blew up the fanbase by storm, having players worldwide determined to find the wild creature. Finally, he has been discovered, but he isn't who we thought...

In order to summon the Yeti you must fly to specific coordinates in the snowy mountains (if we told you exactly where it would overrule the idea of an 'Easter egg hunt')  - Somewhere along the river bank is a rock covered in red. Interact with the rock, and he will attack you from a distance.

2 Not An Owl You Want To Pet, He Might... Explode?

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Somewhere amongst the trees in the center (a few miles inwards) of the border of La Cruz, is an owl sitting on top of a tree stump.

No one really knows much about the owl or why its there, so it really is a secret.

Travel to this location along the border, and venture into the words until you stumble across the owl. Make sure you have a sniper equipped and be careful not to let him notice you, cause he will fly away (which will make him a lot harder to shoot!) Sneak up on the little fella, and shoot him. He will explode and... that's pretty much it, we guess?

1 Uncover The Secrets Of The Suspicious Shrine

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The biggest Easter egg in the game is this hunt spread across the entire open-world map. There are eight mysterious Totem Statues scattered across the game, waiting to be collected. In Inca Camina, there is a shrine on one of the mountain tops... (we can't give away everything, get in that chopper!)

Are you committed enough to find all 8 statues? 

Here you will find the first statue half-buried in the snow, pick it up and it will appear on the shrine. Now, you must find the other seven... Let the games begin!

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