30 Ridiculous Things Only Super Fans Know About In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands is still an example of a great open world game and it keeps improving as Ubisoft keeps adding updates. The game itself is a fun open world tactical ops game in which players are tasked with taking down Bolivia's worst crime lords. Along the way, you will run into some strange things you aren't expecting to see. There is a lot to take in when first loading into the game and Ubisoft does a decent job explaining everything but there are still a lot of tips and tricks that will help your gameplay experience a bit more in the long run.

A lot of these tips have to do with the gear you are equipped with and how to upgrade everything to the best possible outcome. Exploring Bolivia can be daunting since the map is so big. There is so much to dig through with this game and you will be hard pressed to find yourself becoming bored with it any time soon. Ghost Recon Wildlands is a prime example of an open world game that works. It differs itself from other successful open world games like Grand Theft Auto and we hope to see much more from the series in the future (including a sequel)!

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30 Always Use The Drone

There should be no surprise that in a Tom Clancy game a gadget such as a drone is your best friend. The drone serves as a crucial part of the Ghost Recon Wildlands experience. It can help you scope out a situation before you even step foot into town. The drone can fly a decent distance before losing connection and can spot and tag enemies for you and your squad to take down. The drone is also upgradable so you can increase range and battery life, making it the most unstoppable recon machine in your arsenal.

29 Offroading Is An Option

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Most open world games such as Grand Theft Auto V require you to stay on the roads mostly if you want to get to your destination in a timely manner.

However in the "wildlands" of Ghost Recon Wildlands offroading is sometimes the better option compared to taking preplanned roads.

The types of vehicles you are traveling in will also help you decide if you are fit to offroad or if you are better off taking the dirt roads in place for civilians. Cutting through mountains or forests can also help with gaining the upper hand in a survival situation. You can really attack from any angle in this game.

28 Always Keep An Eye On Your Minimap

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Including the drone, the minimap is also an important key feature when setting off on a mission. When you're close to the mission area, your map will display enemies that have been tagged. Therefore the minimap and the drone work well in tandem and will give you the tactical upper hand. The minimap will also alert you if the enemies have spotted you by flashing different colored rings around the minimap. The minimap is a great addition and something that players should keep an eye on at all times, especially in dangerous situations.

27 The Dark Souls Easter Egg

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While Ghost Recon Wildlands might not be as hard as Dark Souls, there is a reference to the save point present in the game. The bonfire most commonly used in Dark Souls for taking a break from the madness is located atop a mountain in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

It seems like everyone is tipping their metaphorical hats towards From Software and Dark Souls these days because Ghost Recon Wildlands isn't the first game to reference Dark Souls in their game.

Witcher 3, Overwatch, and Borderlands all also featured small references to the game-changing series that is Dark Souls.

26  Don't Be Afraid To Fast Travel

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The world within Ghost Recon Wildlands is massive and you will quickly realize this as you start driving to your next mission. The map is divided into different crime bosses and there are quite a few. That's why Ubisoft added in a fan-favorite feature known as fast travel. At first, players may be deterred to use the fast travel system because they want to take in the vast world that is this game. However, after the first ten hours (which most of that is driving) you'll be thanking Ubisoft for the fast travel feature. It saves a lot of time and can help you finish main missions and side missions.

25 Summon Your Inner Sam Fischer

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While Sam Fischer from Splinter Cell is actually in the game now, there was a time when he was only referenced by the constant use of night vision in the game. However, it can be easily overlooked as the game doesn't explicitly tell you to equip it everytime it turns dark outside.

The night vision goggles really give you the upper hand in dark situations where stealth is already your best bet.

Enemies have a harder time spotting you at night and the player does too unless they use night vision goggles. Overall, the night vision goggles are a must use if you want to take out enemy bases at night.

24 Keep An Eye On Your Squad

A big part that makes Ghost Recon Wildlands different from other open world third person games is the fact that you aren't the only protagonist. You and a group of three other people are tasked with taking down the crime bosses that plague Bolivia. These squad members can either be your friends or AI's if you rather play solo. In single-player many may not know that you can be the commanding officer of your group and tell your comrades what to do and where to go. This can help plan situations better and help get you out of a sticky situation.

23 Tag Any Supplies You See

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Another big part of Ghost Recon Wildlands is the fact that there are a lot of side things to do in Bolivia. One of these things is to tag supplies left by the crime members to help out the rebel cause. These can range from meds to food to anything else for their cause. Tagging these will help you unlock skill points and other abilities that improve your gaming experience. These supplies can be found in most enemy bases and are indicated with a green icon on your minimap. These supply crates are necessary for your adventure if you want to become the best soldier you can be.

22 Customize Your Loadout To Best Fit You

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Speaking of building your character, customization is a large part of Ghost Recon Wildlands. Everything from first customizing your character when you start the game to equipping gear you find along your missions. You can customize your appearance and even your weapons. There are several kinds of weapons in the game and each of them has separate stats. Not to mention each weapon category has weapon parts like suppressors and scopes to find. Needless to say, the amount of customization in Ghost Recon Wildlands is not lacking! On top of that, you can even purchase weapon skins to make your weapons look more snazzy on the battlefield.

21 Choosing The Best Upgrades For Your Character

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Ghost Recon Wildlands upgrade system is simple but also complex at the same time. It can be a tad bit confusing when deciding what upgrades to choose and when. There are only a select few upgrades but under each upgrade is room to increase the upgrade's capabilities to new levels. Therefore you will be spending a lot of time looking at these upgrades and figuring out which ones best suit your needs for the time being. Overall the upgrades mainly only increase the usefulness of your tech and weapons. You can also, of course, increase health and agility along with other character traits.

20 Discover Rally Points To Make Fast Travel Easier

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As mentioned before, fast traveling is a must in Ghost Recon Wildlands. However, you won't be able to unlock fast travel areas right off the bat. First, you have to unlock rally points throughout your journey.

Rally points are unlocked by completing main and side missions throughout the game.

It is worth noting that if you are under attack you won't be able to fast travel to these rally points. It is important to keep an eye out for these spots as in the late game it will make traversal much easier and quicker. This will, in turn, make for a more enjoyable experience when all you want to do is take down the next crime boss.

19 Collectibles That Matter

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As mentioned before, Ghost Recon Wildlands has a wide range of customizable options. These all come from the many collectibles that are spread around Bolivia. Everything from the aforementioned supplies to crime medals will help your character upgrade in the long run. However, the coolest and most useful collectibles have to be the weapon parts and cosmetics.

Whether it be finding a scope for a rifle you just got or a suppressor to help you really stay quiet, finding weapon parts is always a good time.

The same can be said for cosmetics as this is a third person game you will be looking at your character a whole heck of a lot.

18 Complete Side Missions For Much Needed XP

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Side missions take up most of your time in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Unlike in most open world games, the side missions are actually fun and don't repeat themselves too often. The side missions also don't stay their welcome too much.

Overall they are a nice break from the main missions and will help you collect supplies that lead to upgrading yourself and your gadgets.

Also, many of the side mission locations can be used as rally points when you complete them. There are too many incentives for you to simply skip over side missions.

17 Don't Forget About The Main Missions


However important the side missions are, many players can find themselves straying far away from the main mission. Ghost Recon Wildlands is the type of game where if you don't remind yourself what you are actually playing the game for you can get lost in its immense and vast world. Hours can be spent doing the many side missions and collecting countless collectibles until your character is way overpowered for the main missions at hand. This isn't to say the main missions are bad, they are engaging and make the player want to find the next crime boss immediately.

16 Travel Around Bolivia In Style

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Ghost Recon Wildlands has many vehicle options. Obviously, the first thing most players go after is the fast expensive cars. However, the vehicle selection goes way beyond good looks. If players want to offload there are many options for that ranging from dirt bikes to tactical jeeps. If you want to take to the air and get to your destination quickly there are helicopters and airplanes to get you there. If you are traveling in one of many of Bolivia's waterways there are even boats that help you along the way.

Just be careful because the boats can be very glitchy if you aren't cautious.

15 The Yeti Isn't A Myth

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Ever since the creators of Grand Theft Auto put supernatural beings in their games as easter eggs it seems like every game company wants to follow in their footsteps. Ghost Recon Wildlands is no exception. In the game, players can find what is thought to be a supposed Yeti cave on one of the many snowcapped mountains. The cave is located just south of a ski lift and when you find the cave you won't be mistaken. It holds the decrepit bones of explorers in the same position you are in now. Curiosity isn't always the best thing.

14 Utilize XP Boosters For Quick Leveling

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Normally to gain XP you just complete main missions or side missions. This is a great way to gain XP but what if there was a faster way? Well in Ghost Recon Wildlands there is! These are called boosters. There are only a few ways to get XP boosters and one is to purchase them from the Uplay store. XP boosters can help double and triple the amount of XP you get from playing main and side missions. This is a great tactic if you want to hurry up and deck your character out with everything that is available. This makes the game way less grind heavy as well.

13 Prepare For Every Encounter

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The beauty of Ghost Recon Wildlands is it's vast and open world. You never know what you'll run into while traveling. Perhaps you will be traveling one of the main roads and run into an enemy checkpoint. You need to be prepared for whatever trials await you in Bolivia. This means having the right equipment for every situation. A balanced character build will have a stealth weapon usually equipped with a silencer, a heavy weapon that does a lot of damage, and perhaps a long ranged weapon for recon and long-distance takeovers.

12 The Leap Of Faith

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Ubisoft is now referencing their own games which means the fan theories have gone wild. Perhaps Assassin's Creed actually does take place in the same universe as Ghost Recon Wildlands. This could be backed up by the fact that there is a very familiar estate located in the game that reminds us of a certain life-taker. The tower has an eagle atop it and if you climb it and look down below there will be a haystack waiting for you to jump in.

Obviously, your character won't go full Ezio and leap but it is a nice treat for fans of the series.

11 Don't Interrogate A Target Until The Battlefield Is Clear

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One of the first rookie mistakes you can make when entering Ghost Recon Wildlands is to walk up to the first interrogation while enemies still roam the battlefield. The first section of the game is set up in a linear fashion to show off the basics of the game. At the end of this section is a part where you have to interrogate a crime member for Intel. If you haven't cleared out all of the enemies from previous sections this interrogation could prove to be difficult. You are still vulnerable to enemy fire even when in the cutscene for interrogations.

10 Stay As Far Away From The Unidad As Possible

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While the crime members are bad enough in Bolivia there is another group that won't be a huge fan of your squad. These are known as the Unidad. The Unidad is basically the police force in Bolivia. Think of the LAPD in Grand Theft Auto V except way scarier. They won't initially fire upon you but after some run-ins on a few missions, they won't be happy to see you drive by. The Unidad is much tougher than regular enemies as they are protected with armored plating and have the latest and greatest in terms of weapons. Overall you'd be better off staying away from them.

9 Take Out Loads Of Enemies Easily With Sync Shot

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Sync shot is nothing new to Ubisoft or even the Ghost Recon series. It even appeared in a few Splinter Cell games. However, here it works a bit different. The sync shot is mainly used to help you and your teammate's clear large sections of enemies silently. If you and a squad mate are standing behind two enemies you can mark one for your ally to take out and they'll even count down from three! This is a great way to stay quiet and wipe out a base quickly. You'll want to use your sync shots carefully as they aren't unlimited and need to recover over time.

8 The Darkness Is Your Friend

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(Insert cheesy Bane joke here).

On a more serious note, Ubisoft has taken to adding in weather and time features to this open world experience. When the sun sets and night falls over Bolivia it is the best time to strike enemy bases. They are less inclined to spot you at night and you will have more opportunity to clear out bases stealthily which is always the better option. Be wary because this also means your eyesight is worsened. However, as mentioned before, you are fully equipped with night vision and heat-seeking goggles!

7 Seek Out New Weapons Constantly

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You may find yourself in the first few hours of gameplay constantly switching weapons. This isn't that strange and is a trend you'll be following for the rest of the game. There are constantly new weapons being thrown at you and you'll want to keep most of them. Weapons have different classes which can help out in many different situations. One moment you may want to go into an enemy base with no care in the world but the next you may want to scope the place out with a rifle. There are hundreds of different weapons and you will never find a shortage of them along your adventure.

6 Civilians Can Be Helpful

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At first glance, the civilians in Bolivia don't look like much more than some poorly designed NPCs. However, when you take a moment to interact with them it turns out they have a lot more to say than you may first think. Civilians can help point outside missions and different things on your map. They act as your own recon at times. Not every civilian will grant you this, and can you blame them? Most players aren't exactly kosher with how they treat the civilians.

Nevertheless, it is nice to see the NPCs playing a bigger role in an open world game rather than something to aim the hood of your car at.

5 Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Road

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Speaking of the civilians in Ghost Recon Wildlands they can also be very, very dangerous. The civilians, like many players, also aim for people when they are driving down the road. This is evident when after two hours of gameplay you have been hit by civilian cars over a dozen times. Ghost Recon Wildlands teaches people a very valuable lesson in looking both ways before crossing the street.

This isn't like Grand Theft Auto where you will stumble a bit if hit, you will fall completely over and require the help of a nearby squad member.

4 Make Use Of All Your Gear

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It is very easy to get overtaken when first playing Ghost Recon Wildlands. However, when you get the hang of it you should be using everything the game provides you. It is easy to forget about certain things you have at your disposal. Many times players will rush into a base forgetting that they have a drone to do recon for them or the fact that the drone has many customizable options of its own. Many players also forget about night vision. These are important gadgets that are easy to forget about but make the game much easier and way more enjoyable.

3 Spend Your Uplay Points On Cool Customizable Gear

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Like many game developers today Ubisoft has their own platform in which they host their games. This is called Uplay. If you want to play the latest Assassin's Creed or Farcy game you will have to load it through Uplay. However, it's not all bad for a few reasons. Reason one is because it's not EA's origin. Secondly, is the fact that you can obtain cool gear through a coin system they have on their service. No, you don't have to pay real money to get this fictitious currency. You earn the coins by completing achievements in different games you have. So the more you play the more you unlock in the game. In most games like Ghost Recon Wildlands these unlockables are usually just cosmetics, but cool ones at that.

2 This Endless White Void Looks Familiar?

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At a certain point in Ghost Recon Wildlands, you will come across a different looking area than you are probably used to. This is called the salt plains. It looks and feels like an endless void and Ubisoft knows this. This is why they included an interesting easter egg that many people didn't get at first.

This random leather chair found in literally the middle of nowhere is a reference to the movie The Matrix. In the film, a very similar chair is seen in a white void similar to the salt fields present here.

This is a cool nod to the film and is a great easter egg to find when you wandering lost through the salt fields.

1 Llama Bike That Actually Works

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As mentioned before Ghost Recon Wildlands is chock full of awesome vehicles. However, this one comes straight out of left field. In the game, if you purchase the Narco Road DLC pack you can unlock and find this llama bike that you can ride around Bolivia on.

The best part about the bike isn't the fact that you are literally riding a llama bike that works, it is the fact that it can toot rainbows as you accelerate.

This is an obvious joke that Ubisoft put in the game to make players laugh and we have to admit it conjured a chuckle or two.

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