3D Realms Announces Ghostrunner, A Cyberpunk FPS Title

3D Realms will be co-developing Ghostruner, a cyberpunk FPS set for a 2020 release.

3D Realms has been making moves to return to publishing in recent years. With the success of Ion Fury under its belt and the release of Wrath: Aeon of Ruin coming up, the company isn't looking to rest on its laurels. Announced earlier today, the next project from the studio will be Ghostrunner, a cyberpunk FPS title developed by One More Level and Slipgate Ironworks. It will be published by All In! Games with 3D Realms providing additional development support.

As for what the game is, we only have a vague teaser to go off of. There looks to be shades of Deus ExDishonored, and possibly even Blade Runner in here. Players will assume the role of an unnamed assassin who wields a deadly blade. Wall-running and close-quarters combat are being teased, as are stealth options. It's maybe not the most original idea, but it has a great aesthetic.

Currently, the game has a "2020" release date on its Steam store page. A few paragraphs of setup explain the general atmosphere, but it should be obvious why we don't have much else. The game was literally just announced, so details are mum.

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3D Realms has a storied history of creating some of the finest PC games around. Known primarily for Duke Nukem 3D, the company originally started as Apogee Software before growing in size due to its success. Having worked with id Software on Wolfenstein 3D and Commander Keen, 3D Realms quickly grew a cult fanbase that lapped up everything it put out.

The company then took off once Duke Nukem 3D became a massive hit. Followed up with Shadow Warrior and Max Payne, it seemed like the company could do no wrong. Sadly, those titles seemed to be the last real hits the company would have for nearly two decades.

It wasn't until Rad Rodgers released in 2016 that 3D Realms started to find success again. While not necessarily a return to its roots, the game hearkened back to the glory days and was mostly good. Then Ion Fury hit this summer and 3D Realms, essentially, reclaimed its crown as FPS kings.

Ghostrunner doesn't look to recapture the past, but it definitely speaks to what 3D Realms knows best. With both this and Wrath landing sometime in 2020, it should be another great year for fans of the legendary company.

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