The 10 Best Gifts For Nintendo Fans

Nintendo is the maker of some of the best gaming consoles and some of the most exciting video games out there. The action, characters and fun provided by this brand have led to this gift guide, full of 10 super awesome possible presents, made especially for fans of Nintendo.

We like them all. We are considering gifting them all. And we sort of just want them all for ourselves! That being said, browse through the 10 cool products that are down below, and keep them in mind for the gamers in life, as cool gifts to give and to receive.

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10 Nintendo Switch 32GB Console


The Nintendo Switch is a one-of-a-kind console that connects to the TV, allowing people to play at home, and that has an on-the-go mode, which makes for fun gaming while out and about.

The console is bright and bold, which makes it even more appealing. Yes, any fan of this well-known brand needs a Switch in life, as it provides hours and hours of entertainment through various games that can be played alone, with others and online. That being said, we totally understand if people buy this as a big and thoughtful gift and keep one for themselves, too!

9 Nintendo Super Mario 8-Bit Pixel Icons List Vintage T-Shirt


A neat way to let the world know how much Nintendo is loved is with a tee like this one; it features classic video game characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Yoshi, as well as notable items like a mushroom, a cloud and a star.

Plus, it is lightweight, with a classic fit and style, and it comes in a few different color options: slate, royal blue, baby blue, heather blue and cranberry. From a birthday present to a “just because” surprise for a loved ones, this affordable shirt is the perfect way to support someone’s passion for games.

8 Nintendo Controller Socks


On a similar note we are suggesting these socks, which are modeled after Nintendo controllers. Accessories are always a smart gift idea, as many of them can work for any age, any gender and any fan.

A person could create a whole video game bundle, giving these crew socks, along with the T-shirt above and perhaps another clothing item. Or the socks could be given as a stand-alone present, as a nice and simple way to please someone who plays Nintendo games and other types of action-packed games on a controller that involve these buttons and these arrows, as well.

7 Super Mario Brothers Question Block Night Light


The iconic question block found in the Super Mario video games can now be enjoyed at home with this light! Imagine brightening up a space and brightening up a day by giving this novelty item to someone who plays Nintendo video games… Mario is recognized around the world, by people of all ages, so this punctuation mark - set in this gold-yellow block - is also quite known.

Plus, this lamp, a product that is officially licensed by Nintendo, can be powered by either USB or batteries, with a touch on/off feature. Yes, this is another gift we highly recommend giving!

6 Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit


Having just a Nintendo Switch is amazing, but having this Labo VR Kit is even better! There are DIY elements for some creativity. There are pass-and-play multiplayer and family friendly elements that allow the whole gang to get involved. And this is the first VR experience kids and families can build themselves, making it perfect for individuals, groups, parties and more.

From an alien invasion to an oceanic photo safari, there are so many things to make, so many ways to play and so many adventures to discover with this item, which can provide hours of engaging, inspiring and enriching fun.

5 The Legend of Zelda Ceramic Mug


One of the easiest and most appealing presents is a mug. Of course, coffee drinkers will enjoy this, but it can also hold water, tea or any other beverage, making it suitable for many people.

A mug like this is also super appealing to Legend of Zelda fans, meaning this collectible item can be put on display, can hold pencils, can be used as a planter… The list goes on and on. The lustrous gold Hyrule logo on the front of this matte black mug truly makes this product stand out. So think about Link fans and upcoming celebrations, and remember that this awesome mug exists!

4 Nintendo Super Mario Characters Action Figure 5 Pack


Another smart option for gamers is action figures. Young fans of Nintendo can play with these characters, while older people can add them to a collection, showing them off in their rooms and in their homes, as well.

This particular set contain five different figures, all of which are popular people from these games: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Toad. We can just imagine the games that could be played with these little guys and the shelves that can be lined with them all, showing off a real passion for this world and the characters that live within it.

3 Nintendo Selects: Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS


This next gift idea is one that everyone who is here has surely heard of by now and has maybe even played already… With this game, there are 100 built-in courses, recommended courses and courses designed by players! The simple touch-screen controls and the interactive tutorials mean that fans can immerse themselves into Mario’s universe, in order to design levels.

Collaboration can even take place, as people can share incomplete courses with other players and finish building them out together. This must-play portable Mario game is great for inventive groups of friends and anyone looking for never-ending Super Mario magic.

2 Power Action Interactive Pikachu Plush


Another fan favorite character from Nintendo is Pikachu, which is why we are suggesting this plush. This is not just some stuffed animal, though. No, the Power Action Pikachu has 360 degree movement sensors and over 15 light and sound interactions. Squeeze his hands to light up his tail and cheeks! Shake and throw him to hear him speak!

He responds based on interaction, so this soft and cuddly toy is a neat one for fans of all ages. We can personally see it making a kid’s day during the holiday season or helping someone get ready for the new Detective Pikachu movie.

1 Nintendo eShop Digital Card


Perhaps there is a gamer in our lives, but we aren’t sure what games they already own. Perhaps there is an upcoming event where everyone must bring a gift, and everyone takes home something unique. Perhaps there is a Nintendo fan out there who already owns so many of these items.

In those instances and more, turn to an eShop digital card, like this $20 one. It allows people to get the games they want, when they want them, by choosing from over 1,000 new, classic and indie games that can be delivered directly to Nintendo systems.

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