Legendary Pokémon Giratina Returns To Raids March 28th - Here's How To Beat It

Giratina returns in two forms starting March 28th and we've got the tips on how to take this tough Legendary out.

Legendary Pokémon Giratina Returns To Raids March 28th - Here's How To Beat It

Giratina returns to Pokémon GO on March 28th. We got all the details on how to beat it right here.

From the depths of the Distortion World, Giratina is set to return to the world of Pokémon GO this week in the form of a raid boss. This won’t be an easy fight, so we’ll go over your battle plans just as soon as we get the important stuff out of the way, such as dates.

Giratina comes in two forms: Altered Forme and Origin Forme. Origin Forme has a bit more attack than defense, while Altered Forme has the opposite. Both have the same amount of stamina.

Altered Forme arrives first on March 28th at 1 PM, and will stick around until April 2nd. Then starting on April 2nd, Origin Forme takes over and runs basically for the rest of the month, ending April 29th.

Giratina is a Ghost/Dragon type, which is a fairly unique typing that doesn’t come with a lot of weaknesses. Immunity to Normal and Fighting attacks and resistances to half the remaining attacks eliminate a wide swath of the Pokémon GO metagame, but that doesn’t mean Giratina is unbeatable.

To take this ghostly dragon down, you’ll need a tough Pokémon with strong Ice, Ghost, Dragon, or Dark moves--those are Giratina’s weaknesses. A helpful trainer named @engel_go over on Twitter has made a handy infographic on Giratina and what Pokémon you can use to take it down, but there are a few standout choices provided you’ve already captured them.


Rayquaza is far and away the best choice to take on Giratina. It’s got the bulk to go toe-to-toe with Giratina, but can also run Dragon Tail and Outrage for a full moveset of Dragon-type moves. Dragonite is a clear second place with the same moveset, while Salamence with Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor comes in third.

A Shadow Ball Mewtwo will definitely be helpful, although also vulnerable to Giratina’s Shadow Sneak move. Tyranitar is another good choice if you have one with a Bite and Crunch moveset. Gengar with Shadow Lick and Shadow Ball is a bit of a glass cannon, but can still get the job done with a little help.

There are a few other options to choose from, but remember the golden rule of bulk and a double-effective moveset. We’ll see you with a Giratina come April!


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