25 Glaring Problems With Fallout: New Vegas Fans Won’t Admit

New Vegas is considered a cult classic for many Fallout fans. Unfortunately, it's riddled with issues. Here are 25 glaring problems.

The Fallout series has always told the tale of post-apocalyptic America. The first two games expanded upon the struggles that most take for granted. Fallout 1 sent the Vault Dweller out into the world to find a water chip to save their people. Thanks to their efforts, the settlement of Arroyo was founded. The descendant of the Vault Dweller once again had to travel outside of their home to find a G.E.C.K. to save their people. Fallout 1 and 2 focused on rebuilding rather than destruction.

When Bethesda obtained the Fallout IP, long-time fans weren't sure what to expect. They were known for developing story-rich worlds, such as The Elder Scrolls series. Fallout 3 divided fans. They were excited to explore the East Coast but disappointed in what they found. Many liked the change from isometric gameplay to first and third-person action. While the gameplay was improved, the game's felt the story fell flat. There were elements in the story that made little sense and frustrated fans.

Two years after the release of Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas was released. The series was developed by Obsidian, which was composed of several original team members of Black Isle Studios. They knew the Fallout world best. The role-playing elements were where Fallout: New Vegas shined. Some gameplay bugs kept some gamers from coming back to enjoy the game.

While fans argue which game is the best, there are glaring problems with each one. Fallout: New Vegas may be regarded as one of the top games of the series, there are issues in our spoiler-filled list we can't ignore.

25 Manual Saving Becomes Mandatory

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Fallout: New Vegas contains a vast world with interesting characters. Unfortunately, many gamers don't make it out of Doc Mitchell's house without falling victim to game crashes or glitches. Even if they make it to their first battle against a Cazador, the irradiated creature may begin turning cartwheels in the air.

Though the game has a strong storyline, the glitches can cause headaches during gameplay.

The instability of the game engine can cause many players to drop the game without picking it back up. The game was patched since issues were first reported, but many have to resort to manual saves, just in case.

24 They Don’t Need The Perk (But You Do)

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An issue that began in Fallout 3 was rolled over into Fallout: New Vegas. One of the perks the Lone Wanderer and Courier must earn is Power Armor. They cannot wear this powerful suit without learning the basics.

Followers don't need the perk to wear Power Armor. Brotherhood of Steel characters, such as Star Paladin Cross or Veronica, may have already learned how to wear Power Armor with ease. Characters like Cass shouldn't be able to equip it but can wear Power Armor with no restrictions.

23 Mr. New Vegas’ Favorite Song Is Obvious

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The Mojave Wasteland has a few radio stations to pick. If you don't take out Tabitha, you can listen to her station, Black Mountain Radio. Another choice is Mr. New Vegas who provides the latest news around the Mojave.

Unfortunately, the radio stations don't offer much variety. They often play the same few songs over and over again. Few gamers want to listen to "Johnny Guitar" in the middle of a battle against Caesar's Legion. Luckily, there's always the option to turn off your Pip-Boy's radio and listen to the sounds of the desert.

22 Not Everything Is Useful

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Almost any item is lootable within buildings in the Mojave. There's little reason to purchase something when you can either find it or craft it yourself if you have the right skills. There are a variety of items that can be taken from either defeated enemies or shacks. The Courier can take teddy bears, health items, or goods to repair their weapons.

There are more unusable junk items than useable products within the Mojave Wasteland.

You'll quickly fill up your pack with random goods, which will quickly max out your carry weight.

21 Watch Out For Goodsprings’ Mountains

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The Courier begins the game in an unfortunate position. Benny and two of his men ambushed them, robbed, and then left in Goodsprings Cemetary. Thankfully, a friendly robot brought you to the local doctor.

After leaving Doc Mitchell's care, you are given a Vault suit, Pip-Boy, and a low-level weapon. The Courier is not prepared to take out dangerous threats. Once you have left Goodsprings, you'll find yourself fighting against some of the toughest enemies in the region. Nests of Cazadors will quickly attack, causing you to restart several times before you make it out of the region intact.

20 Stuck In An Invisible Prison

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Fallout: New Vegas followed the open-world environment of Fallout 3. There was a vast new region to explore, unlike the isometric worlds of Fallout 1 and 2. New Vegas's map is even larger than the Capital Wasteland.

Don't let all of that map space fool you. Either in the open world or while exploring an empty building, invisible walls are hindering your exploration. The game has limits of where the Courier can travel. If you dare travel beyond the map border on your Pip-Boy, the game will tell you that action is not allowed.

19 Hope You Enjoy Long Conversations

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One of the major complaints of Fallout 3 and 4 is the lack of role-playing options. The Lone Wanderer and Sole Survivor both have predetermined backgrounds. Fallout: New Vegas has more role-playing opportunities.

For those who prefer the action-gameplay, the lengthy conversations with NPCs can quickly become a frustrating experience.

Some NPCs will give you a mission and send you on your way. Others will provide you with detailed information describing their every movement. Reading these long descriptions can become a chore if you're not used to the original Fallout games, which can make new players quickly lose interest.

18 They’re Not Your Friends

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In every Fallout game, there are followers the protagonist can hire to aid them on their quest. Some feel obligated to follow you only because you rescued them. There are requirements to retain each follower, and many have unique quests that can net you a new perk.

Followers become helpful in battle, but they fail to leave an impact. The Courier always leaves at the end, completely alone. Though Cass is implied to develop feelings for the Courier, she quickly forgets about him and chooses a new partner. The followers are only your companions until the end of the game.

17 You Can Never Go Back

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Unless gamers purchase the DLC or buy a complete version of the game, they'll never experience new locations. The expansion packs add brand-new places, such as the Sierra Madre in Dead Money. Couriers will spend time in the "City of Gold." Once their adventures end within the location, they won't get to to the special locations in the DLC, even after completing the expansion's primary quest. If you complete the main quest of New Vegas without completing the DLC, you can't finish up any unfinished business after the end credits roll.

16 An Endless Desert

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The Mojave Wasteland is true to its name. Once the Courier steps out of Goodsprings, they'll travel along almost endless hills of sand with a few tumbleweeds rolling by. To break up the sand is a street that leads to more settlements or dangerous encounters.

Though the endless desert may appear like an open world, there is little to explore in some areas.

The environments begin to repeat itself with the same placement of rocks, trees, and empty shacks. At least it makes every settlement you discover a welcomed change.

15 They’re Too Difficult To Defeat

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In Fallout 3, all of the followers could be taken out in battle forever. Bethesda eventually made Dogmeat almost immortal with the "Puppies!" perk, which always created a new canine companion.

Fallout: New Vegas solved this by making followers "essential" or immortal in Normal mode. Some gamers didn't like this change. Hardcore mode changes follower status back to regular NPCs with health bars. Though they can be defeated in battle, they will always automatically recover when the fight is over. Followers aren't as hardcore as the difficulty setting would imply.

14 Nowhere To Call Home

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The Vault Dweller, Chosen One, and Lone Wanderer all have a place to call home at the beginning of the game. The Lone Wanderer is forced to leave Vault 101 but finds a new home quickly in Megaton. The Courier doesn't have a hometown. They can't live in Goodsprings. The Courier must rely on sleeping in cots or renting out rooms. There's nowhere for the Courier to call home until they reach Novac, which can take several hours. Although many prefer life on the road, New Vegas forces this decision.

13 No More Vault Dwellers?

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Those who have followed the Fallout series from the beginning know how much influence Vault-Tec has had on the world. This giant company worked with the government to perform various social experience on unsuspecting Americans.

Fallout: New Vegas has little influence from the series' giant corporation Vault-Tec.

You may run into a hidden Vault across the Mojave, but they have little impact on the world. The most you'll hear about a Vault is a settler who grew up in one, such as Doc Mitchell.

12 Didn’t Anyone Realize He Was Gone?

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The Legion is seen as a ruthless group terrorizing the Mojave. They raid settlements and rob innocent people. Those they don't destroy, they end up holding them captive. Their leader is seen as a target by the Brotherhood of Steel, the NCR, and Mr. House.

The Courier will eventually be asked to remove Caesar from power. Once the Courier achieves their goal, there are no consequences. Not many settlers care that one of the most ruthless villains was removed from the Mojave.

11 Followers Find It Hard To Follow

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Hiring followers make the Courier's work lighter. The Courier has someone to help them in battle or a partner to help carry extra loot. Companions will follow the Courier anywhere they go, but they may not take the best path. Extra care must be taken when traveling with a follower, because they will often get stuck in the ground, fall of cliffs, or will take the long way around any obstacle. They do their best to catch up with the Courier but may not always be dependable in a battle.

10 Follow The Pre-Determined Path

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The Mojave Desert is much larger than the Capital Wasteland. Invisible walls or dangerous terrain block most of the region. Be aware that appearances can be deceiving. The map isn't as large as the Pip-Boy leads you to believe.

Most of the Mojave is a barren wasteland filled with monsters and tumbleweeds.

If you do find a settlement, it's composed of mostly abandoned buildings. There's a lack of activities for the Courier to take part in, but they should probably stick to finding Benny.

9 Money’s Always An Issue

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Most people in the Mojave are trying to get rich with minimal work. Benny ambushes the Courier to profit off their platinum chip. Once you travel throughout the Mojave, you'll notice why he was so desperate for cash. There's an extreme lack of caps. Those who do have enough may not keep them along since there are bandits everywhere.

Thankfully, the Courier doesn't have to rely on buying what they need. New Vegas adds crafting, which means you can forage for food or make repairs. If you lack the right skills, you'll be out of luck.

8 Makes The Role Player Tougher

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Fallout: New Vegas runs on the same engine as Fallout 3. Gamers will recognize similar animations and character models. The developers tried to change things up by fixing the user interface. They added a follower command wheel, but it proves to be more confusing than helpful. Though some gamers learn to live with it, there are some cases where text overflows from the interface box, or menu items overlap, making it difficult to read. These bug issues make it harder to enjoy the game when New Vegas focuses so much on reading.

7 Almost Too Challenging

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Dead Money is an expansion pack that brings the Courier into the Sierra Madre. Once the quest has begun, the Courier will be knocked out, again, and have all of their belongings taken from them.

The Courier has almost no gear or items to complete this quest.

The antagonist of this quest, Elijah, makes the journey more difficult by forcing the Courier, with three other companions to complete a heist. With few weapons and gear to find, it makes Dead Money a frustrating experience.

6 Not-So-Open World

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The Courier is forced to restart their adventure with nothing in their pockets. In Goodsprings, the Courier will pick up a BB Gun and Vault suit, but they must find everything else in the open.

Unfortunately, the world doesn't allow you to explore as much as you want. New Vegas contains various side quests, but the main quest always leads you directly to The Strip. Players are only allowed to explore when the game wants you to travel to specific regions. Otherwise, it's hard to explore the open world.

5 Are We Still In The Capital Wasteland?

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Fallout 3 took place on the East Coast. The world was mostly barren with little grass and bare trees. Fallout: New Vegas didn't change up the scenery. New Vegas takes place in the Mojave Desert, so there's a valid reason why there's no grass, but some of the environments look eerily similar to the Capital Wasteland. There are some subtle color differences, such as an orange glow from the sun, but it can be easy to wonder if you're currently the Lone Wanderer or a Courier seeking revenge.

4 The Courier Got Their Name For A Reason

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The Courier's initial task was to take a Platinum Chip across the Mojave Wasteland. Their journey was cut short by Benny and his ruthless gang. The Courier's job doesn't end there.

There are several more item fetching quests for the Courier to complete.

In the quest "Come Fly With Me," the Courier has to find several different things to repair a spaceship. There are also side quests to retrieve teddy bears and holotags. Though there are several side quests, many will have you retrieving someone's lost item.

3 An Abrupt Ending

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Gamers were upset when Fallout 3 ended after the final battle. Bethesda heard their complaints and allowed them to continue the game with the Broken Steel DLC. New Vegas didn't learn the previous game's lesson. After the final battle at Hoover Dam, the game ends. Players watch their Courier walk into the desert as slides show their most memorable moments.

There's no way to go back and play the DLC or finish up any remaining side quests. Unlike Fallout 3, the Courier survives the final battle. There's little explanation why their adventure can't continue.

2 When The House Doesn’t Win

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Not every player chooses to join Mr. House to rule the Strip. Many players opt to help the NCR or Legion control the Hoover Dam. Both sides ask the Courier to take out House before starting the final battle. The Courier discovers that House is on life support inside an open chamber. The only defenses he has outside his chambers are four Protectrons and five Securitrons. All of his robot defenses can be disabled, meaning the Courier doesn't have to lift their weapon.

1 It Wasn’t A Finished Game

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Fallout: New Vegas was pitched, developed, and released a mere two years after Fallout 3. Chris Parker, Obsidian's co-owner, always intended for the game to be an expansion. The development team had several plans in store but were unable to bring them to life.

Gamers could have chosen to play a Human, Ghoul, or Super Mutant but the game engine couldn't handle all the options.

The game had to be released in its current state. Luckily, Project Director Josh Sawyer eventually released a mod called "JSawyer" that included various fixes, but Couriers will always remain human.

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