24 Glaring Problems With Grand Theft Auto 5 Fans Won’t Admit

Rockstar is somewhat of a jewel in the gaming world's crown, so it's no surprise that people don't want to judge them for their work when it comes out and inevitably makes millions, if not billions, of dollars. However, there are things wrong with GTA V that we just can't continue to ignore, no matter how much the major fans will want us to! Yes, that's right, we're going to point out all of the problems with GTA V that fans refuse to talk about it.

What we've done is pull together some issues that we've always had with the game, ranging from mistakes clearly made at a development level, as well as personal problems that we have with the game, things that we think could've been done better if enough effort was put in! This is going to be a hard read for some of you, so strap in! While we know that many people love this game, it's always good to take a look at the things that you love and look at them in a more critical light. Nothing is perfect, even the things that we enjoy the most in the world.

Are you ready to take a look at GTA V and everything that we think it got wrong?! Want a chance to see why it is that not everyone loves GTA V as much as you do? Well then, it's probably time that we got started!

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24 Does Lester Need A Cane Or Not?

via: cgames.de

This is a mistake that only people with eagle eyes will have noticed, but we think that it's an important one that should be pointed out.

It's well-established that Lester struggles to get around at the best of times, supposedly needing a cane to move about, but is that true?

If people watch the cutscenes he's in, there's a couple where he manages to get about without the cane, which we can only assume was an oversight on the part of the developers!

23 They Should've Made More Heists...

via: rockstargames.com

Look, we know that everyone already agrees with this one when it comes to GTA Online, but we think that it's true of the single-player campaign as well!

This game should've come with a story that was filled with a lot more heists.

If we're honest, we would've enjoyed more of a chance to play a part in how the heists were carried out as well, rather than what we got, which was an option of just two. Take note for the next GTA game, Rockstar!

22 Make Friendships Fun Already!

via: grandtheftauto5.fr

GTA IV became infamous for providing players with a whole host of friends and family that they could then ignore instead of actually interacting with, as the interactions were decidedly boring. Thankfully, GTA V did away with their ability to contact and annoy the player, like they could in GTA IV, but the players can get in touch with their friends and family to hang out instead. Sadly, the options for hanging are still pretty boring!

21 None Of This, Please...

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Anybody who has played this game knows that there was a very controversial scene, and while we didn't find it particularly difficult to make it through, as some people did, we did find the whole thing to be highly unnecessary. Seriously, it added nothing to the story or the satire, and if anything it felt to us like it actually removed some of the enjoyment we got from the other more serious moments within the game's narrative!

20 Online Should've Been Ready Straight Away

via: rockstargames.com

We understand that we shouldn't rush anyone when they're trying to create something, especially when it comes to such a huge project like a major AAA video game, but is it asking too much for Rockstar to release their video games with the online fully ready? We think that, if people didn't have to wait years for anything worth doing in their online experiences, they would actually end up with a lot more happy customers in the long run!

19 Get Out Of The Freezer Already!

via: gtabase.com

One of the many narrative arcs that take place in Trevor's story is that he's trying to make up as much money as possible by working for various gangs.

He tries to work with a group of members of an organized crime family, but it doesn't go too well.

Trevor has to throw one of them in an ice box to save them from an onslaught from another group of gang members. Needless to say, they're annoyed to be locked up. However, we see in the cutscene that the box was never locked, meaning they could've left at any time!

18 Where Did The Guy Go?!

via: ign.com

Early on in the game, the player is tasked with taking out a man who has yet to pay his debt on a motorbike. When the rather simple job goes awry, Franklin's friend ends up taking someone out who he perceives as threatening him. However, players will likely have noticed that when the cutscene cuts back to the real action, the person is nowhere to be found, which is clearly quite the oversight on the part of the people in charge of the game's development!

17 Where's The Limp, Haines?

via: nocookie.net

As a character, Haines will do anything to get ahead, including put a bullet in his own leg so that his colleagues won't find out that he's playing both sides of the law. Now that takes a serious amount of commitment, but even a man that puts a bullet in his own leg has to recover, which is something we certainly don't see. Even though the man had to do this, the next time we see him in the game he's just walking around like nothing has happened!

16 They Found Michael Pretty Quickly!

via: youtube.com

Anyone who has played GTA V will know this image is what happens to a major crime boss' house when Michael accidentally takes it down, thinking that it's the house of a man who is seeing his wife behind his back!

He then has to spend a lot of the game trying to pay this man back for what he's done.

That being said, we think it's odd how quickly this man hears about what Michael has done. Five minutes after the house is pulled down, he's at Michael's house demanding recompense!

15 Where's The Red, Trevor?

via: gamespot.com

There's a cutscene after the Merryweather Heist in which Trevor starts bashing his own head against a wooden box, as he is being told he can't keep the big cut that he thinks he is deserved for his hard work.

However, when he pulls away from the box, we see that he has no red on him whatsoever!

This seems like sloppy work if we're honest, as it wouldn't have taken much for the developers to add in some red on his head and the box!

14 Use Your Own Vehicle Highway Patrol!

via: gta5-mods.com

Anyone who has played through GTA V will have seen numerous officers working highway patrol, standing by their bike or car waiting for you to speed by.

If you do drive past them while you have a wanted level, they will attempt to chase you down with the other officers, but they don't use their own vehicle!

Instead, they run into the middle of the road and take a citizens vehicle instead, which just makes no sense at all when you think about it!

13 Why Is Franklin Free To Move Around?!

via: gta5-mods.com

There is a point in the game when Trevor and Michael are forced to go into hiding as Trevor believes it's a good idea to steal the wife of a man that is already pretty upset with them...

However, Franklin is free to move around the city as he had nothing to do with the theft.

However, when you think about it, this makes no sense at all, as he's a known associate of Trevor and Michael at this point. He'd be the first person that the henchman go looking for!

12 The Song Lyrics Make No Sense In-Game...

via: pinterest.com

We're not saying that the developer should have re-recorded a whole new history of legendary music, but it can be quite jarring when a song references a real-life city or country.

We know that we're in a fantasy land, one that doesn't fully reflect our own, and yet here we are listening to songs about cities and places within our own world! We're not sure how they could've gotten past this, but it doesn't stop it from feeling pretty weird.

11 Everything Is Way Too Bright

via: gta5-mods.com

We can understand that Rockstar wanted to make sure that they didn't have the same problem they had with GTA IV, where people complained that the visuals were way too dark, but does that mean they have to throw up the bloom this high?! It feels as if every single object in the game world has a huge level of light reflection. It sort of fits the California style setting, but we think that the developers went way too far with it.

10 The Police Are Just Annoying

via: gta5-mods.com

We all have had those moments where it seems as if the cops are actually way too aggressive in the world of GTA V. What we mean is, people can be standing next to them and somehow raise the ire of one of the officers, as if loitering is enough of a reason to take us out! Red Dead Redemption 2 sort of started to get it right by only allowing crimes to be reported by witnesses, which we think they should put into their next GTA game as well.

9 Buildings Should Be Accessible

via: reddit.com

We know that this is a lot to ask for from such a large sandbox, but we would rather that the sandbox was smaller while still offering more buildings that we can enter. Red Dead Redemption 2 started in the right direction but still didn't go far enough. We don't need maps that are this big! Why are so many video game developers out there obsessed with making their games as big as possible, without worrying about what they can possibly fill them with?

8 Focus On One Character, Not Three!

via: wp.com

To a lot of people, finding out that the new GTA game was going to follow three main characters rather than one was a good thing, but not for us! We can't speak for everyone else, but we think that it's better when a developer focuses on a concise narrative with one main character, rather than trying to offer as much as possible through the narratives of three!

Try harder to keep it concise guys! Brevity is the soul of wit after all.

7 The Items Sound Pathetic

via: vg247.com

For a game that is so based on taking people out with various items, the developers didn't put a lot of work into the way that those items sound!

Yes, we're talking about this even though we know it's nitpicking, but we were the ones who had to listen to these things for hours on end!

They look cool and firing them feels pretty cool as well, but they sound rubbish, which the developers really should've thought about when shipping the game.

6 Microtransactions Are Always Bad...

via: ign.com

There is a lot of controversial talk in the world of video games about microtransactions, the thing that many developers offer their multiplayer players, in the hope of squeezing a few extra dollars out of them to give them the edge over the other players!

Who thinks that this practice is alright?!

Not only does it offer a chance for players to essentially pay their way to the top of the leaderboard, but it incentivizes developers to not bother with proper balancing as people can just pay them instead!

5 Cops Can't Be Lost Past Three Stars

via: gta5-mods.com

We think it's good that Rockstar removed the ability to get the army on your back, as this was always ridiculous, but players should still be able to lose the cops no matter what level of wanted they're at. Sadly, this isn't true in GTA 5, and it regularly stopped us from going on rampages of the same scale found in previous installments, as it always ruined our buzz that we couldn't make it away from the cops from three stars and above!

4 The Slo-Mo On The Stunts Ruins Them

via: toscaa.com

This is obviously just a subjective opinion, and we imagine that some people enjoy the slo-mo on the various driving stunts and jumps found throughout GTA V, but we cannot stand it.

Just as we lift off into the sky, taking a jump that we've set up at the right angle and taken at a blistering speed, the game slows us down!

There is no fun in this, and while we know the developers are trying to make us feel cool, it actually takes away from the enjoyment.

3 Motorcycles Are Borderline Impossible To Use

via: gta5-mods.com

As people play the game, they're obviously going to get better and better, but that doesn't change the fact that motorcycles are pretty difficult to use throughout the entire game, no matter how long you play it. Seriously, going past any sort of moderate speed leaves the player open to just propelling themselves from their bike by accident, after crashing into another driver or even just a lamppost!

2 More Talk Radio Please!

via: imgur.com

It's true that a lot of the fun of GTA V was found by driving through the huge game, listening to the music that could be found on the radio.

That being said, we always preferred it when we got a chance to listen to the frankly hilarious stuff on the talk radio stations.

We know that it's stupid and immature, but some of it genuinely made us laugh out loud. We were always left wanting more!

1 The Satire Needs To Pick A Side...

via: wp.com

We understand that there's probably more money in making fun of everyone, but the reality is that satire needs to be crystal clear if it wants to make an impact, instead of being rather watered down like the satirical writing in the GTA series, especially GTA V. The writers need to decide what their own beliefs are, and make satirical comments that take down those who truly need to be brought down, instead of punching down as they often do.

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