Glory Hallelujah: Watch Far Cry 5's Bloody Story Trailer

With its release just around the corner, Ubisoft has finally unveiled the official story trailer for Far Cry 5, as it delves even deeper into the life of the religious cult leader, Father Joseph Seed, as his rifle wielding cult take over the remote town of Hope County, Montana.

Playing as a non-gender specific sheriff’s deputy – whose gender and race is decided purely by the player – you’ll quickly begin to find yourself aligning with the Hope County residents as they rebel against the fictional cult.

Unfortunately though, despite the trailer not really offering any new information, it did manage to showcase some rather intriguing gameplay – from RPG destruction, horrific tractor carnage, and some pretty intense baptisms - Far Cry 5 really does seem to be hitting all of the right marks, especially in terms of story as the insane cult leader, Father Joseph Seed, is nothing but chilling.

Complete with features we have come to love – hunting, crafting, animal taming and a fully integrated co-op mode that allows players the opportunity to play through the entire campaign with a friend – Ubisoft truly does seem to be trying to redeem themselves by restoring one of its most love franchises after several years disappointing releases.

Alongside the trailer, Ubisoft has also revealed their plans for Far Cry 5’s season pass, as complete with three different unique adventures, players will have the chance to fight off hordes of zombies, escape from behind Vietcong enemy lines, and even save Earth from a Martian Arachnid invasion.

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That’s not all though, as players on PS4 and Xbox One will also receive Far Cry 3 Classic Edition four weeks prior to its release later this summer, which is quite the additional bonus that will surely sweeten the deal for anyone that is still on the fence.

For those who have purchased the season pass on PC, expect your copy of Far Cry 3 to be a little bit different, as unlike the console version – which is single player only – you will actually be receiving the full version of Far Cry 3, complete with every mode.

Far Cry 5 is set to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, on March 27.

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