Go Big AND Go Home: Anthem Limits XP In Freeplay Mode If You Don't Return To Fort Tarsis Regularly

Early player reports are finding that Anthem caps XP after players complete their third world event in a row while in freeplay mode.

If you've started playing BioWare's latest release, make sure you're returning to Fort Tarsis regularly, or else you'll stop earning XP from completing world events. Anthem features a variety of world events that players can complete while in freeplay mode, including taking out Outlaws or Scars, bringing relics to rift crystals, and defending Sentinels. It's easy to get sucked in and be tempted to keep completing events, but players should return to the game's hub if they want to keep earning XP.

According to Gamespot, Anthem caps XP after players complete their third world event in a row. While in freeplay mode, make sure you keep track of how many events you've completed so your efforts aren't wasted and you can keep leveling.

Jason Rodriguez of PC Invasion completed a test run in freeplay mode to see how much XP players can earn before they're forced to return to Fort Tarsis. According to his run, players can earn 200 XP for the first mission, 400 XP for the second, and 800 XP for the third, netting a total of 1,400 XP. Players can also earn additional XP from Alliance bonuses and completing actions like multi-kills or gathering materials. After the third mission, Rodriguez earned no XP for completing world events, but he still earned XP for completing actions.

Given the type of game Anthem is, players should be returning to Fort Tarsis after world events anyway so they can turn in loot and level up. Because of this, it does make sense to give players an incentive to keep going back and forth between the hub and the larger world. However, Anthem doesn't advertise the cap to players, meaning it's not uncommon for new players to complete ten events in a row, only to find they only got XP for the first three.

Not telling players about the XP cap ahead of time doesn't seem like good design, especially given the poor reviews the game has already earned. This is just one more frustrating design choice that might drive players away.

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The decision to limit players' freedom also seems questionable when you consider how the game was advertised. Anthem was described by BioWare as an open world game full of beautiful landscapes to explore, so punishing players for spending more time in the world than at the hub seems counterintuitive.

On the bright side, BioWare has already announced what's happening in Anthem over the next three months, and it includes a lot of updates. Since there's already been a lot of complaints about the XP cap, it's possible the cap may be removed. BioWare also plans to add a second stronghold, which may make exploring with an XP cap a little more palatable.

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