There Is Still One More Easter Egg In God Of War Players Have Yet To Find (UPDATE)

God Of War (2018) features at least one more spoilerific Easter Egg that fans have yet to discover.

Update: the easter egg has been discovered!

There’s still one more easter egg left in God Of War, according to the game’s director, and nobody has found it yet.

Who doesn’t love a good easter egg? God Of War is just chock full of ‘em. If you’re a Marvel fan, you probably already know about the whole Infinity Gauntlet thing that you can get by gathering six special gems and inserting them into the Gauntlet of Ages. That’s a pretty cool reference right there.

Or how about the secret ending where Thor shows up to give Atreus  a waking nightmare? Or maybe the ax pommel Forbidden Grip Of The Ages that you can get by doing some equally esoteric jumping jacks as required for the Infinity Gauntlet?

Well, it turns out there’s still one more easter egg that nobody has yet to find. That’s saying something, since the game has been out since April 20th, and usually there are enough rabid fans to have entirely plumbed the depths of whatever the game has to offer in less than a month.

Speaking from San Diego Comic-Con, game director Cory Barlog said that there’s one last easter egg that nobody has been able to find and that it’s somewhere in Kratos’ house. Or on his house. Or around his house. We weren’t given much in terms of specifics.

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Thankfully, senior concept artist Joe Kennedy was also at the same panel where Cory dropped that easter egg bombshell, and he was able to give us a bit of a hint. It has something to do with a prequel comic that Sony Santa Monica wrote before they even made the game.

The Hunt is a brief black-and-white comic that was shared as part of the game’s concept art. It portrayed Kratos and Atreus fighting some big shambling baddie that needed to get deadified right quick. Atreus is naturally using his bow and arrow while big daddy Kratos is busy chopping down trees with his shoulder blades. Which is helpful for some reason.

Joe later tweeted that the last easter egg also has to do with The Hunt.

So, we know it has to do with Kratos’ house and a comic strip that the developers made before the game was even in early development.

We’re stumped. If anybody has any ideas, we’re open to suggestion.


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