God Of War's Art Director Has Recreated Smash Characters In His Own Disturbingly Realistic Style

God Of War artist Raf Grassetti has been busy reimagining some of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster and the results are remarkable.

It has been almost two months since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released and the latest chapter of the storied franchise continues to ride a tremendous wave of popularity. The Switch offering of Smash is the biggest yet. More characters than ever before, and an adventure mode so extensive that we quite literally don't know where to turn next.

Super Smash Bros. made its debut on the Nintendo 64. It truly broke ground as for the first time, we could pit characters from different worlds against each other. Since then, Nintendo has released a new and updated Smash game for each of its consoles. While the premise has remained the same, the games have changed and improved as more and more characters join the battle.


As with most Nintendo franchises, while the graphics have obviously improved, Smash Bros. has kept its animated charm. However, Raf Grassetti, the artist behind the latest God Of War, has shown us what a Smash Bros. game might look like if its characters were given more of a real feel. At the time of typing this, Grassetti has drawn up no fewer than 13 Smash character including Link, Bowser, Pikachu, and Donkey Kong.

Of the 13 Grassetti has created so far, if we had to pick a favorite it would be the one you see above, Bowser. The long-time nemesis of Bowser has obviously always had an intimidating presence. However, just imagine showing up to the castle to rescue Peach and being faced with this Bowser. We'd probably turn right back around and leave the princess to it.

Grassetti's latest creation was posted on Instagram this past Monday, so hopefully, he's not done yet. If you want to check out all 13 creations and keep up to date with whichever ones come next, then give the talented artist a follow. If Nintendo ever does consider creating a version of Smash that has a much more realistic feel to it, at least they know who to hire.


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