God Of War Comic Book Mini-Series Will Bridge The Gap Between God Of War 2018 And The Previous Game

Comic book publisher Dark Horse has announced a new four-issue comic book series set in the God of War world, coming in November.

Comic book publisher Dark Horse has announced a new comic book series set in the God of War world. The company says it will be a four-issue mini-series, with the first issue releasing in November.

Dark Horse: "The God of War comic series finds Kratos living in the remote Norse wilds after his war on the gods of Olympus. Seeking to put the rage that defined most of his life behind him, Kratos inadvertently sparks a feud with a mysterious cult of berserkers after attempting to save a stranger being mauled by a monstrous bear. But for the former Ghost of Sparta, no good deed goes unpunished."

Dark Horse stated the team behind the series: we have Chris Roberson as the writer (best known for writing iZombie, which has been made into a popular show on the CW) and Tony Parker on artist duties. Also, coloring will be handled by Dan Jackson, and the unveiled cover art was done by E.M. Gist. Based on the above description, it appears the comic will tell a story in-between God of War III and the new 2018 title, thus making the story a prequel to the latter title. The original God of War trilogy featured an enraged Kratos on a vengeful mission to defeat the gods of Olympus. It culminates in God of War III, where Kratos defeats Zeus. God of War (2018) features an older, more subdued Kratos. The story features Kratos and his son, with the mother having passed away prior to the game. This time, Norse mythology takes a center focus.

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There is certainly plenty of untapped backstory between God of War III and God of War (2018). A comic book series is perfect for this kind of story. God of War (2018) was created in such a way to appeal to newcomers to the series, as well as longtime fans. Many would welcome an expansion of the lore. God of War (2018) features both Kratos and his son has primary characters; it will be interesting to see Kratos in the time between his battle with Zeus and having a family.

God of War (2018) is less like the previous installments' hack and slash, and more of a traditional action-adventure game. The story is easily followed, and truly an epic. There are big battles of course, but there is also an emotional factor as Kratos struggles with being both a tough and loving parent. God of War (2018) has done well in reviews and sales. It has a 94 on Metacritic, making it the third highest-rated PS4 title on the aggregator site. Sony announced back in May that the game was the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive title, selling more than 3.1 million copies worldwide in its first three days.

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The first issue of the mini-series will release on November 14th, 2018.


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