God Of War Director Says Game's Script Was 'Rebooted' A Year Into Its Development

According to God of War's director, the game's script was changed a year into its production.

God of War is easily one of the best exclusive titles around nowadays and, as a result, it snagged the award for Game of the Year for 2018 on multiple fronts. However, according to director Cory Barlog, the game's story could have been a completely different one from what gamers enjoyed, as the script was changed a whole year into production.

Barlog, who spoke at the Game Developers Conference recently, admitted that the script had to be rewritten because he "screwed up" and lost track of things.

"I was calling it a reboot, but I knew that I didn’t want to continue to call it a reboot because... a lot of people would have these misconceptions and all this baggage that comes along with what a reboot is,” he said.

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"We’re gonna continue the timeline and reinvent the feel. We did so much work developing the character of Kratos, why would we throw all that out? We’re sort of treating the first seven games like chapter one of this character’s life.

"The first year, there are several points that I ignored that I was telling other people ‘we need to do this’ and then I totally screwed up, so I ended up having to reboot the reboot of the script, so we wrote the script for a year and it was the wrong script,” Barlog said. "I wasn’t paying attention, I wasn’t making this about the main characters and the story started to meander a little bit."

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The father-son relationship between the game's characters Kratos and Atreus was a big part of its success and Barlog was well aware that a lot hinged on that facet. He would pitch the game to Sony president Shunei Yoshida, placing emphasis on the relationship and making it clear that it would be vital to the story.

If you've played the game, you'll know that combat is always intimate and personal for the father-son duo, who experience growth in all sorts of ways as Kratos tries to teach his son to be a God while Atreus tries drawing the human out of his father.

The pitching process was a continuous one for Barlog, who eventually had to take a step back, recollect and rewrite. Ultimately, though, God of War turned out to be an amazing game that couldn't help but attract accolades.

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