God Of War: The 10 Most Epic Boss Fights, Ranked

If there is any promise when you get a God of War game, it's that there are going to be epic fights. No game from that series is without a jaw-dropping battle. You are fighting gods, titans, and creatures of myth! The creators new that they had to make the fights as epic as the creatures themselves, and they delivered.

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Out of all the battles though, which are the best of the best? Here is a list of what we think are the most memorable and epic. Down to number one is what we consider to be the best.

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10 Hydra (God Of War)

Let's start at the very beginning at the first boss of the first game. The game decided to throw you right into the thick of what God of War will be all about by having you fight a nine-headed hydra immediately. It deserves to be on this list just for the sheer timing of it all. Welcome to God of War!

It has aged since the game first game out, but this fight is still very entertaining, fast spaced, and of course epic.

9 Icarus (God Of War 2)

What made this fight so epic was you spent the entire time free-falling. Kratos is being his usual violent and selfish self and needs Icarus' wings to reach the Sisters of Fate. Icarus does not want to give them up, so Kratos has to take them by force. Kratos and Icarus are both falling and Kratos has to defeat him and take his wings before they hit the ground.

While the fight was cool, Icarus was a pretty harmless guy. That is why it's near the top of the list.

8 Hercules (God Of War 3)

Hercules in God of War is definitely not the Hercules you know from his Disney movie. He's enormous, brutal, and has giant lion gauntlets that look like the last thing you want to be punched by. Also he's Kratos' half-brother, which is a little strange to think about.

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Like other boss fights, you get his weapon. Also you beat him to death with his own gauntlets. Classic Kratos.

7 Hermes (God Of War 3)

Defeating the fastest god there is definitely had it's memorable moments. It was pretty fun to slowly chase Hermes who kept throwing insults at Kratos through Olympus. It was a race of the turtle versus the rabbit, and we know from that story that some abilities beat speed. The battle was less of a fight and more of an exciting chase.

Once you have Hermes unable to escape, Kratos rips his legs off to get his boots. That in itself is pretty memorable.

6 Cronos (God Of War 3)

This boss fight was a prime example that size does not matter on the battlefield. Cronos is definitely the largest being Kratos has ever taken down. The titan is so big that he's not just the boss, but he is the level itself. You are climbing all over his body like it's a castle.

The fight had a moment of predictability when Cronos tried to eat Kratos and Kratos obviously cut himself out from the inside, but it was amazing to watch him take own this insanely huge enemy.

5 Hades (God Of War 3)

The god of the underworld certainly makes for a memorable fight in God of War III. The creators had to work in a world where tons of different designs and adaptations have already been created for this character. They still delivered a unique and epic version of the god. Hades got a giant, buff, and monstrous design with a wielding helmet to hide his face and two massive hooks that rip the souls from bodies.

Not only do you defeat him, but you use his own weapon against him to rip his soul out.

4 Zeus (God Of War 3)

Despite being the most important fight in the entire series, it's somewhat in the middle ground in terms of it's epic level. Zeus does not have much in terms of surprises. The most interesting part of his fight was that it took place inside Titan Gaia herself. There are also a ton of quick-time events. Not only do you finish off Zeus, but you also kill Gaia in the process.

The ending of the fight was a little overdone. The ghost of Zeus comes and knocks Kratos out. Kratos then finds the ghosts of his wife and child, comes back, and punches the living daylight out of Zeus until the screen is covered with blood.

3 Poseidon (God Of War 3)

Kratos fights the god of the sea pretty early on in God of War III. Despite being at the beginning, it was epic enough to feel like a final boss fight. The god creates an colossal monster made of the sea, complete with him riding on a water chariot carried by horses.

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The most satisfying part was when Kratos burst through the monster's chest to get the god controlling it on the inside. Then it just gets brutal when you see Kratos gouge the god's eyes out from the god's point of view.

2 The Stranger (God Of War 4)

Like Poseidon in the third game, the stranger from the fourth game acted as an epic and over-the-top introduction. The power put into the fight is seamless and earth-shattering all at once. You also are not fighting someone in a monstrous form. You are fighting a stranger who appears as just a man, making him seem all the more equal to Kratos.

From flying through the air, breaking boulders, and crashing into trees, the fight gets messy and it's a lot of fun.

1 Magni And Modi (God Of War 4)

Like the Greek god fights from the previous games, the Norse gods of the fourth game proved to be epic. Not only that, but this time Kratos isn't alone. It's a tag-team battle between two groups of two. The mechanics recognize this and even create a sort of mini-game between Kratos and Atreus where the two need to time their attacks right against Magni and Modi while also protecting themselves at the right time.

Also Magni and Modi's attacks are fun. There a part where they chant in Norse and beat a sword against a shield to make the sound of thunder and the level goes dark.

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