God Of War: Every God From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

God of War returned to much critical and commercial success with 2018’s video game titled the same as the series’ name. The game brought along new gods to add the mythology of the storyline, which meant new gods for Kratos to lock horns with. Previously, we had an abundance of gods show up when the series was focused on the Greek gods, and they were all taken out by Kratos. Some gods were more powerful than others, and these would play the role of the main antagonists of the various games Kratos was featured in.

Whenever you think of God of War, your mind goes to all the different ways Kratos has ended the lives of his victims – these include almost all the gods from Greece. Since Kratos is the main character, it’s obvious he’ll come out on top, but that doesn’t mean the gods he fought were weak by any means. These gods were of different aspects as well; all of them controlled some element key to the world, and their demises by God of War III meant that the Greek world was no longer active. With Kratos now destined to play a part in Ragnarok, which is meant to be showcased in the following God of War games, you can bet many more Norse gods will be showing up as well.

Due to this, it’s only fair that you chalk up on all the gods Kratos has battled, or those gods who have at least shown up in the series. We haven’t considered titans, or any other being who hasn’t been specifically called a god.

25 Atreus

Atreus rage
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It was shown at the end of 2018’s God of War that Atreus was fated to be the one to take down all of Asgard one day; however, for the time being, he’s still just a kid and his powers are nothing compared to the rest of the gods we’ve seen.

As of yet, Atreus has only shown himself to be great with a bow and arrow, as well as having enough skills to take down a number of monsters. Those are mad skills for a child, and he’ll only grow with power as the years go on.

24 Aphrodite

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The only power Aphrodite ever displayed was the ability to turn Medusa’s head into a weapon for Kratos. After that, she disappeared until God of War III, where all she did was provide pleasure to Kratos.

This is why Aphrodite shows up near the bottom as we only know of her status as a God, meaning she must have all the standard powers they have, but her specific powers are a complete mystery. In fact, no one even knows what became of her as she was last seen still being pleasured in her quarters as the world was destroyed.

23 Eos

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Eos didn’t showcase any of her powers in her lone appearance in God of War: Chains of Olympus, but she was still the only god left standing when all others had been put to slumber for quite a while. This shows that she must have some enhanced resilience compared to the other gods.

Being the sister of Helios, it can be assumed she shares powers and traits with her brother, which would mean she can control aspects of the sun.

22 Hera

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It only took a simple snap of the neck for Kratos to take Hera’s life. However, she was clearly an important fixture for the gods, as upon her demise, all plant life in the world ceased to exist and disease became rampant.

This would mean Hera had abilities tied to nature, making her indeed quite powerful. However, we never saw her display any of these powers and all she did was gloat in Kratos’ face. Her simple demise means she can’t be called as exceptionally strong among the other gods.

21 Hephaestus

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All the gods came to Hephaestus to forge their greatest weapons, and he remained in good standing with Zeus until Kratos overcame Pandora’s temple. Hephaestus’ alchemy was such that he created a sentient being in Pandora, who would eventually become the key to ending Zeus.

His knack for creating weaponry meant he could basically create something out of almost nothing. The problem with ranking him higher is that Hephaestus doesn’t seem to have been a powerful god when it came to combat, and he was easily subjugated.

20 Modi And Magni

Modi and Magni
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Kratos was a lot weaker in 2018’s God of War than he had been in earlier installments. It was due to this he had such a difficult time fighting Modi and Magni. Otherwise, it should’ve been an easier battle. Still, let’s not completely take away from these two brothers.

They gave both Kratos and Atreus a very good fight, where the father and son duo had to bring out the best in themselves to defeat them. The brothers, however, seemed to be easy to defeat when matched up against opponents who could fight them.

19 Theseus

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It was unfortunate for the son of Poseidon that he came across Kratos when he was old and past his prime, or else he might’ve fared better. Theseus was a great warrior of Greece and he certainly lived up to the billing by giving Kratos a good fight.

Theseus had summoning powers which made him able to call out Minotaurs to do his bidding. He also possessed a spear that proved difficult for Kratos to fight against, who needed to dodge it repeatedly to get a shot at Theseus. In the end, Theseus was just too old to finish off Kratos.

18 Perseus

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Despite being the brother of Kratos, Perseus held no qualms in his attempts to take Kratos’ life. From what we saw of him, he must have been a great warrior seeing as he had gotten quite far in his quest for the sisters of fate.

Perseus’ weaponry was incredible in that he could cause Kratos to lose his focus through blinding light; he could become invisible; he could also throw projectiles and slow down time. All this weaponry was used in tandem, but Perseus’ strength and speed were still no match for Kratos. At least he put on a nice battle.

17 Persephone

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Being the wife of Hades, Persephone was supposed to be the goddess of the underworld, but she didn’t have nearly as much power as her husband. Persephone was the first real godlike fight Kratos had, and he still beat her.

However, he needed the gauntlet of Zeus to end her life, meaning Persephone was no easy task to beat. In her fight, she displayed strong levels of telekinetic powers, as well as flight with extreme levels of speed. Being a goddess, she had to be taken out by specific weaponry, and couldn’t be ended by any run-of-the-mill weapon.

16 Freya

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Whenever Kratos and Atreus had any magical troubles in the most recent game, they would head off to Freya for help. From what we can surmise of her, she seems to be extremely powerful when it comes to enchantments.

She was able to enchant Baldur to feel nothing for a century, and she didn’t have any fear of Kratos even when the latter was threatening her. Her promise of raining every kind of pain on Kratos didn’t seem to be empty threats; she genuinely believed it. And we’re inclined to believe she has the power to pull it off as well.

15 Artemis

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Why are we ranking a god this high up when she was only seen once very briefly? That would be because of Artemis’ feats. Artemis claimed – and this claim was proven thanks to her blade – that she had slain a Titan all by herself!

As we’ve seen titans later on in the series, the fact that she could slay one solo means she must have been extremely powerful. The Blade of Artemis becomes Kratos’ go-to weapon in God of War, and if just her weapon is this powerful, she must have been too. But then she never appeared again so we can’t place her so high up.

14 Morpheus

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Another god we never actually saw onscreen, but whose impact was felt. Morpheus was the other antagonist of God of War: Chains of Olympus, and it was his act of reducing the other gods to slumber that kick-started the whole mess.

Being the god of dreams, Morpheus had the power to make the gods incapacitated seemingly forever. However, since he relied on the sun not being in the sky, it makes Morpheus’ immense power have a very big condition attached to it.

13 Helios

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Judging by his powers, he must have been a top dog in Olympus. Just his head was enough to grant light to Kratos for all of the events of God of War III, so you can figure out yourselves just how supremely blinding his light powers must have been.

Helios, even in his weakened state, could temporarily blind Kratos when he caught him off-guard. His powers of the sun were vital for Greece to exist, and once he was gone, so did all of Greece fall into darkness. However, he didn’t seem to be too good in the fighting department.

12 Hermes

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Arrogance can be the end of you, and Hermes is the perfect example to back this statement up. He had Kratos on the ropes during their confrontation, but his regular playing around caused him his life.

Hermes’ speed was incredible, to the point where Kratos couldn’t even land a single hit on him. Had Hermes not wasted all his time joking around, he could’ve potentially finished Kratos off. However, it appears his speed might not have been completely intrinsic to him as Kratos stole his boots to emulate that speed.

11 Athena

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It’s a wonder we never saw Athena in combat during the entire God of War series, but it’s also fitting seeing as Athena was always meant to be a thinker rather than a fighter. Regardless, she showed no fear of Kratos when confronting him, and Kratos’ first suspect was Athena when his powers were stripped, meaning he expected her to be powerful to that level.

The greatest display of power she’s shown thus far has been the ability to return as a soul form; none of the other gods save Zeus have done that, which makes Athena truly immortal in essence.

10 Hercules

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Of all the champion children of Zeus, Hercules was the most powerful of them, other than Kratos. Hercules was shown to have already completed all his labors and had ended the Nemean line. His stature was such that he literally towered all over Kratos.

Hercules also had the ability to make monsters do his bidding, something very few warriors had shown. He went toe-to-toe with Kratos in the brawling department and was successful to a great degree as well. It’s clear Hercules had the strength to defeat other gods. Too bad he dared challenge Kratos.

9 Baldur

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On the face of it, Baldur looks frail and weak, but we all saw how difficult it was for Kratos to put him away. Baldur had super strength around the same as Kratos, but it was inability to feel anything that gave him the edge.

No matter how much Kratos or Atreus attacked him, Baldur just wouldn’t pass away or even look like he was hurt. It took mistakenly being stabbed by Mistletoe to finally defeat him. Had Baldur had more variety of powers, then it doesn’t seem like he could’ve been beaten.

8 Poseidon

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The god of the seas gave Kratos the fight of his life in the opening of God of War III. Poseidon would come close to beating Kratos as he made full use of his underwater powers by projecting himself as a giant monster.

It would take Kratos using his tactical abilities, and an assist from Gaia, to beat Poseidon once and for all. However, even though he showed amazing powers like the Rage of Poseidon, underwater perception, among others, Poseidon was beaten much like a human as his neck was snapped by Kratos.

7 Hades

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Up until the end, Kratos didn’t take Hades’ life as he had to instead take his soul to defeat the god of the underworld. Hades put up a bigger fight than Poseidon as he had Kratos cornered in his piece of the underworld.

Hades had complete control of the souls of the underworld, who would instantly consume the lives of anyone that fell into the river Styx. Hades’ hooks had such enormous power that he was able to take the souls of even titans that predated him. He could breathe fire and couldn’t be physically hurt either.

6 Ares

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We’re placing Ares further up as he was the only god other than Zeus to give Kratos an extended fight, and defeated him to some degree. Kratos required Pandora’s box to defeat Ares, and even then the latter was able to mentally incapacitate him.

Their battle was one for the ages as they totaled Athens to take each other’s lives. Ares had the power of perception; so much that he could fling a log straight into Pandora’s temple all the way from Athens. He could grow spikes from inside himself, and was able to penetrate Kratos’ mind.

5 Thanatos

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The God of Death predates even Zeus and Kratos could never have beaten him had he not had the assistance of Deimos – and the fact that Kratos himself was a full-blown god at the time.

Thanatos could control bodies to the point that they became fully functioning enemies. He could trap anyone for eternity wherever he wanted and prevent them from passing. Thanatos could also turn into a violent creature who had the ability to consume anything. Kratos couldn’t beat him on his own, and had they been matched one on one, Thanatos might have been the victor.

4 Thor

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Since Thor is so feared in Norway that everyone who utters his name does so in terror, this alone grants him a top-5 spot. Thor’s powers of thunder seem to be either on par or greater than Zeus. His presence alone causes the weather to violently destroy everything around him.

Mjolnir only does his bidding, which means he can fling it around, set it on someone, or do whatever he wants with it and no opponent could lift the hammer. Just one appearance of his was enough to permanently rattle Atreus and Kratos.

3 Odin

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The same as Thor, his father was never seen in the game either, but his reputation precedes him. The ruler of Asgard was said to be responsible for everything Kratos and Atreus saw in their adventures.

He’s the ruler of all the nine realms, and whatever takes place over there is under his watchful eye. Odin is said to be so powerful that there is no hope of ever conquering him. While we’re yet to see him in the flesh, no one can reach Odin due to his own design, meaning he can be wherever he wants to be and do whatever he wants.

2 Zeus

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The ruler of Olympus was the only god who gave Kratos any kind of real trouble in beating him. In God of War II, Kratos had to fake being injured, while in God of War III, Kratos required Pandora’s Box.

Zeus is the god of the skies and everything in Greece. He can shape-shift, grant powers, teleport, apport, and change his scale in size. His lightning bolts are unparalleled in power as he was able to cast back both Kratos and Gaia with ease. His spirit form is such that he would’ve ended Kratos had he not unlocked the power of hope.

1 Kratos

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No matter who stood in his way; whether they were supposed to be the biggest deal of all time or not, Kratos defeated them. Kratos is undefeated and will remain undefeated. He single-handedly took down Pandora’s Temple, the sisters of fate, and all of Olympus simply because he wanted revenge.

Kratos has now shifted to Norse mythology and even there no one was able to defeat him. He’s taken the lives of mortals, half-gods, full gods, titans, and every other being without ever being hit once fatally. He only came close to dying by his own doing in the end of God of War III and even that didn’t take.

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