20 Hilarious God Of War Comics Only True Fans Will Understand

If you call yourself a gamer and have never played God of War, I would highly suggest you get all the parts of the game and just immerse yourself into the best action game I have ever played on the Sony PlayStation. God of War is one of the flagship games on the PlayStation and it was first created by David Jaffe at the Santa Monica Studio. There are a total of eight God of War games on various Sony consoles, including the PSP and the standard PlayStation. The game was first debuted in 2005 on the PlayStation 2, and it received critical acclaim for having a solid plot and an action-packed gameplay. I played this game on my friend's console and I was so hooked on it that I had to buy a PlayStation 2 system of my own. It was a life-long friendship between me and the gaming machine.

The game starts by throwing the player in the shoes of a brave Spartan Captain called Kratos, the name that shook the very foundation of the Greek mythology. Kratos is a mere mortal at first but he is tricked into becoming a pawn of Ares, the God of War. Ares betrays Kratos and tricks him into ending his wife and daughter. Infuriated by this act of treason, Kratos sets out on a journey to seek revenge for his loved ones and also reclaim the throne of Ares as explained in detail.

The game had such a massive impact on the players that the pop culture started to spew out hilarious comics and memes. So to test our most loyal God of War fans, we decided to compile a list of 20 hilarious comics only true “Gods” of the Kratos fandom will understand.

So sit back and enjoy the fun.

20 Spartan Rage? More like Spartan Cage...

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God of War 4 is really a God among games of the current generation. The storytelling is top notch and the characters are well thought out. For a gaming console, it is the most stunning looking one out there. There are some aspects of it that make it the target of hilarious memes and comics on the internet.

The new God of War is amazing — especially if you are a fan of the franchise

Since the start of the gaming franchise, Kratos has been portrayed as a mindless enraged man who is bent on ending anything on his path. After becoming a father, Kratos has become wiser and much more docile. Due to this newly found nature, Kratos has a hard time controlling his son, Atreus, so he seems to release these subtle hints of rage towards him which are sometimes unnecessary.

This comic is hilarious since it shows, how Kratos uses his Spartan Rage towards Atreus. This is the most powerful tool Kratos has in his arsenal when things start to go south. However, these actions from Kratos are more than necessary in the game. Since Atreus is just a mere child and the council from Kratos is essential in the well being of the “boy.”

19 Game Of The Generation

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To share a little bit of background on what happens in the new God of War (Spoiler free, of course ). As soon as the game starts we witness Kratos with his son. Kratos wife is dead and she has tasked both of them to scatter her ashes in the highest mountain of Midgard. The story unveils itself as Kratos and Atreus bond together throughout their journey.

One thing that the fans of God of War will realize, that Kratos has mended his ways and he is much more mature and controlled than ever before. With this attitude, Kratos embodies the same characteristics as any dad would. Atreus is a young kid who has just started to explore the world around him and Kratos tries to teach the “boy” on how to handle tough situations. Like any other kid, Atreus makes mistakes and to which Kratos gets disappointed and tries to teach the boy some wisdom.

The hilarious bit about this meme is that it copies the style of all those popular simulator games like the “Microsoft Flight Simulator,” “Farming Simulator,” and the “Train Simulator.” Since there is nearly every type of simulator games in the market, who is to say you can’t have a “God of War Dad Simulator” game.

18 Wish We Could Buy Games With XP Orbs

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This one hits a little too close to the truth. If you are a gamer of any console then you surely must understand this one. Games on the consoles are extremely expensive compared to the games we used to have in the past. These games are not only expensive in terms of money, they are also expensive in terms of storage space, although not that significant of an issue, but still. Games nowadays range from $50 to $70 which is a lot if you ask me. With so many expenses already in our lives, scooping $70 for a game is quite painful.

PlayStation Games are too expensive nowadays!

This comic showcases just the case. So what would you do if you are the most loyal player of the God of War and you couldn’t afford to buy it? Well, one option is for you to recreate Kratos in Skyrim and pretend that you already own the game. It surely won’t be the same but at least you would trick yourself into satisfying your unquenchable thirst.

What's even more impressive is how the character modification systems have improved to such an extent that you can literally create anyone in a game.

17 BOY!!

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For quite a long time, the focus of games was shifting towards multiplayer aspects as opposed to single player campaigns. Most of the critics were saying that the future of single player games was ending. However, with the release of God of War 4, it was pretty much clear that single player games are not going anywhere. God of War 4 has a strong storyline with characters that the player feels attached to. Without a doubt, God of War 4 is a contender for game of the generation, and I urge everyone to give it a go.

Since Kratos is a guy who has some really messed up anger issues. He has a hard time showing his love to Atreus. Throughout the game, there are moments where Kratos barely shows his love for his son but backs out at the last moment. The only time Kratos and Atreus get together is when Kratos is trying to climb a wall or cross a ledge.

This comic is especially funny since it shows how Kratos lacks the ability to love another person and he does not recognize gestures of affection. The first tile shows how a guy admires Kratos for his determination to reach the mountain and also hints at showing the kid a bit of love. The second tile shows how Atreus is hanging from the back of Kratos and Kratos thinks that this counts as a hug! Hilarious!.

16 Join The God Of War Side

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Ever since the launch of our current generation consoles, games have been pouring out from multiple developers. Some of these games are available on all the platforms while some of them are exclusive to certain systems. The Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One are the top competing consoles in the market. Both of the consoles are powerful in their own right but in terms of specs, The Xbox one is the most powerful. However, what PlayStation 4 lacks in power, it makes up for in the quantity and quality of games. Games such as the Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and especially God of War 4 made the PlayStation 4 a much more superior console.

The same situation is shared in this hilarious comic. The PlayStation 4 in the left side of the comic is shown running the highly successful and highly enjoyable, God of War 4. Since Xbox lacks the number of games that are available on it, we see nothing but a blank screen indicating that there are no awesome games on the Xbox.

We love every gamer whether you are a PS4 owner, Xbox owner or belong to the “master race.” So enjoy life and enjoy games.

15 Some Pretty Awesome Games

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There is an ongoing war between two factions in the gaming world. The fight is between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One fanboys. Both of these group argue about which console is better and they argue like wild men when trying to defend their precious system. To settle the argument we have to keep a few things in mind. PlayStation 4 is a system that is a lot more inferior than the Xbox One in terms of specs. However, the Xbox One's game list is as barren as the Sahara desert. Sony has released some really epic games on the PlayStation 4 and the whole gaming community adore these games.

The Hands of Death could not defeat me, The Sisters of Fate could not hold me, and you will not see the end of this day!! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!

This comic is hilarious because of how it pokes fun at the Xbox One fanboy community on how the PlayStation 4 has the best exclusive games. God of War 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn are the two main focus point of the comic. Aloy (the protagonist of HZD) is teaching Atreus to shoot down the hopes and dreams of Xbox fanboys while Kratos is in the background enjoying the spectacle.

14 Kratos Axed You A Question!

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In the previous God of War games. Kratos was cursed with the Blades of Chaos when he became the servant of Ares. These blades were forged in the fires of the Underworld by Ares himself. The blades are fused with the fire so that each time you attack your enemy they are engulfed in flames. These blades are wrapped around chains which also bound to Kratos’s arms. Kratos used these blades in combat which allowed him exceptional hand to hand combat skills and the ability to swing the blades around his chains granted him range attack as well.

I wonder if it is easy to hang an axe from your back and being effective in combat...

The new God of War 4 has another awesome weapon called the Leviathan. This axe is infused with frost magic so everytime you attack an enemy with it, they would freeze at the spot. In addition to being effective in close-quarter-combat, Kratos can throw the axe as a ranged weapon and deal massive damage to the enemy. Kratos can also summon it back into his hand, dealing damage as it returns.

This comic showcases the loyalty of the axe in a really hilarious way and that is what makes this one great.

13 Anger Level- 43 Quintillion

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Ask yourself this, what is the most annoying thing that comes to your mind? It might be a fidget spinner or something as complicated as a Rubik's cube. Now imagine a guy who is so angry that he would come back from the afterlife to take down the Gods. Now again imagine that guy solving a Rubik's cube. One thing is for sure, either that guy is going to go berserk or the Rubik's cube is going to get it. This comic is full of things that only true God of War fans will understand. For example, we see how Kratos is tasked to solve a Rubik's cube and how he eventually gives up and drops it in a fit of rage.

The part that is especially relatable when playing the game is the combo “square” “square” “triangle”. This combo is used nearly all the time by anyone who played the game as it combined a slashing attack with a powerful slam on the ground, damaging everyone around. So Kratos is ticked off enough to have used this powerful combo and smash the cube into pieces. Honestly, I think everyone would be frustrated by solving a cube that has 43 Quintilian combinations and only one correct solution.

12 Even Gods Have To Go

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If you have ever played God of War than you would surely understand this one by just taking a glimpse at it- No? Well, let me explain it to you. In God of War 2 and nearly all the God of War games. There are points where a passage is blocked by a demon like entity and to reach the next level you have to fight off waves of enemies. Sometimes the waves keep on coming and there isn’t anything you can do except to spam all the buttons on your controller in hopes of ending off the bad guys and continuing on your journey.

Kratos: "Mangy beasts! I shall send you back to the depths of Hades!"

This comic is hilarious because it shows the frustration of every gamer that has to fight off the hordes of enemies. It's also funny because the fights would go on for so long that you would have to hold “it” in till the fight ended. Dying would spawn you just before the demons appear and everything had to be done again.

Even though it was quite hectic to fight all those monsters. The satisfaction of continuing the journey after all that effort is deeply satisfying.

11 Atreus Who?

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God of War was first unveiled in E3 2016 . The trailer showed us a young boy playing with his toys outside when we hear a voice calling him inside. Soon, Kratos came out of the shadows and everyone was amazed that Kratos has a son now. This was especially surprising because we all knew about Kratos’s temper and how his temper will affect the relationship. Since Kratos is a God of being a badass, he rarely refers to his son by his name.

The “boy” became a huge meme material in the internet world and that is where this comic comes from. This one is a combination of two memes. The first one is from the famous meme from Drake's music video “Hotline Bling,” It is based on two tiles, the first one shows a situation where something is rejected with Drake's dance move and in the second tile, we see something approved by another of his dance moves. Simply replaced by Kratos, the name of Atreus is first rejected and in the second one, he simply approves the word “boy” for his son.

Even though it may seem Kratos refers to his son as “boy,” he genuinely loves him and it shows when you play the game.

10 You Asked For It Kid!

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If you have ever played any God of War game. You would know that there are parts where Kratos takes “fine maidens to bed” (IYKWIM). I remember the first time I was playing God of War 2 and the part where we have to do the “deed” was a little too much for my childish mind. But, the curiosity was there and I underwent that part as a kid and came back a man.

These kinds of encounters were present in nearly all of the God of War games except for God of War 4. So to pay homage to that particular “feature” in the game. A comic like this caught my eye. So in God of War 4, we follow the steps of Kratos and his young son Atreus. As the game starts we aren’t sure who is Kratos wife is. Since she is also dead as the game is started. Atreus is as confused as the player and several questions start to pop in our minds. So like any other adolescent kid, Atreus asks his dad about how he came into being. To which, Kratos simply shows the buttons that the player had to smash as Kratos was doing the “deed” in the previous games.

9 Even Gods Have Dreams...

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This one for the real fans of God of War. The previous God of War games had a different gameplay design, Kratos was shown from above through a fix camera kind of like how the original Resident Evil games were. In God of War 2, a lot of gamers noticed that there is an excess amount of platforming that needs to be overcome for the story to progress. Kratos had to balance himself on these beams like a ballerina. Countless hours were spent on these levels and one slip would end it all.

This comic is funny because of how all these characters are drawn. Kratos is seen taking out enemies using nothing but his bare hands. This form of toughness puts the fear of God in every soldiers' heart. The second tile in the comic builds upon how Kratos arrives unknowingly on the battlefield and take everyone out with a single attack. The punchline arrives in the third tile when Kratos is looked at by his enemies as a ballerina while trying to balance on those beams and that isn’t even the funniest part. The fact that Kratos aspires to be a ballerina while shedding tears because of how mean the soldiers are is just hilarious.

8 The Second Coming Of Kratos!

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This one might sting some people. If you have any idea about who and what God of War is. You probably know where this one is going. When God of War 2 was released on the PlayStation 2. It was a breath of fresh air for gamers because it featured something unique. An insignificant human who fights his way through enemies to destroy every God that betrayed him.

We all thought that after Kratos was done eliminating everyone in the Greek Mythology, he would turn his sights towards another set of Gods. So God of War 4 does feature gods from the Norse Mythology but imagine if Kratos was to aim for the Christian faith or any other faith for that matter. I’m pretty sure the game would have been an instant flop if that was the case.

This comic is hilarious because it showcases the typical questions that every fan seeks, after ending God of War. The irony of this comic is that the artist unknowingly predicted the basic plot of God of War 4 which is actually based on the Norse Mythology. The question that pops into my mind is, What are we supposed to do after Kratos is done with the Gods of Asgard.

7 Never Go Kratos In Public!

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After the release of God of War 2 on the PlayStation 2. People loved the game to such an extent that everyone wanted to be like Kratos, fearless, powerful, tough. Since then, many people have tried to cosplay Kratos but none have achieved the glory of the Ghost of Sparta.It isn’t easy portraying Kratos. Since Spartans were the greatest soldiers that have ever lived, they were trained from birth to become the most efficient elimination machines. To properly cosplay Kratos one must be at least 6 feet 7 inches tall and have a voice and physique of a God. Furthermore, the cosplayer has to have pale white skin since Kratos had his body covered in the ashes of some of those he has ended. Not an easy task if you ask me.

This comic perfectly describes the moment when someone portrays the epicness of Kratos. In the first tile of the comic, a dude named Darren checks out the Blades of Chaos. Upon wielding these massive blades, he is somehow bestowed with the spirit of Kratos and he is transformed into Kratos. He becomes enraged like him and everyone around the guy is both impressed and scared by his convincing performance.

6 Aww, He Is A Big Boy Now

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The most notable thing that comes across every player when playing God of War is that Kratos has some serious anger issues. So people thought about making memes and comics about Kratos getting ticked off at the most basic things. But I would be mad too if I was in his shoes. In nearly all God of War games, Kratos has always overcome tremendous obstacles to seek revenge and for that level of commitment, anyone would need the rage of Kratos.

"ATHENA!!!!! 10 years, I have faithfully served the gods for 10 years, when will you solve my Sudoku for me? "

This comic is particularly funny because Kratos gets angry at something as basic as solving a puzzle. The first tile shows us an innocent looking Sudoku puzzle while in the next one Kratos is angrily trying to solve it as if staring at it menacingly will make it easier to solve. When offered a helping hand to a fellow, Kratos’ angry gaze says it all.

The solution to everything is not anger, but cool and calm thinking is a sure way to success.I would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t played God of War to start from the beginning and play till God of War 4. It is an epic game.

5 Sweet Dreams My Little Prince...

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The story of Kratos started with him being the commander of the Spartan army. Kratos was a brilliant fighter and he would take on his enemies without any fear and hesitation. Once Kratos was overwhelmed and he was forced to seek the aid of Ares, the God of War at that time. Ares offered Kratos victory from his enemies only when he submits to Ares and becomes his servant. During a battle, Kratos finds himself in a village. He slaughters everyone in the village in a fit of rage and in doing so realizes that he ended his own family in the process. For this act Kratos had his skin merged with the ashes of everyone he destroyed and thus the Ghost of Sparta was born.

This clip is hilarious in a sense that Kratos has a new family in God of War 4 and the way he is telling the tale of how everything happened to Atreus is ironically hilarious. In the second tile of the comic Kratos makes a point that everything that ever happened in his past was because of his family. Afterward, he is patting his son on the head with a warm good night message while Atreus is left to have the worst nightmare of his life.

4 The God Of Butchers

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I choose this image because of how it seemed to convey a multitude of emotions to me. This one is also cool as it would test the true fans of the God of War series. It has a lot of references from Kratos’ past and the enemies that he had defeated.

There is also something quite disturbing in this image. Seeing Kratos smile is something that we are not familiar with and having to witness that is just plain creepy.

The fun part begins when you start to realize that Kratos left his quest for revenge and opened a butcher shop where he sells the meat of every creature he has ever ended in the game. Try to figure out the different creatures by looking at their body parts.

Give up? Let me explain. If you look in the background we see the head of Medusa where Kratos uses it as a weapon. On the right, we see the hooves of all those Minotaurs Kratos has destroyed nearly all the games of the series. While the eye in the bottom right of the screen is from a cyclops. The icing on the top is Kratos's apron that has “I *heart* revenge” written in red. Show this one to your friends and find out if they are true fans of GOW or not.

3 Does It Really Matter At All?

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The Sony PlayStation 4 is the successor to the highly successful PlayStation 3. The PS4 was announced in 2013 and it was released in the year 2014. This console is the 8th generation gaming machine, competing with the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Wii. However, the main competition was between Xbox and PlayStation.

The Sony PlayStation 4 has an impressive game collection and it is much more enjoyable than an Xbox

The PlayStation 4 has an 8 core processor, 8GB of RAM and an AMD graphical processing. The hardware specs were enough to play some really demanding games in decent frame rates at 1080p. With the introduction of 4K TVs, Sony wanted to make the PlayStation 4 a little better so that it can handle 4K resolution with ease. To do so, Sony released another version of the PlayStation 4, known as the PS4 Pro. This console had beefier specs and is supposed to produce better performance than the original PS4.

This is where we poke fun at the PS4 Pro. Even though the Pro is much more expensive than the standard version. There isn’t much difference in performance and visuals so it's pretty much worthless to get a PS4 Pro unless you have a 4K TV.

2 Who You Callin A Cueball?

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Like God of War, there are games on PlayStation that have captured the interest of gamers. Mortal Kombat is one of them. Gamers who enjoy beating their opponent to a bloody pulp and execute gory fatalities would love this game. There are multiple characters in the game ranging from 4 armed giants that tear you limb from limb and fighters who are literally made of fire and ice. To make the game more interesting, the developers have added characters outside from the Mortal Kombat universe. Characters such as the alien from Predator and the chainsaw monster we all know as Leatherface. There is one particular character that caught everyone's attention and that was Kratos.

Yes, the Ghost of Sparta entered the Mortal Kombat arena with all the rage and anger to beat everyone in the tournament. It's as if Kratos is bent on destroying every God and every other character in every game that was ever released. This comic is especially hilarious because of how Quan Chi (a fighter from Mortal Kombat) is trying to explain to Kratos of how the position of a bald guy is already filled. Most of the comics are hilarious because of how everyone is trying to reason with a guy who is the least reasonable of them all.

1 Friendly Fire

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In God of War 4, Kratos fights the bad guys with his iconic axe from the Norse mythology. This axe is capable of freezing the enemy on the spot and dealing massive damage in the process. Kratos and his son Atreus journey onto a mountain where they have to scatter the ashes of Atreus’s mother. So the father and son combo utilize their weapons to be effective in combat. Kratos is armed with the axe and Atreus is armed with his bow and arrow. The bow and arrow have mystical powers that either shock the enemy on impact or freeze them on the spot.

What if Kratos forgot his sons' name and that is why he calls him "boy" all the time

Since Atreus is just a kid, he is learning to fight with his father. So there are times where Atreus hits Kratos with his arrows to which Kratos teaches him to perform better. This aspect of the game is both hilarious and shows the bonding of father and son as they undertake the treacherous journey to the mountain.

Everyone who loves games should play the new God of War and if you do not own a PlayStation 4 I suggest you buy one just for this game. It is seriously worth it.

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