25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes God Of War PS4 Left Hanging

The latest 2018 iteration of God Of War certainly lived up to its promise of delivering exhilarating action, breathtaking scenery and beautiful narrative, all wrapped into one unforgettable adventure. Players have so much to take in now that Kratos has resurfaced, not as a vicious and hot-tempered exterminator, but as a patient and calm father. On top of that, Kratos is now in an unfamiliar land that's filled with a plethora of dangerous creatures and mysterious characters.

This new world is filled with its own rich lore that's brimming with untold tales and buried secrets. It seems that both Kratos and Atreus unearth more questions than answers in their perilous journey. Even after completing their mission, both father and son realize that they've only scratched the surface of this complex universe. The players themselves might even be scratching their heads after the game's conclusion since there's still so much more mysteries in the game that are yet to be solved.

After all, players are thrown right in the middle of Kratos' new life without even knowing how he got there in the first place. It's only natural for fans and even Kratos himself, to feel overwhelmed by all the new changes and intricacies that this new world has to offer. These 25 unresolved mysteries might help build the bigger picture of this unfamiliar territory as fans wait for answers in the follow-up of this epic masterpiece.

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26 Voices In Atreus' Head

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Atreus has many secret talents and abilities but hearing voices is certainly one of the more disturbing aspects of his hidden repertoire. Kratos' son is prone to hearing various disembodied voices. He claims that one of these voices comes from his deceased mother Faye while the rest are quite unfamiliar to him.

Where do these voices come from and why are they contacting Atreus? More importantly, how did Atreus even acquire this ability? These are the questions that could be lingering inside the head of both the fans and even Atreus himself.

25 Dream Or Prediction?

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During the post-ending segment of the game, Thor himself actually visits Kratos' home and stands outside his doorstep. Atreus even acknowledges the shocking scenario upon waking up but Kratos seems to dismiss it as nothing more than a dream. However, was it truly just a dream or was it a prediction?

While it's unclear if the god of thunder is actually planning on ambushing Kratos' home, he'll undoubtedly want to take revenge after what happened to his sons Magni and Modi. Either way, this only makes waiting for the sequel even longer.

24 Brok & Sindri's Teleportation Skills

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The renowned dwarven blacksmiths aren't just good at crafting perfect weapons and armor, they also have a knack for popping up almost anywhere they want. Kratos and Atreus seem to find Brok and Sindri wherever they go. Sindri explains that they have the ability to go in a “world between worlds.”

They're granted special abilities and the privilege to do inter-dimensional travel but how this “magic” worked wasn't exactly explained. It's a shame since this skill would've been really handy for Kratos since it saves his arms from getting worn out from constantly rowing to one island after another.

23 Kratos' Missing Treasures

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It's odd how Kratos came into foreign territory without his iconic armaments. While Kratos later revealed that he still had the Blades of Chaos in his possession, the rest of his loot were basically nowhere to be seen. The massive Blade of Olympus might have run out of juice and was discarded.

It would've been awesome to scale walls with Kratos' iconic boots.

However, Kratos still had the Boots of Hermes with him before venturing forth to this new destination. He might have lost it along the way or perhaps he's saving it for a rainy day. Nobody but Kratos knows for sure.

22 The Shield Of Unknown Origin

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Kratos' initial arsenal consists of the Leviathan Axe and a gauntlet that held a retractable shield called the Guardian Shield. The Leviathan Axe was revealed to be a work of Brok and Sindri, a weapon built to rival Thor's Mjolnir. As for the Guardian Shield, it's said to be Faye's anniversary gift to Kratos in celebration of the time they first met but not much is known beyond that.

It's possible that Brok and Sindri also made the shield but they never acknowledged it when they first saw it on Kratos' wrist. It seems Faye was more secretive than Kratos anticipated.

21 Athena's Mystical Cameo

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Athena helped Kratos become the god of war in the past but her role in the game brings more questions than answers. The Greek goddess appeared to Kratos in spectral form taunting him about his past mistakes and that he'll never have the normal life he wanted. While Kratos seems to brush off Athena's presence, it's evident that the Greek goddess still haunts him wherever he goes.

Will Athena aid Kratos in his future endeavors or is she simply a reminder of Kratos' dark past? It's hard to tell at the moment but Kratos is certainly looking past his sister for now.

20 Identity Of The Raven Keeper

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Over the course of the game, players acquire bits of stories written by an individual known as “The Raven Keeper.” This individual writes about Asgard's defenses, events happening in Midgard and the recent appearance of the world serpent. The topics of this so-called Raven Keeper strongly suggests that he's a spy from Asgard.

Perhaps the Raven Keeper's identity could even be the allfather Odin himself given how he keeps birds as spies. However, the writings do mention Odin instead of referring to himself so his identity is pretty much still up for debate.

19 Svartaljofurr's Last Words

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Dark Elf king Svartaljofurr certainly gave Kratos and Atreus a rather difficult time before finally succumbing to their attacks. However, Svartaljofurr told the duo that they were making a grave mistake before he took his last breath. These words echoed throughout Atreus' head and even had him contemplating on whether or not they were doing the right thing.

His attacks weren't the only thing about him that's tough to figure out.

Was Svartaljofurr playing mind games or is he saying that the light elves are actually the evil ones? The duo will have to see the aftermath of their actions in the sequel.

18 Disappearance Of Freya's Brother

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Freya's brother Freyr was supposedly considered as the ruler of the elf kingdom Alfheim. However, when Kratos arrived at the elven realm, Freyr is nowhere to be seen. The bodies of fallen light elves littered the realm but there were no signs of Freyr's whereabouts anywhere.

Once the light of Alfheim was restored, the light elves immediately started looking for their missing ruler. Freyr's whereabouts is still a mystery but it's likely that he's in either of the inaccessible realms namely Vanaheim or Asgard. Either way, fans won't be able find out until the next game.

17 Atreus Vs Dark Elf Army

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Atreus had to battle an army of dark elves all by himself when Kratos pursued the light of Alfheim. How was Atreus able to withstand a battalion of dark elves alone? Sure, he's still Kratos' son but he's also sickly and even thinks he's mortal.

Even Kratos himself was speechless after seeing Atreus' accomplishment.

Atreus could barely defeat a single dark elf on his own before getting himself incapacitated. On top of that, this all happened before he even realized he was a god, making this feat even more mind-blowing.

16 The Fate Of The Valkyries

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The Valkyries are some of the most formidable adversaries Kratos will ever encounter in the game. However, once Kratos frees them from their corrupted state, their next move remains unclear. Valkyrie queen Sigrun revealed that she will reunite with her sisters and attempt to bring back balance to the realms.

Midgard is teeming with monsters without the Valkyries.

Of course, Odin is responsible for cursing the Valkyries so he might not be happy once he finds out they're free. It's unclear if Odin will allow the Valkyries to resume their work or if they're actually plotting revenge against the allfather himself.

15 Is Atreus The Infamous Trickster?

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During the end of the game, it's revealed that Atreus' mother wanted him to be named Loki. Of course, Kratos wanted to name him after a Spartan soldier instead. That said, it's a wonder if Atreus is supposed to be the real Loki from Norse mythology or if he's just supposed to be named after him.

Atreus' mother Faye is also known as “Laufey the just” which is also the same name of Loki's mother in Norse mythology. However, Atreus' role has been quite different from the infamous trickster's and there seems to be a contrast between the personality of both.

14 The Dragons Are Loose Again (Thanks To You)

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One of Kratos' side-quests involves freeing a number of dragons trapped in bondage by a magical seal. Once Kratos manages to free these enormous beasts, they basically take to the skies without uttering a single word! It would be great to see a nod of acknowledgment at least but these dragons left in a hurry.

The question now is, where are they off to and what will they do next? Furthermore, it's also a mystery how the shape-shifting dwarf Otr, known in mythology for taking the form of an otter, ended up becoming a dragon in the first place.

13 Will Atreus Develop Loki's Powers?

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If Atreus happens to be the same Loki from Norse mythology, does this mean he will also inherit the powers of the infamous Jotunn trickster soon? If that is indeed the case, then he would later have the ability to shape-shift into all sorts of creatures. He might even be more powerful given his mixed Greek demigod blood.

Kratos already has his hands full with normal Atreus, it must be even more stressful once he becomes the infamous prankster himself. Regardless, it's still too early to tell what would become of Atreus at this point.

12 What Happened To Loki's Father?

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Faye might have wanted his son to be named Loki but does this also mean he represents the notorious trickster in this universe? If so, then what happened to his supposed Norse mythology father Farbauti now that Kratos is in the picture? Loki's' mixed lineage also complicates things further given that he's now part Greek and giant.

While Farbauti might not be his father in this realm, it's still puzzling that he's nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps Farbauti was exterminated along with the other giants but it's still anybody's guess either way.

11 Brok & Sindri's Dispute

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Both Brok and Sindri might have joined forces again in the later parts of the game but prior to that, they were practically irreconcilable. The two dwarven brothers gave hints as to why their partnership fell apart. However, they didn't really go into detail over what exactly caused their rift as both are keeping things a bit vague.

While the two of them might not share similar qualities in both personality and physique, they were basically inseparable before. Whatever broke their friendship might have had something to do with pride, they are both accomplished blacksmiths after all.

10 The Untouchable Giant

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Odin ordered Baldur to hunt giants like Kratos' wife Faye but didn't know that she was already gone. If their goal was to wipe out every known giant in the realm, then they've certainly overlooked the noticeably ginormous Jotunn Jormungandr. Baldur and his company focused on pursuing Kratos and Atreus instead.

A giant was sitting right under their noses all along!

Perhaps Jormungandr is too strong for him and his nephews to handle, so who knows. After all, the world serpent already fought Thor in the future, a battle that ended in a draw, no less.

9 Faye's Passing

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The game starts with a calm yet sentimental Kratos, who's in the middle of preparing the remains of his late wife Faye. While players get to see the whole process, they won't get to see how she passed away. It's assumed that she expired out of old age or during hunting but these weren't exactly confirmed.

Faye lives on through Atreus' stories though.

Players are left with fragments of stories about Faye's life and her positive impact on others. However, how she spent her last moments will remain a mystery for now.

8 Is Baldur's Fatal End Permanent?

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Baldur eventually fell by Kratos' hand but not without giving him and Atreus a difficult time during the game's final moments. Will Baldur's passing truly mark the last time players will ever see the once-invulnerable god or will there be a chance for Freya to bring him back to life? Mimir hinted that it's unlikely Freya could reanimate him.

However, in Norse mythology, Freya did attempt to bring Baldur back from Helheim. Freya did lock herself inside her hut for quite some time following Baldur's end so rescuing him could be on her to-do list.

7 Odin's Perplexing Foresight

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Mimir told Kratos that it seemed like Odin already knew they were going to the highest peak before their journey even started. It's quite peculiar how Odin was able to find out Kratos' mission before the Spartan even knew it himself. If Odin knew that they would soon pursue Kratos to the highest peak all along, then how could he have not known that Faye had already passed away?

Odin even sent Baldur to hunt down Faye not knowing that her ashes are all that's left of her. Odin sure is one complex individual but his vision is even muddier.

6 Faye's Hidden Secrets

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Once Kratos and Atreus finally reach Jotunheim, they see the truth about Faye and her true nature. Atreus eventually found out that he was a giant all along but questioned why her mother kept this from him all this time. Kratos retorted saying that he's sure Faye had good reasons doing so.

And Kratos thought he's the only one keeping secrets.

So what's Faye's reason for all this secrecy? Perhaps it's for protection or maybe it's to spare them from an intricately long story. Only Faye herself truly knows the real reason at this point.

5 Wrath Of Freya

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It's still quite uncertain if fans will ever get to see Freya reigning vengeance over Kratos and Atreus given how nice she always seemed to be to both of them. When Baldur passed away, Freya instantly turned into a vengeful mother promising to wreak havoc on Kratos' life. Of course, this can be taken simply as a temporary emotional response after seeing her beloved son expire.

However, what if Frey wasn't bluffing and actually meant every word she said? Will she really forget all the good that she has done so far just to exact revenge? The plot thickens.

4 The Huldra Brothers

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Brok and Sindri made a name for themselves with their expert craftsmanship but it seems like they have another reputation that's a bit under-the-covers. The brothers might be dwarves but they are also known by the moniker “Huldra brothers.” Huldras are seductive forest creatures that look nothing like dwarves.

Brok and Sindri have truly outdone themselves.

Mimir refuses to tell Atreus how the brothers got their moniker explaining that he was too young to hear it. Of course, Mimir's explanation implies that the brothers got that moniker for doing something naughty but the story itself is anyone's guess.

3 What Did Faye Look Like?

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Kratos and Atreus both talk about Faye a lot but never really went into detail on how she exactly looked like. It's curious to see how Faye was able to attract a hotheaded demigod like Kratos. Aside from crude mural sculptures, there aren't many portraits depicting Faye either.

Since Faye was a giant, could she have been even bigger than Kratos? Whatever it is, she certainly possessed a lot of charm if she was able to capture the heart of a ruthless Spartan general and warmongering god such as Kratos.

2 Meaning Of The Hidden Mural

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After Kratos and Atreus finally arrive in an empty Jotunheim, they notice some murals that Faye intended for them to see. Most of these murals depict the future as it portrayed Kratos' arrival along with his journey with Atreus. However, Kratos also saw a secret mural hidden behind a cloth but didn't tell Atreus about it.

Kratos sees something we don't.

The mural depicted Atreus with what looks like a snake coming out of his mouth. If this is the future then Kratos' life must be in jeopardy considering how he was depicted laying down in that final mural.

Bonus: (Can be placed for ice-breaking/comical purposes but can also be omitted altogether)

1 Atreus' Secret Arrow Stash

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Ever wondered how Atreus is able to whip up a new batch of arrows every time Kratos orders him to shoot? It's quite befuddling how Atreus manages to always fill his quiver up with arrows without the need for scavenging materials or even crafting them individually. In battle, Atreus will only pause momentarily if his arrows are used up before regaining his stock shortly after.

However, Atreus has an infinite amount of arrows outside of battle so he basically shoots to his heart's content. Of course, this could be nothing more than a mere game design but it's still puzzling nonetheless.

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