God Of War: 10 Facts About Spartan Rage You Didn’t Know

Ask anyone who's played 2018's God Of War and they can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that this title is one of the best gaming experiences they've enjoyed in recent memory. There are several reasons as to why this is the case, with the amazing story and beautiful graphics being just a few of the many reasons why this game has received the adoration of millions across the globe.

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Of course, when one talks about the incredible aspects of God Of War, then it pretty much goes without saying that the innovative combat is one of the biggest aspects of this game. We can go on and on about the uniqueness of the Leviathan Axe...but that would be diverging off topic. Our main topic of focus when it comes to this article is Spartan Rage — namely, we're here to list out 10 things about the power-up that you had no idea about.

10 Kratos' Health Is Refilled With Every Hit In Spartan Rage

One of the biggest reasons why Spartan Rage is such a major facet in God Of War is because it can prove to be a lifesaver in tough situations. If you activate this ability while stuck in a hard spot, then Kratos will attain the ability to regenerate his health with every hit in this state.

Due to the regeneration being tied to damage output, Spartan Rage cannot be used to give a quick health boost will hiding away from the enemy. Of course, that's not the only reason why Spartan Rage is useful in a pinch.

9 Any Damage Kratos Take Reduces His Rage Bar In This State

God Of War is not an easy game by any means, especially on the higher difficulties. However, experienced players have mastered every aspect of the combat system in this game and use it to their advantage.

A great example would be the identification of the fact that Spartan Rage negates any damage Kratos might get. Instead, an enemy's attack will just deplete Kratos' Rage Bar instead.

8 Spartan Rage Is All About Strength

Stats in God Of War are a highly debatable topic. On the one hand, it's always better to aim for higher stats so that you are more effective in combat — well, in an ideal situation. However, with equipment determining Kratos' level, it's better to focus on that instead of the stats.

However, make sure that you always prioritize your Strength attribute, at least. We say this because Kratos' moves in Spartan Rage will increase in damage with your Strength.

7 Any Perks Associated With Bare-Handed Damage Also Affect Spartan Rage

Of course, with the sheer complexity present in God Of War's combat system, it's evident that Strength isn't the only aspect that dictates the power of Kratos' bare hand attacks.

Rather, it's also about Kratos' perks that affect his bare-handed damage. Basically, if Kratos has good bare-handed perks and a great Strength stat, then he's virtually unstoppable in Rage Mode. Outside of Spartan Rage, fist attacks can be almost as devastating as the Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos, so it is not a waste to add a few perks for bare-handed moves.

6 Kratos' Eyes Emit A Yellowish Glow In Spartan Rage

Here's a little detail you might not have noticed in Rage Mode. In this state, the fact that Kratos becomes slightly faster and stronger is pretty obvious.

However, what you might not be aware of is the fact that Kratos' eyes also change in this mode, somewhat similar to how Saiyans have their eyes turn green when they become a Super Saiyan. As reported and captured by Reddit user KamiAlth, his eyes attain a yellowish hue instead.

5 Atreus Can Also Access Spartan Rage

There are times in the game when Atreus completely loses it and wails on his enemies with not a single care in the world. Well, what you might not be aware of is that, during these scenes, Kratos' son actually accesses his inner Spartan Rage as well!

However, there are times when this transformation hasn't exactly been beneficial in the long run. Atreus' Spartan Rage also is not a carbon copy of Kratos' version, which is presumably a side-effect of his mother's genes.

4 Using Spartan Rage When You're Unaware Of Its Existence Can Have Drastic Effects

Kratos' decision to hide Atreus' godly status until a fair way into the story is a debatable point. Critics of this decision point out that keeping this a secret led to Atreus entering a coma after accessing this state for the first time. Well, nobody every claimed Kratos is a perfect father.

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The fact that Atreus was unaware of the fact that he was a god — and thus, by extension, not fully aware of the power of Spartan Rage — is the reason why accessing his Spartan Rage proved to be so detrimental.

3 The Rage Meter Needs To Be Full Before Activation To Prevent The Spamming Of This Move

The creators of God Of War knew that Spartan Rage would be one of the biggest trump cards in any gamer's arsenal. However, at the same time, they didn't want gamers to spam this ability in a bid to win every fight.

So, these developers decided to attach a handicap to the move — basically, players could only activate Spartan Rage after filling it up to a certain level. This is represented by the single bar that bridges into two once the player upgrades their capacity to use Spartan Rage.

2 A Self-Made Power

One might assume that Spartan Rage is an ability that Kratos could access only because of the Greek Gods and Titans who gave him all his other powers in the first place. However, that isn't even remotely the case.

If anything, Spartan Rage and God of War III's similarly titled "Rage of Sparta" are the only powers that Kratos did not gain through these beneficiaries. So, it seems that the act of Kratos biting the hand that fed him over the course of the original trilogy wasn't all that bad.

1 Kratos Can Activate Spartan Rage Instantaneously For A Long Time If He Is Truly Enraged

Anyone who's played God Of War can attest to the fact that Kratos is one angry dude. The very fact that this ability is named Spartan Rage should be proof enough of this fact.

In fact, there are moments in the game when Kratos is absolutely seething with pure anger, such as when he takes a massive beatdown or his son is in imminent danger. During these moments, something clicks within him and he loses all his senses, activating his Spartan Rage for extended periods of time in an instant.

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