God Of War Superfan Awarded Guinness Award For Largest GOW Collection

A very deserving fan has been handed the Guinness World Record for the largest God of War collection following Santa Monica Studios catching wind of his dedication to the iconic franchise.

Emanuel Mojica Rosas, who hails from Jalisco, Nayarit in Mexico has a collection boasting 583 GOW items, having begun collecting memorabilia when his grandmother passed away in 2011.

Mojica Rosas' family struggled to cope with the passing and, to make things worse, he ended up losing his job. God of War happened to be the only thing he could turn to.

"My only escape was to pick up my PlayStation 2 and start to play God of War," he explains. "If Kratos can change his own destiny, I can do it."

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Emanuel's collection includes mugs, t-shirts, and collector's editions, among many other items. But he was understandably surprised when devs Santa Monica contacted him.

He was invited down to the studio for what he thought would be a tour, yet there was so much more in store. As mentioned above, and as shown by PlayStation's YouTube channel, the superfan was named a Guinness World Record holder, but he was also given the original burned disc for the first God of War game for the PlayStation 2 by the game's creative director Cory Barlog.

You could check out Emanuel's heartwarming experience in a video detailing his visit below:

"You inspire me continually, every time I hear anything that you say, because it helps me understand that it doesn’t matter how hard something gets. It doesn’t matter how dark the path appears," Barlog says to Emanuel during the visit. "There is always a light somewhere. That’s amazing."

It has been quite the year for Santa Monica studios. Since the newest installment of GOW launched last April, the studio has experienced no end of success - and, of course, some serious windfall.

The game has attracted countless awards, including several Game of the Year accolades for 2018.

Santa Monica recently made a neat dynamic PlayStation 4 theme available to fans for free in order to commemorate GOW's first anniversary. But there are already rumors regarding an upcoming title that could focus on Ragnarok.

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