God Of War: 10 Facts About Faye, Kratos' Fallen Wife And Atreus' Mother

In 2018's God of War players were introduced to a new Kratos. He wasn't only living another life in a completely different mythological plane, but he now had a personality and emotional depth he never had before.

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Early on players meet his son Atreus, and experience the burial of his late wife, Faye. The entire game centers on Kratos and Atreus trying to complete their promise of burying her ashes in the place she asked them to. Let's look at 10 facts about Kratos' fallen wife and Atreus' mother, Faye.

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10 Her Pet Bird

Before her passing Faye had a pet gyrfalcon that she named Jophie. It was a smart and loyal bird which she had by her side for years. Atreus would call out to the bird in hopes of commanding it, but unfortunately for him, the bird only listened to his mother's calls.

The gyrfalcon isn't a fictional creature, but in reality, is the largest species of falcon found in the wild. They're native to Arctic coasts and tundra, as well as on the islands of Northern North America, Europe, and Asia.

9 Working With Tyr

Tyr is one of the more famous Norse gods and another son of Odin. He fought for peace among the realms and his unwavering belief that everyone could coexist led to Odin become suspicious of his son.

After a series of events which included Tyr working with Faye to hid the Jotunheim Tower to protect the people of that realm, Odin imprisoned Tyr. Many thought that Odin had killed his son due to his fear of disloyalty, but he simply tied him to a chain and left him to rot.

8 Keeping Secrets

Faye is a character completely enclosed in secrets. Little is known about her past and who she was before players learn of her at the beginning of the game.

Some characters like Mimir, Sindri, and Brok know a fair amount about her, but as the game goes on there are plenty of discovers that laid dormant for ages. Often secrets are associated with immoral behavior but it seems Faye hid everything she could for the safety and protection of her and her family. Her heart was always in the right place.

7 Linguist

A funny discovery for Kratos is that he learns about Atreus having a way with words. The young boy can read multiple languages and it comes as a big surprise to his father. It turns out Kratos spent most of his time out in the wild hunting, while Atreus mostly grew up under the supervision of Faye.

It seems that over those years she helped her son understand parts of other languages she was fluent in. Maybe Atreus can take some time to help his father learn and make him a bit more distinguished.

6 Fighting Skills

If Kratos is impressed by your fighting skills then you know you're doing a thing or two correctly. Kratos praises Faye's ability to protect herself and cause damage, and it seems like they're more than kind words for one's significant other.

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As will be discussed in the following entry, Faye was a hero and in doing so understood she needed to know how to fight. During their time together it's also likely that Kratos and Faye gave each other tips and tricks they both learned along the way.

5 A True Heroine

Though we'll get into her nicknames later, knowing that she sometimes went by the name Laufey the Just will put this all into perspective. Players are led to believe that Faye was Kratos' housewife of sorts and she was simply a loving caretaker.

It turns out that on top of being a great fighter, she was also a protector of the weak. She looked out for those who couldn't defend themselves and made sure they were safe. Kratos may not be the traditional hero, but it seems his wife truly was.

4 Nicknames

On top of being Laufey the Just, Faye also went by the nickname Last Guardian of the Jotnar, as well as Atreus calling her mother. Now, the word mother isn't a nickname as Atreus is just stating her familial relationship to him, but it felt worthy of including.

Modi, Thor's brother, also calls her something which can't be included in this family-friendly article. Let's just say it wasn't exactly a term of endearment and was purposefully used to get Kratos hot and bothered.

3 Second Wife

Not being the first husband or wife to someone is an interesting situation to find one's self in. You understand that they loved someone before, but for one reason or another, things just didn't work out.

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In Kratos' case, he was solely responsible for the death of his previous wife and child which likely shocked Faye, at first. Considering she's such a strong and capable woman in her own right she probably saw the guilt and growth Kratos had experienced since then.

2 She's Was A Giant

Twists and surprises are executed best when they play on preconceived notions or generalizations people have about things. If you can trick people into believing in something so true and commonplace, then pulling the rug from underneath them will result in a truly spectacular reveal.

This is why the realization that Faye is a frost-giant works so well. People think that frost-giants are huge in stature and blue of skin, but she's neither. It's a reveal players never saw coming.

1 Real Name

The big revelations in God of War happen at the very end when the true identities of both Faye and her son Atreus are uncovered. It turns out that Faye's real name is Laufey, and Atreus is Loki.

Faye hiding the fact that she was a giant of Jotunheim was likely due to her trying to protect both her and her son. She knew about Kratos' past and understood that he would do anything to protect them. In many ways, she was trying to protect Kratos from himself.

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