A New Godzilla Game Is Reportedly Coming To Mobile From Nexon

A new Godzilla movie is almost upon us, and it appears a new mobile game is on its way as well. MMOCulture is reporting that during Nexon's "Special Day" event, the mobile company announced multiple new games, including a Godzilla title. It is called Godzilla Defense Force, and features tower defense gameplay with card-based elements.

Check out a trailer for the game below, along with every other new Nexon announcement.

Nexon is experienced in the mobile game market. The company has developed MARVEL Battle Lines, and Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, for a couple of examples. Now Nexon will be once again using a popular licensed property. According to MMOCulture, the core gameplay consists of defending cities from enemy monsters. This is accomplished by reinforcing bases and creating structures.

As seen in the trailer, cards come into play as big assists. The stage is complete once the enemy monster is defeated. You will then acquire that enemy monster's card according to the report, which will be useful in the next battle. According to a translated article from IT.Chosun, there will be over 100 monsters featured in the game, starting right from Godzilla's first ever movie in 1954. Also, the game will be translated into 10 languages for a global release.

Via MMOCulture.com

Godzilla Defense Force is looking like a fun title for longtime fans of the kaiju. Tower defense games are popular for on-the-go players, and now Godzilla fans can jump in on the fun. The trailer itself features a number of monsters from the Japanese series, including Hedorah (known to American audiences as the Smog Monster), the giant spider Kumonga, the plant monster Biollante, and even Ebirah, the giant shrimp from Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster. Of course, King Ghidorah is here sporting his 1991 design, though with his roar from the 2001 movie. Clearly, fans are going to have fun simply seeing which monsters will pop up.

The year 2019 is a great time for Godzilla merchandise. This May will see the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters in theaters, a film that is getting a lot of positive buzz. We're also seeing numerous toys and expensive collectibles on the way as well. Although most would have probably preferred a new console title, Godzilla Defense Force is a welcome game.

Godzilla Defense Force will launch in May.

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