10 Hilarious GoldenEye 007 Memes Only True Fans Understand

It’s incredible how video games based on movies have fizzled out so much that we don’t even get these releases in this day and age anymore, yet one of the best games ever made is considered to be GoldenEye 007.

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There are a lot of things that don’t make sense about the James Bond series, but there’s a unanimous consensus that this game was incredible. Now that it’s been half a century since its release, fans have taken to memes to keep it alive in the hearts of those who loved playing it. With that in mind, here are the 10 best memes about the game for you.

10 The Greatest Mystery

When we were kids, hardly anyone noticed this abnormality going on the cover art for the game, and pointing it out is something that will make you question your own childhood. For some reason, James has right cheek seemingly extended, which makes one wonder what the heck is up with the picture.

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It gets even more baffling once you stop to consider if it’s not the cheek that appears on the side of the gun, but if it is James’s hand, whose fingers make it appear as if they are his lips. It’s all really weird and no amount of discussion can throw any light on what’s happening here.

9 We've All Tried It

Who among us hasn’t wanted to be on the poster for a video game? Add to that, we all wanted to feel like James Bond himself due to the addiction the game brought, which has led to fan events having the option of making someone feel as if they really are James Bond.

This guy right here is living the dream, as he’s gotten his face perfectly placed on Bond’s body on the cartridge of the game. It just goes to show how fans will never outgrow the fandom that GoldenEye 007 brought.

8 Forgetting Something, Sean?

Maybe Sean Bean has died so many times in his work that he’s taken to forgetting where he’s even appeared now. Sean was one of the villains (and yes, he dies here too) in Hitman 2, which is a great game to get into if you want a similar experience to the spy life.

During promotion for his appearance, Sean insisted he hadn’t been in a video game before, drawing the outrage of GoldenEye 007 fans who couldn’t fathom how Sean could forget he was featured in one of the greatest games of all time.

7 Who Needs Call Of Duty?

First-person shooters have lost that magical touch they once had where creativity inspired better games to follow, since Call of Duty games have brought in a generic formula that is repeated year after year.

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This is why GoldenEye 007 is revered by those of us old enough to have played it back then, as it reminds us that there were once times where you could get addicted to a game that had several surprises and thrills without repeating the same format all the time like Cal of Duty.

6 Invincible!

There’s this YouTuber who is known for making videos that instruct people on how to conduct hacks, who also opened up a channel later on how to use guns. This brought in a bit of a panic as to what this guy was planning, with memes following soon enough.

GoldenEye fans will remember the “I’m invincible!” guy from the film, who sparked a wide variety of memes the moment this became an option on the internet. Combining the YouTuber and this character makes us wonder if there’s a real-life evolution of James Bond material going on or not.

5 That's Destructive Potential

Back when terrible graphics were considered awesome by gamers, anything that was shot out of a gun needed to have an explosion upon contact to illustrate that a firearm had been used. GoldenEye 007 exaggerated this to extreme levels, to the point that everything exploded once you shot it.

You could shoot computers and watch them blow up, but at least there was a justification in that those were machines. However, chairs also came under this rule for some reason and they would explode if you happened to shoot them.

4 What Could Have Been

While the multiplayer mode was considered groundbreaking and one of the factors that made the game a legendary release, it was also responsible for breaking up quite a few friendships because the split-screen mode would cause enough confusion for players to get into fights.

Back then, calling friends over to your house wasn’t very easy because of the absence of mobile phones, so kids took to inviting neighbors over to play. However, this more often than not led to the end of friendships when the multiplayer argument eventually started up.

3 Just Keep Shooting

Spamming moves is the easiest “cheat” that players take to when they have no clue what they’re supposed to do. First-person shooters always end up being spam-worthy for players who aren’t very competent, leading to scenarios where they barrel through enemies with no sense of direction.

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GoldenEye 007 had several sequences where enemies would overwhelm the player if they strayed away, which was where the spamming mentality kicked in as the player would take to running around and shooting whatever they saw.

2 The Classic Cut

It’s hard to fathom how we once thought graphics that were so hilarious could ever be considered “good”, but that’s exactly how we felt about GoldenEye 007 back in the day. Nowadays, there has been quite a lot of fun poked at the graphics making the people appear to have bobbleheads.

For this reason, this guy in the meme won’t be getting away lightly where GoldenEye fans are concerned, since he reminds us of how the characters within the game used to look. For that matter, even the man himself looks like he walked right out of the game and into the real world.

1 Never Satisfied

By the end of the game, the player’s job is to let Natalya work on disabling the satellite, leaving you to fight off the enemies that arrive to foil these plans. As one would expect, the game extended this sequence quite a lot, which left us feeling unappreciated by Natalya’s lack of acknowledgment for our efforts.

Instead, her stock commentary is generally filled with criticism doled out toward James and, by extension, the player. Had there been an option to shoot her, then you can bet a significant amount of money that people would’ve done just that.

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