GoldenEye 007: 25 Tricks From The Game That Players Have No Idea About

When I was growing up, I had a cousin who would become the protagonist of whatever film or video game he had just completed. After seeing the 2008 Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell film Get Smart, he was a secret agent. Him and I also crafted a parody song entitled “I Kissed The Rock and I Liked it” based off the infamous scene from the aforementioned film.

After seeing Sherlock Holmes in theatres with our grandmother and other cousin, he spent the rest of the day deducing our every action. This got old quite fast and grandma put a stop to that right quick. But his longest childhood obsession was Bond, James Bond. After seeing as many of the films as his age would allow, he fell in love with Bond and our family supplemented his obsession by purchasing him a series of Bond-themed video games. He would spend literal hours with his face inches from the screen, living vicariously through the pixelated avatar, and living out his wildest Bond dreams and fantasies. And though he dedicated nearly every waking moment to these games, he truly did struggle at times.

He would scour forums and game guides during our allotted internet hour and would try his best to implement the tricks and tips he had learned during his next gaming session. But gathering all of the advice the internet had to offer was tricky and time consuming. So, I gathered up as many tips and tricks as I could find to create this streamlined game guide to GoldenEye 007.

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25 Extend The Train Scene Time Limit

Via Wizard Dojo

Look, sometimes there just is not enough time to accomplish every aspect of a mission. Timed missions are stressful and sometimes you need a little pick me up. A little extension. In order to extend the train mission, stand on the right so that Xenia gets in the crossfire. After she speaks to you, begin to hastily make your way through the floor panel. Alec will not announce the start of the strict time limit until you’ve nearly made your way through.

24 How To Expertly Hide Proximity Mines

Via Moby Games

Sometimes you need all the help you can get and sometimes that help comes in the form of hidden, or even borderline invisible, mines. In order to achieve this, place a mine on a window or a glass wall while playing in multiplayer mode and proceed to shoot it. The glass will break and shatter but the mine will surprisingly stay suspended in mid air. This suspension will provide a minor cloaking effect on the mine and you can use that to your advantage.

23 Hiding In Plain Sight

Via E Technik

Sometimes you need to hide and you need to hide quickly. But there is not enough time to find a hiding spot. To become essentially invisible, simply follow the below instructions. Open up the cheat menu (explained later) and input the following keys in the exact order as described. (1) L Button+R Button+C-Left, (2) L Button+R Button+C-Down, (3) L Button+C-Left, R Button+C-Left, (4) R Button+Right, (5) L Button+R Button+Left, (6) L Button+Right, (7) Left, (8) L Button+R Button+C-Left, and finally (9) L Button+Down.

22 Get The Throwing Knives

Via Retro Collect

Throwing knives can be exceptionally cool, intimidating, and fun. Sure, other weapons are more intimidating. But there is just something so cool about being able to whip a blade down a hallway and take down a bad guy. Hidden in Bunker 2 are the throwable knives. At the start of the corresponding level, pocket the magnet watch that is needed to get the cell key. Escape your cell, end the guard, and find the hole just past your cell. If you use the magnetic watch, you will be able to pull the knives out of said hole.

21 Cinematic Easter Eggs

Via Mirror

When making a game based on a movie, it is important to put as many references to said movie into the game as physically possible. Truly, so many. Included in this game, there is a hidden copy of the movie itself, which can be seen only if one knows where to look. When retrieving the CCVV tape from Bunker 2, press the START key and scroll down on your inventory list until you find said tape. Double tap the START button and your watch will hold a picture from the film.

20 Become Completely Invincible

Via YouTube

What is a game without the ability to unlock God Mode? There is nothing more exhilarating than being able to run through a game without worrying about any enemy in your path because you, my friend, are invincible. In order to become the best version of Bond and unlock the infamous God Mode/Invincibility, just input the following keys in the games cheat menu (explained later.) (1) L+Down, (2) R+C Down, (3) R+C Up, (4) L+ Right, (5) L+C Down, (6) R+C Up, (7) L+right, (8) R+Down, (9) L+left, and finally, (10) L+R+C Right.

19 Turn A Scientist Into A Raging Monster

Via Wikia

Have you ever heard of or seen a mad scientist? I don’t mean a scientist who has gone beyond the confines of ethics and moral law in order to see just how far they can push the bounds of nature. No, I mean a scientist that is in a rage so powerful that they are absolutely beside themselves. In order to turn the Scientist that can be found within this game into a total rage monster, one need only to take two shots and him and his friends. He will not like this at all and will make his displeasure well known.

18 Enter Into Paintball Mode

Via YouTube

If you enter the following cheat code, you will be able to unlock Paintball mode and play a more "Safe For Work" version of the game. Enter the cheat menu (explained later) and input the following code. (1) R Button + Right, (2) L Button + R Button + C-Left, (3) L Button + Up, (4) R Button + C-Down, (5) L Button + C-Down, (6) L Button + R Button + C-Down, (7) L Button + R Button + Up, and (8) L Button + C-Down. When the code has been successfully entered, an effect will sound. Exit the menu and the new mode will be available upon retry.

17 Shortcuts Through The Caves

Via Tech Spot

When traversing through the caves that can be found in certain levels in the game, things can get a little bit tedious and one may want to speed things up a bit. If one strategically detonates the lockers near the section of the cave equipped with drones, one will find a secret passage. Note: there is a chance that there might be lockers on the other side of this secret passage that might need to be cleared out of the way via explosions as well, so be prepared.

16 Get A Big Headstart On A Boss

Via Indie Games

Something that always irritates me when playing games is the lag between the end of a cut scene and resuming gameplay. When facing off with Baron Samedi, it is possible to begin firing while the cutscene is ongoing in order to end things a bit more quickly once normal play resumes. Simply press and hold the fire button (with any weapon) when Bond nears the end of the stage until the women run out of ammo. When the level/stage cutscene ends, you will be able to set off the last weapon Bond was using and its aim will be true.

15 Completely Disable Radar

Via Gamecrate

To disable that pesky radar, one need only to access the cheat menu and enter a specific code. Like all cheats, a sound will play when the code has been entered correctly and upon exiting and re-entering the menu, the new cheat will appear. To unlock the cheat menu, players must first unlock any non-cheat-menu related cheat. After that, the menu will be available on the file screen. To disable radar, enter the following code exactly as written below. (1) R Button + Up, (2) C-Down, (3) C-Left, (4) C-Up, (5) L Button + Down, (6) R Button + Up, (7) C-Left, (8) Right, (9) R Button + Left, and (10) R Button + Right.

14 Enter The Bunker Early

Via: GoldenEye: Source

Sometimes you don’t want to wait for one’s gameplay to unlock a certain area. Sometimes you just want to get on with the plot and unlock it for yourself. In order to access the game's Bunker earlier than the game has planned for you (which is not recommended but you do you,) simply open up the mission select screen and enter the following code as written below. (1) L + Down C, (2) R + Right, (3) L + Right C, (4) R + Left C, (5) L + Down C, (6) L + R + Left, (7) L + Right C, (8) L + R + Up, (9) R + Right C, and (10) L + Up (Hold.)

13 Discover The Aztecs

Via Mental Floss

In the same vein as the early Bunker access cheat, some players just cannot wait to explore the games’ Aztec region and want to speed things along. And though I do believe that patience is a virtue, I will help you accomplish these hasty goals. First, you have to go to the mission selection screen. Then you must enter the next code in the exact sequence in which it is presented here. (1) L+R+UP, (2) L+R+C-RIGHT, (3) L+DOWN, (4) R+RIGHT, (5) R+UP, (6) L+DOWN, (7) L+LEFT, (8) L+C-RIGHT, (9) L+R+C-RIGHT, and (10) L+LEFT.

12 Become The Tiniest Bond

Via: JoeIE

In order to play as the tiniest version of Bond possible one must first open up the cheat menu and then enter the following code exactly as written here. (1) L Button + R Button + Down, (2) R Button + Down, (3) L Button + C-Down, (4) Left, (5) R Button + C-Left, (6) L Button + R Button + C-Down, (7) Right, (8) Down, (9) R Button + C-Down, and (10) R Button + Right. Note: the game will play a small sound when the code has been entered correctly and the file will not appear until the cheat menu has been closed and reopened.

11 Aim For The Hat

Via Info

The best mechanic that was ever introduced into the world of gaming was the ability to knock your enemies hats off, literally. There is nothing more fun than taking aim at your enemies and watching their hats fly sky high while they stand below, physically unharmed yet emotionally scarred with soiled pants. In order to achieve this wonderful ability, simply take aim at your enemies hats and fire. It’s that simple. Unlike many of the other truly convoluted cheats on this list, this one is nothing but good old fashioned simple fun.

10 Unlock Bonus Weapons

Via: Gaming Historia

Sure, the game will provide you with a plethora of weapons via drop spots and discarded weapons gathered from searching fallen enemies. But sometimes they throw in a few bonus items that can only be achieved by completing specific tasks, missions, and levels. There are three bonus weapons hidden throughout this game that can be unlocked by completing three levels. The Magnum will be unlocked after the Antenna Cradle has been completed. The Laser will become yours once the Aztec Complex has been completed. And the Golden Gun will be awarded to those who finish the Egyptian Temple.

9 The Best Way To Travel

Via Imgur

Alright, off the bat I must announce that this cheat can only be achieved by combining two cheats. In order to unlock the ability to make Mr Bond travel by flight, one must first activate Tiny Bond mode. Once your Bond is as tiny as physically possible, he must then be taken to a staircase and forced to crouch as low as physically possible. After this, simply attempt to walk off the steps and your Tiny Bond will soar through the air like a beautiful yet oddly-formal bird.

8 Eliminate Security Cameras

Via Youtube

Security cameras are the absolute worst and no one can have a really good time when they have to spend their time trying to avoid being caught by them. In order to guarantee that Bond will take down these cameras with a single shot, simply aim at the camera with a single shot weapon, wait for its lens to turn entirely black, and fire a sole shot. The security camera should instantly and dramatically explode on contact with that single shot and Mister Bond will be free to do as he pleases.

7 Double Gun, Double Fun

Via YouTube

I’m sorry, but there is absolutely no reason why someone as cool and awesome as James Bond should be forced to only use one weapon at a time. Let him use two. I mean, he has two hands. Doesn’t he? What is the other hand doing? Slacking off? Not on my watch. To get a double weapon, hold down the aim button and fire the Left gun. While it is reloading, quickly change your weapon and fire as quickly as you can. If this is done correctly, Bond should suddenly have one weapon in each hand.

6 All For Gun

Via YouTube

I mean, you could put hours of gameplay into this game and scour each and every level in order to unlock each and every gun available to you. Or you could just unlock them all at once using this handy dandy cheat code. While in "game" mode, enter the following code exactly as written below. (1) L + R + DOWN, (2) L + C-Left, (3) L + C-Right, (4) L + R + C-Left, (5) L + DOWN, (6) L + C-Down, (7) R + C-Left, (8) L + R + C-Right, (9) R + UP, and (10) L + C-Left.

5 Amp Up The Ammo

Via YouTube

There are two steps to giving all of your guns the ability to fire off bullets as quickly and efficiently as possible. The first step is to input the following code sequences while actively playing. (1)L Button + R Button +, (2) C-Right, (3) R Button + Up, (4) R Button + Down, (5) R Button + Down, (6) L Button + R Button + C-Right, (7) L Button + R Button + Left, (8) R Button + Down, (9) R Button + Up, (10), L Button + R Button + C-Right, and (11) R Button + Left. Then, while playing, one must load the weapon and hold Z after the first shot (then continue to hold A and Z.)

4 A Jungle Life For Me

Via: Youtube( Goldeneye007Centre)

This cheat is for all of you impatient players out there who just could not wait to unlock the Jungle map when the plot called for it. And that’s fine, I understand. Sometimes you have to break the rules and speed things along a little bit. I get it. In order to unlock the Jungle level before the game makes this option available, one must travel to the mission select screen and enter the following codes. (1) R + C-Down, (2) R + Left, (3) L + R + Up, (4) R + Right, (5) R + Down, (6) R + Down, (7) R + Up, (8) R + C-Left, (9) R + C-Up, and (10) L + R + Left.

3 Hack The Rocket Launcher


Ah, finally another simple cheat. Honestly, some of the cheats for this game are incredibly difficult and playing without them might actually be easier. Whereas this cheat is simple and straightforward. Alright, so you have a rocket launcher but it is out of rockets and there are no rockets in the immediate vicinity. Simply hold down the Z button and locate any ammo that would be used for a heavy duty weapon. Pick it up and it will refill that pesky rocket launcher instantly!

2 Unlock The Ammo

Via: GameTripper

Now, it is important to note that this cheat will not provide you with infinite ammo. However, this cheat will greatly increase your magazine capacity to an impressive degree and is a close second to actually having infinite ammo. While actively playing the game, input the following code sequences exactly as follows. (1) L Button + R Button + C-Right, (2) R Button + Up, (3) R Button + Down, (4) R Button + Down, (5) L Button + R Button + C-Right, (6) L Button + R Button + Left, (7) R Button + Down, (8) R Button + Up, (9) L Button + R Button + C-Right, and (10) R Button + Left.

1 Don't Miss Your Train

Via YouTube

The train level is one of the most exciting and fun levels in the entire fame so it only makes sense why someone would want to travel to it before the game has it ready for you. In order to unlock the train mission ahead of time, go to the mission select screen and input the following cheat. (1) R + Left, (2) R + C-Down, (3) R + C-Right, (4) L + R + Left, (5) L + Right, (6) R + C-Down, (7) L + Left, (8) L + R + C-Left, (9) L + Up, and (10 L + C-Up.

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