25 Things Hidden In GoldenEye 007 Only True Fans Remember

If you make a list of multiplayer games that changed the gaming landscape for the genre, 1997's GoldenEye 007 would most definitely be near the top of the list. The game was originally nothing more than yet another movie adaptation meant to cash in on the popularity of James Bond's 1995 actioner GoldenEye. It was made by the lovely developers at a British game development company called Rare, and so muddled was the game's creation process that it was finally released a whole two years after the movie came out.

But once the game was released, it caught hold of the gaming population's imagination in a way that few games do and essentially birthed the modern multiplayer shooting game. The graphics for the game were amazing (for that time period), offering an incredibly immersive experience where you really felt like Agent 007, and the music very effectively set the stage for all the sleuthing and mayhem your character unleashes.

But it was the multiplayer mode that really made the game a must-have for parties and any kind of get-together for gamers. You could spend hours blasting away at your friends on one of the game's many multiplayer stages using the game's easy-to-learn control system and assisted aiming feature.

Considering the popularity of the game and its deeply detailed structure, it's no wonder that fans are still poring over various stages and coming up with hitherto unknown secrets. Here are 25 hidden parts of GoldenEye 007 that only the most attentive fans were able to uncover:

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25 Find The Golden Gun

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In the Egyptian level, there is a Golden Gun hiding behind one of the bulletproof glass panels that you can get to using a special series of moves. Step on the block that is lit for underneath. Now perform the following series of movements:

Left 2, Up 2, Right 3, Up 2, Left 1, Up 1, Left 1, Up 2.

If you do the steps in the right order, the bulletproof glass lowers once you get to the case in the middle of the room. There you will find the gun along with some ammo. Look down if you're having trouble locating the objects.

24 Use Two Assault Rifles At The Same Time

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What can be better than blowing enemies away with an AR33 assault rifle? How about blowing them away using two AR33s at the same time?

You can do that in the caverns stage.

In the room where you contact Jack Wade, there is an innocent looking box kept in the right corner. Shoot the box, and a smaller one appears inside it. Keep shooting the increasingly smaller boxes until two monitors are revealed. Shooting the monitors gives you two assault rifles, giving you twice the firepower to use on your unsuspecting enemies!

23 Speed Up Bond's Running

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This little tip lets you run faster as James Bond. All you have to do is run diagonally instead of going straight ahead. Simply hold the two C buttons down at the same time and make sure that Bond is looking roughly 40 degrees to the left or right, depending on the direction you want to take.

Using this method of running can be very useful for shaving those extra few seconds off your run. It can be a particularly useful trick to use during parts of the gameplay that involve any kind of a time limit.

22 The Secret Island That Was Never Meant To Be Found

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There was an entire island that was a part of level one, near the end of the dam. It was left incomplete due to budget constraints, and the boat that you took to get to the island removed so you could only spy it in the distance to the right side of the dam.

You can reach the island if you use GameShark cheats.

Simply turn on the 'noclip' mode and you can walk across the water to the island. There you will find a huge turret and a Gatling gun.

21 Turn The Game Into A Minimalist Drawing

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The developers created a pen and ink mode of the game that was useful for debugging the program. Then they left the mode in the game, and it can only be accessed if you use a GameShark.

But be warned, this mode is incredibly difficult to play in. The entire landscape and everything in it look like a series of thin lines, making it very hard to figure out what is going on unless you've already memorized every game level. You won't see your ammo or health. And playing multiplayer becomes virtually impossible.

20 The Movie Within The Game

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A VHS copy of a tape of GoldenEye: The Movie can be found in Bunker 2 of the inventory menu. This fun little easter egg won't do anything to help you win the game, but it acts as a cute little tie-in to the movie franchise that spawned its creation.

It also reminds you of the fact that GoldenEye: 007 may have started out as a merchandising tie-in, but it actually ended up becoming more popular than the movie itself. And really, how many other game adaptations of movies or books can boast of such an achievement?

19 Evading The Golden Gun

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In multiplayer 'The Man With The Golden Gun' mode, any player who got the golden gun had a weapon that could end the opponent with a single shot. Naturally, every player scrambled to get the gun before the others.

But there is a way to survive getting shot with the golden gun.

Your character will need to have 10+ health and wear full body armor. As long as you are only shot in the limbs and not the head or torso, you will be able to survive getting shot. It's tough, but it can be done.

18 The Remnant Of An Exciting, Deleted Mission

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You got to do all kinds of cool spy stuff in the game, but one cool little side mission was ultimately scrapped. In the Dam Level, at one point James Bond was supposed to retrieve his bungee equipment for the daring dam jump.

Using the full zoom sight of your sniper rifle, you can gaze across the reservoir to spy out a faraway building. The bungee equipment is hidden inside that building. While the side mission was removed from the final game, you can still see the equipment gathering dust inside the building.

17 End The Man Who Cannot Be Ended

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Baron Samedi is the only supernatural character in the game, able to cheat his end on multiple occasions. Even after you shoot the Baron with the powerful Golden Gun not once but three times, the Baron reappears on camera during a cutscene and laughs tauntingly at the player.

You can finish off the Baron for good during the cutscene itself.

Proximity mines laid out over the path the Baron walks over can end him upon detonation. You can also use the dual controller setting 'Domino' to fire during the cutscene and end him.

16 Walk Through A World Of Exploding Fire

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In the Silo level, Bond attaches plastique to various spots around the silo and has a set amount of time to complete his mission before the plastique explodes, annihilating everything within the level, including Bond himself.

If you use the invincibility cheat, you no longer have to worry about the timer. Or even your enemies, for that matter. The explosions have no effect on Bond in invincibility mode. Then you can simply stroll about the whole level watching your enemies be engulfed by the flames that are not even able to touch you.

15 Ruin Cutscenes Using Timed Explosives

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Mines that explode after a set amount of time are some of the most useful and powerful weapons at your disposal. You can also use the mines to alter cutscenes by randomly exploding characters in the cutscene.

For example, at the end of Surface 2 when Bond is captured, you can litter the interior with mines just before finishing the level. Half the Soviet soldiers who capture Bond during the resulting cutscene end up caught in the explosions. Similarly, escaping with Natalya in the next level while throwing timed mines at the helipad can end her.

14 Turn Bond Into A Human Tank

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Once again, we turn to cheat codes to have some fun. In this case, the two levels where Bond drives a tank can be tweaked using cheat codes. Simply activate the 'Infinite Ammo' code in the cheat menu to fire shells without even being inside the tank.

Get inside the tank and press A, followed by B and Z.

This tricks the game into thinking Bond is driving the tank. Now Bond can move around on his own, firing tank shells from an unknown location on his body. Just don't ask us where he's hiding them.

13 Get Extra Time During The Train Mission

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There's a way to nab some valuable extra time inside the train. Upon reaching the finale cart, stand on the right-hand side. This will leave Orumov standing directly in front of Xenia. Take out your gun and shoot at Orumov. Once he's hit, he'll fall, leaving Xenia in your crosshairs.

If you manage to shoot Xenia, she'll call out to Alec. Now Alec won't say you've got a minute to escape until much later. This way you have a lot more time to finish the stage. Natalya also gets more time to find Boris.

12 Get The Bullets Out Faster

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One of the biggest disadvantages to using a PP7 or a Magnum is that these are slow-firing weapons. But there is a way to get the shots out faster. For this to work, first you will need to fully load your gun, which results in more rapid shots.

You have to fire the gun using Z, and then after the first fire, hold A while stilling holding down Z. Now you will be able to fire the bigger weapons faster and take out more enemies without wasting precious moments waiting between each freshly fired shot.

11 Floating Through The Game In Multiplayer

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For this glitch, you have to choose the Facility stage in multiplayer mode. Check to see if there are any players who started in the ventilation shaft. In case there's no one there, eliminate the players until someone winds up there.

Now make another player walk towards the stall with the ventilation shaft above it.

Walk in and look up. The player in the ventilation shaft goes to the hole above the stall and looks down until the view zooms down. The player in the stall will see the player above floating in midair!

10 Everyone Plays As The Same Character

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What if all your friends want to play as the same character in multiplayer? You can! First, select Multiplayer and choose a 4-player game. Select the one character you want as Player 4, but don't launch the match

Now select a 3 player game and set player 3 as the character you picked in the earlier game as Player 4. Finally, select a 2-player game and set player 2 once again as the same character you picked in the earlier games. Finish by choosing a 3 or 4 player game and start playing! All the players will get to roam around as the same person.

9 Get An Extra Batch Of Throwing Knives

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As cool as guns are, there's something about using throwing knives that makes Bond seem even cooler. They're not very powerful weapons, but they do make you feel like a ninja assassin.

You can get the knives hidden in Bunker 2.

At the start of the level, use your magnetic watch to retrieve the cell key. After escaping your cell and taking out the guard, look for a framed hole. It's to the right of your cell. Walk up to the hole and use your watch magnet to retrieve the knives from the hole.

8 Even The Scientists Try To Take You Down!

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The scientists working in the background during your missions are mostly harmless. But that doesn't mean they don't know how to fight back. In fact, under the right circumstances, the scientists can even be made to attack Bond with some concealed weapons that they apparently carry.

This works best in 007 Mode when the enemy health is at 1000. To make the scientists attack you, shoot them twice while being careful not to end them. If done right, the scientists will pull out a DD4, and some of them will even throw hand grenades!

7 Shimmying Back Up Into The Vent

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In the Facility level in Multiplayer mode, you can use the vent via the restroom to drop into the weapons facility. But once you drop down from the vent, you can't go back up it.

Except that you can.

This is one of the oldest tricks used to come down the vent, plant various exploding weapons for other unsuspecting players and go back up again. Start by stepping onto the toilet below the vent and kneel on top of it. Now hold down R and C-right while moving the analog stick to the right.

6 Leave Bond Trapped And Helpless

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Feel like leaving Bond in the dumps for laughs? Here's how you do it. In the Train level, when Trevelyan lowers the barrier to cut Bond off from the rest of the train, you can still reach the other side of the barrier before it closes if you have Turbo mode turned on.

Now you're in the other part of the train, the part that has nothing to do with the rest of the storyline. You can walk up and down the length of the train, but Bond can't escape from the carriage to continue his mission.

5 Use Invisible Mines For The Ultimate Elimination

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What's better than using a weapon in Multiplayer Mode that your friends can't see? You have to select remote mines from the options page. Throw some of the mines on an ammo box and then pick up the box. The mines become invisible, but pressing your watch makes them go BOOM!

Proximity mines are even better.

When you find an ammo box, look down at it before picking it up. Lay a mine where the box was. Soon the box will re-appear covering the mine. Good luck to anyone who tries to pick up that box!

4 Use Attacks During Flag Tag

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Flag Tag is a multiplayer level where the goal is to retain a flag longer than the other players. It's not a very popular level, mainly because it does not allow players to draw items, use weapons or pick up body armor.

But there is a little-known way to get your hands on a weapon. Start the game with sniper rifles as your weapon of choice. Just before grabbing the flag, switch to the butt of the rifle. Hold down the ATTACK button as you run over the flag. Now you can attack other players.

3 Extra Weapons On The Train

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The Train is a difficult level to get through, simply because of the sheer number of enemies in close proximity that you have to eliminate using a mix of stealth and timing. Wouldn't it be great if you could get some help with a bit of extra firepower?

For this, you have to eliminate everybody you see in the first car. Now walk towards the brake levers to find two crates. Break the crates to find an RC-P90 or DD4. With either of these guns, your mission becomes much easier, not to mention more fun!

2 End Trevelyan Without Sound The Alarm

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This is a cool way to get the D5K that Trevelyan is carrying during the Facility mission. First get to the large area with the tanks. Instead of meeting him, take a left and go through the door. Eliminate the two guys there and make a right.

This is the area above the tanks. Use your KF7 Soviet to zoom in on Trevelyan and take him out. Once you've ended Trevelyan you can go down and take his gun from him. Turning on any gun cheat will also give you max ammo for it.

1 Turn Oddjob invisible

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Oddjob is both the most loved and most hated character in GoldenEye's multiplayer mode... okay, he might just be the most hated, on account of how his height makes it much harder to aim at him, thus giving any player who chooses Oddjob an unfair advantage over the others.

Here's how you can take even further advantage of Oddjob's lack of height.

Go into the basement as Oddjob and destroy one of the metal crates while keeping the top still on. Go inside the crate and duck down. Now no one can see you, which means you have the element of surprise.

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