It's Good To Be Bad: 25 Disney Characters Reimagined As Villains

Disney has brought wonderful characters into our lives, whether they are the heroes or villains in whatever movie or TV show we are watching. They would make us cry, laugh, and cheer when they bring us an epic scene. If it is a Disney Princess, we hope that she will succeed in finding love or reaching her goals. For any other character, we would have our eyes glued to the screen as we watch them go through a life-changing adventure. Here’s a thought: have you ever wondered what would have happened if the heroes you grew up loving were turned into villains?

Just thinking about them being the bad guys in their story makes us question how we would have seen them. How would they do villainous deeds? Would they be just as bad as their archenemies or perhaps be more so? After all, villains are complex, terrifying, and downright fun to watch if done right. If the heroes reimagined as villains were to exist, would they be the one who would win in the end, or be thwarted by the heroes’ intervention?

Not every person is born bad, but they are rather misguided to think that the world is against them, and from the fan art that is all around the internet, that concept is something to consider when looking at them. Maybe you will still love these heroes shown in a different light.

Here are some bizarre, yet awesome fan art of twenty-five Disney characters reimagined as villains!

25 Cursed Heart

via: willemijn1991.deviantart.com

Who can imagine Cinderella, a kind and patient woman becoming a villainess? Apparently, Willemijn1991 does with her lovely artwork of her shown in a different light. Perhaps the evil stepmother brought the poor Cinderella to her limits and ultimately turned her into a broody woman. The dress is mostly similar, but with black jewels, it gives Cinderella a more evil look.

Hopefully, Prince Charming is not aware of this fan art.

It takes a creative mind to think of a villainous side to a character who is so sweet and kind that they could never think bad thoughts about people. With this version of Cinderella, we wonder how she was able to not get too upset in the original story. No one really knows, but it is still a curious thought to think how an evil Cinderella would act.

24 Rule The Galaxy As Brothers

via: kiki-kit.deviantart.com

The show Phineas and Ferb centers around stepbrothers who wanted to make every day the best day ever. In this case, that might not happen. It is epic for a great Disney cartoon to crossover with Star Wars, but having to go up against your brother is kind of messed up. The art by Kiki-Kit makes us anticipate what will happen.

Ferb being Darth Maul is perhaps one of the funniest ideas to ever imagine, but poor Phineas. With Ferb being mostly quiet and all about action speaking louder than words, it fits him to portray Darth Maul. Phineas, on the other hand, just looks so helpless and shocked. If Phineas happens to be Obi-Wan, then that is a cruel fate for these brothers. At least it is not canon.

23 Not So Fair Now

via: daekazu.deviantart.com

Who is the fairest of them all? This time, Snow White is not. Known for having a pure heart and being an immensely kind sweetheart, Snow White being evil would probably make the Evil Queen more jealous of her own stepdaughter. Having her carry the poisoned apple instead is truly ironic, but amazingly a sight to behold.

Daekazu’s amazing art makes Snow White look more womanly, but still have her young looks. It is unbelievable that she is fourteen years old when she looks like she could pass for a young adult. But hey, times were completely different back then. Snow White might not be the most well developed Disney Princess, but if she were portrayed as a villain, it would bring up some interesting ideas.

22 A Strange Crossover

via: break.com

Pixar’s Brave features Merida, a Scottish princess who is courageous and strong-willed. What do you do if you crossover her with a possessed doll? Most likely a disturbing doll who is still demented. It does make sense since she and Chucky are both redheads. Travis Falligant has done great works of Disney characters reimagined as classic horror characters, and this will not be the last one on this list.

Merida becoming a villain would be very tragic since she is to be sent off to marry one of the three men who compete to win her heart. In the end, we are very glad that she did not end up with one of them, because if she was evil, then one of the men would wound up with a terrible fate.

21 The Opposite Of Light

via: jeftoonportfolio.blogspot.com

Rapunzel is one of the most cheerful and bright princesses in the Disney Princess lineup. So, if you were to give her a piece of fan art that makes her look demented, then Jeftoon01 has you covered. Known for creating the Twisted Princess series in his art career, he takes the Disney Princesses and turns them into different ladies.

Rapunzel’s hair is considered a weapon after all.

Her seventy-feet long hair has great benefits and has been useful on several occasions in Tangled. However, we do not recall Flynn getting caught in Rapunzel’s hair to the point where he is stuck. Maybe Rapunzel was taking her dearest mother’s advice too far when she sang that catchy villain song to her. Or maybe not.

20 Not Too Attached

via: sandra-delaglesia.deviantart.com

Peter Pan is one of the most beloved characters in Disney, who is the centerpiece of kids who do not want to grow up so they can stay young forever. Unfortunately, we all have to grow up sooner or later. This drawing shows a side we've never seen. Remember when he lost his shadow? It seems that he wanted revenge on it for leaving him.

Even if it is not the intention of this drawing, it is still petrifying to see a dark side of Peter Pan. Would Tinker Bell still be loyal to him despite being a villain? More importantly, would Wendy and her brothers join him to Neverland in that form? Oh boy, chills just ran down our spine thinking of that.

Art by Sandra-Delaglesia.

19 Voodoo Princess

via: jeftoon01.deviantart.com

Trust us, Jeftoon01’s amazing creations will appear on this list a few more times. This time, we have Tiana and oh goodness does she look weird. We all know the fantastic villain Dr. Facilier being interested in the dark arts, especially voodoo, but Tiana taking his place is something to behold.

Looks like she found new friends on the other side.

The artist actually made a small story of how he made this highly detailed fan art, and if Disney had alternate universes of their movies, then something like this should happen! But that would make The Princess and the Frog the scariest and darkest Disney Princess film ever. Tiana’s hard work paid off for something she did not expect, but this fan art makes us glad that there is originality.

18 Fighting For Her People

via: kasami-sensei.deviantart.com

Now when you first look at this Pocahontas drawing, you might think this is Jeftoon01’s, but it is actually drawn but Kasami-Sensei, who was inspired by the former. The movie shows us two sides of the people, the Powhatans and the Englishmen who want to settle on the former’s land. Pocahontas and John Smith both want peace, but their sides see each other as savages.

It looks like Pocahontas embodies that of a savage here. If you look closely, she does look like she is being possessed spirits, but they might be her source of strength. With them, she is not afraid to take the lives of the English who dare try to invade her homeland. It looks like she has already done so though…

17 Glitchy Character

via: jeftoon01.deviantart.com

Here we have another fan art brought to you by Jeftoon01, and it does not look so sweet for Vanellope von Schweetz. Originally a glitch in the video game Sugar Rush, the concept around Vanellope being a villain makes her being a glitch surprisingly scary. This adorable racer can definitely fit into the tragic villain category. Ralph would be scared by the sight of Vanellope if he were to see her like that.

She is one of the best kid characters to come from Disney and even though this fan art is fantastic, we cannot imagine the thought of this sweet girl being a villain, despite her circumstances in her video game. She looks like a threat that would take intense programming to make her completely go away.

16 In Another Universe

via: shadowgirl416.deviantart.com

Kim and Ron are one of the best duos in Disney, but them being villains? Now that would have been an interesting twist. Given that Kim Possible is an incredible role model, her turning into a villainess can only ruin our childhoods. Ron would probably be less clumsy, but a bad boy is not too shabby. They even got the Dr. Drakken treatment too with their skin being blue.

These two would be a dangerous power couple.

Kim has faced some clones of her before, so an evil version of her is not an unusual idea. In fact, it is quite unique. It sounds fun if the roles were reversed and Shego took Kim’s place. Dr. Drakken would probably not like the idea of being Ron, but still, it sounds fun to think of the what-ifs.

Art by Shadowgirl416.

15 The Twist

via: MonicaMarinho.deviantart.com

Sleeping Beauty might be a weak movie when it comes to Disney Princesses, but the villainess Maleficent is great. She is subtle, crazy, quiet, and loud, having dynamic characteristics that make her a standout villain. But since this is more about Aurora instead of the malicious fairy, we will discuss more about the sleeping beauty herself.

Aurora seemed to be very obedient to fulfill Maleficent’s curse, but she has her own intentions. Monica Marinho did a splendid job making this princess look dark and haunting. Whether it is the black dress or how her hair is drawn makes this fan art alluring. Aurora might not be a strong villain, but she would more than likely be remembered as a what-if kind of villain thanks to this fan art.

14 Love In A Different Time

via: lordsantiago.deviantart.com

Remember the theory of Belle having Stockholm Syndrome? If it plagued her mind and she ended up losing Beast, then Gaston would have met his match if he were to mess with Belle. Beast being a monster helps him turn into a villain, then that would have been a completely different version of Beauty and the Beast.

LordSantiago’s depiction of Belle and Beast is more simple compared to other works, but the haunting theme is still there. The lengths Belle would go in order for her to stop those who get in her way shows it with her dress being ripped in some areas.

13 Looks Not So Deceiving

via: wizyakuza.deviantart.com

The Nightmare Before Christmas is treated as both a Halloween and Christmas movie, and there is nothing wrong with that. Both balance each other and when the holidays collide, insanity arrives. Jack Skellington being a villain is plausible, since he does look the part and whatnot. The fan art done by Wizyakuza capitalizes how scary he can be.

He is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, after all.

If The Nightmare Before Christmas was a horror movie instead, then we can depend on Jack for being a frightening villain that would make us lose sleep. He is bone-chilling but can also still have the humor just like in the original movie. His job is to scare people, so keeping that aspect of him would benefit him greatly.

12 Mad Patient

via: neytirix.deviantart.com

Zootopia is a movie that provides a great message and is a completely original story, not being based on a story or fairytale. This fan art leaves a lot to think about. It is drawn well, but unpleasant to look at for a number of scary reasons. Nick Wilde just took a huge turn in this frightening looking fan art done by Neytirix.

Maybe he is not a villain and is probably a patient at a hospital. From the looks of his hands and the blurred background, he has done something that is truly messed up. This sly fox looks weird, yet afraid. Even if we cannot see Judy’s face, we are willing to bet she is mortified by the scene of this tragic event.

11 Down The Rabbit Hole

via: jeftoon01.deviantart.com

Alice has been through some madness ever since she went to Wonderland, and now it looks like she has gotten too far deep into it. Jeftoon01 just keeps impressing us with his Twisted Princess series, even though Alice is not a Disney Princess. This young girl might just be madder than the Mad Hatter himself.

The Red Queen will want to watch out for Alice.

Who knows who can stop Alice from going too mad, but it might be too late. She definitely went down into the rabbit hole to the point where her sanity has slipped. It would be an interesting duel to see who would win: this Alice or American McGee’s Alice? That all depends on how the fight will go, so think about it!

10 Wishing Something Far Different

via: jeftoon01.deviantart.com

When Geppetto wished for his puppet to be a real boy, it is more than likely that Pinocchio would not end up like this. The Blue Fairy is one of the most beautiful Disney characters, but seeing her evil grin and bringing Pinocchio to life in a demented way is bone-chilling and disturbing. Jeftoon01 is the master of making Disney fan art that can also ruin our childhoods.

Pinocchio is a dark Disney movie to begin with, as well as an intense book to read through. Jeftoon01 had the right mindset creating this petrifying fan art of these two. Looking closely at the picture, it seems that the Blue Fairy is using Pinocchio to revert her body from aging, as seen from half of her body looking old.

9 Tadashi's Dream

via: twitter.com/knzyorat

Tadashi had one thing in mind when creating Baymax, and that is to help sick or injured people. Even though Hiro was not sick, Tadashi hoped that Hiro would be very happy to see his creation. If he were to saw his younger brother and Baymax evil, he would mentally collapse. We have seen Baymax get corrupted, but Hiro turning evil?

Disney, give us more of this, please!

Facing an evil version of yourself might be challenging, but it would bring wild thoughts to the fans seeing the normal version overcome their demons. This fan art created by knzyorat on Twitter gives us this impression. If we are getting a sequel to Big Hero 6, we hope that it will be a bit darker. However, an evil Hiro is zero likely going to happen, but we can always dream.

8 Strong Ire

via: kasami-sensei.deviantart.com

You know how seducing Jasmine looks in that outfit when she distracted Jafar. About that, well, she might have dwelled in too deep and decided to take his place. There are a lot of words that can define this wonderful drawing created by Kasami-Sensei. Genie looks like he is not messing around and Iago seems more threatening than before.

Poor Aladdin, he’s probably all out of wishes at this point.

Whether Jasmine became possessed or not, her becoming a villainess sounds too much, but in a good way. She would be one of the most attractive Disney villains and would know how to get her way thanks to her charm. Everything from the art’s detail, the atmosphere, and mood, we would love to imagine how Jasmine would fare as a villain.

7 The Food Chain

via: tohad.deviantart.com

The Lion King might feature cuddly characters, but with the circle of life in mind, animals got to eat to survive. Seeing the future king of Pride Rock being a villain along with Timon and Pumbaa sounds too real. The animal kingdom is natural, but them being more malicious than their fun-loving selves makes them interesting. Move over Scar, be prepared for some insane villains taking your place.

With that in mind, “Hakuna Matata” as a villain song would take a dark approach with a different sound. Simba being traumatized after his father’s passing could drive him to do evil deeds, and have Timon and Pumbaa help him survive while exiled could affect his thinking. As much as we love these three, imagining them as villains thanks to Tohad’s image makes us think of the scenarios that could happen.

6 What Lurks Underwater

via: daekazu.deviantart.com

Ariel is a popular Disney Princess in the world of fan art, but thanks to Daekazu, we are blessed to have her sisters included in this haunting yet pretty picture. We are sure that a lot of people have thought of Ariel imagined as a villain, and it could work. Along with her sisters, they can act as sirens, who sing to lure humans, only to wish they have not gotten near them.

And with that fork, it can be used for something else other than a comb. It is fun to think of Disney Princesses like Ariel be something that is totally not them, whether it is in fanfiction, fan art, or any type of fan work. We are always impressed with what they have created.

5 Not Into Honey Anymore

via: tohad.deviantart.com

Winnie the Pooh is perhaps the most innocent bear you can think of. He is so likable that it is just impossible not to adore him. Turn the tables by making him a power-hungry and realistic bear and that makes him into a villain. At least he still has his iconic red shirt to let us know that he still is Winnie the Pooh.

Since bears are mostly carnivores, he will be craving some fresh meat, but where would he get it? Now that we think about it, we would rather have him eat endless amounts of honey. It sounds traumatizing to think of him eating his friends. Thanks to Tohad’s art, we do not know how we can handle this innocent bear becoming something other than gentle.

4 Zombified Honor

via: jeftoon01.deviantart.com

Imagine this: What would have happened if Mulan did not survive the giant avalanche? In that scenario, we would get a fallen warrior who still has honor coursing through her body. Mushu looks more dangerous than his small and adorable self, but it seems that the loss of Mulan made him awaken his true form.

Jeftoon01 knows how to make the Disney Princesses look twisted.

Even with the damage she has taken from the battle, that clearly is not stopping Mulan and her will to keep fighting, but at what cost? Well, the men fighting alongside her would know ahead of time she is a woman, but they would also probably be spooked by her since her eyes do not have any trace of black pupils.

3 Come Play With Us

via: break.com

Anna and Elsa have to be the most popular siblings in all of Disney thanks to the massive success of Frozen. They had a close sibling bond and despite being separated due to Elsa’s powers, they still care greatly for each other. They might not be twins, but in Travis Falligant’s fantastic fan art, they are portrayed as the scary twins from The Shining.

Just hearing them chant, “Come play with us,” sounds so creepy.

Since they are sisters, they would be great candidates to take on the roles, whether it is them actually being villains or just a simple Halloween party. They would definitely know how to spook people who would come to their castle without warning. Due to being ghosts, they probably cannot let it go completely.

2 The Mascot

via: danluvisiart.blogspot.com

Low and behold the mouse! You can make the argument that this is more of a horror version of Mickey Mouse, but as a villain, he would look just as strange as seen here. Once again, Dan Luvisi gives us a creepy adaptation of a beloved Disney character. Like a good villain, they would need to give you the chills like they would to their heroic counterparts.

Mickey Mouse looks like he would do more than that.

There are so many different interpretations of Mickey Mouse, whether it is him as a wizard, king, or something else, but there is surprisingly a lot of fan art of him being evil. Hopefully little kids will not be able to find those kinds of fan art, otherwise, they would be spooked by the mascot of Disney.

1 A Different Life

via: danluvisiart.blogspot.com

A mugshot of Tigger would leave people wondering what he did to get himself in the position he is in. He is full of joy, excitement, and positivity, so this is a complete 180. Judging by the picture, done by the wonderful Dan Luvisi, we can see that Tigger probably got into a fight.

More like a cat fight.

But seriously, those scratches probably meant serious business, and since this is more realistic, Tigger probably got heated up by someone who tried to get in his way. Or it could be worse, but that is just our imagination. Tigger being a villain is honestly out of character, but we did have another memorable tiger who is a great villain, so that might have been an inspiration for this fan art.

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