It’s Good To Be Bad: 20 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Villains

It’s hard to think of Disney without thinking about the Disney Princesses. They’ve become a huge part of Disney culture. Many of us grew up watching these amazing ladies fight against the worst of evils and come out on top. While some people may think Disney Princess culture has warped little girl’s minds, I beg to differ.

While yes, a few of the Disney princesses were kind of your classic damsels in distress, I can say that all of the princesses (and most of the female protagonists in Disney) have good qualities that little girls can learn from. Cinderella taught us to be kind, Aurora taught us to believe in our dreams, Belle taught us to look beyond appearances, Mulan taught us to fight for what we believed in, and so on. Are all of these ladies perfect? Of course not; they all have flaws, but they all overcome them to become something better.

My personal two favorite Disney Princesses are probably Belle and Mulan. I love Belle because I could relate to her the most. I was also that girl that had her nose stuck in a book all the time, and I loved the idea of going on some crazy adventure. And Mulan is just everything I aspired to be. She took crazy risks and became an amazing and confident fighter.

But what would happen if these princesses weren’t so good? What if the Disney Princesses went bad? That would be a pretty interesting idea, right? So here are 20 Disney Princesses that have been reimagined as villains. Let’s embrace the dark side!

Note: We will be including women who aren’t officially Disney Princesses, but are still pretty awesome Disney ladies.

20 Do We Really Want To Be Her Guest?

Via: kasami-sensei.deviantart.com, fanpop.com (peteandco)

Belle has been my favorite Disney Princess since I was a kid, and for a good reason. She’s smart, she’s pretty, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, and yet she’s still compassionate and gentle when she needs to be. And the fact that she’s the protagonist in Beauty and the Beast, one of my favorite Disney films, is also helpful.

It’s hard to imagine our lovely resident book worm as a baddie, but I guess even the sweet-tempered Belle can be pushed to her limits.

Belle as this type of vengeful ghost is oddly fitting since we know she does have a bit of a temper on her. I could see her going evil for the sake of revenge, especially if Gaston had managed to eliminate Beast. And zombie Belle is just weird.

Art by Kasami-Sensei and Peteandco.

19 What Was In That Pumpkin?

Via: fanpop.com (iHyrule), jeftoon01.deviantart.com

If Cinderella taught us anything, it’s that you should believe in your dreams, no matter how bad things get. (And be nice to animals. Always.) She really did get a pretty rotten deal in life, having to deal with her crazy stepmother and stepsisters. At least things worked out for her in the end.

The idea of Cinderella turning into some type of scarecrow creature is a very interesting one.

I like how artists went one of two ways: Cinderella as either this gorgeous evil diva or as a monster scarecrow straight out of a spooky movie. They’re both very different concepts, and they both look pretty cool. The idea of Cinderella turning into some type of scarecrow creature is a very interesting one. Maybe her fairy godmother’s spell went bad and Cinderella suffered the consequences. And now she’s out to make everyone else suffer.

Art by iHyrule and Jeftoon01.

18 She Would Definitely Cast A Gypsy’s Curse On You

Via: kasami-sensei.deviantart.com, a1r2i3e4l5.deviantart.com

Esmeralda may not technically be considered a Disney Princess, but she totally should be. We’re going to count her though because she really is an amazing character. She’s unashamed of her heritage, she fights against bigotry, and she was the only one brave enough to show kindness to Quasimodo. This lady is one who follows her own path and will stop at nothing to bring justice to her people.

So evil Esmeralda is kind of spooky. I could see her becoming some type of fire demon, sent to bring vengeance and justice to the corrupt Frollo. It would be interesting to see Esmeralda’s darker side, since we know she could be capable of some pretty weird stuff. You do not want to get on the wrong side of this beautiful lady.

Art by Kasami-Sensei and A1R2I3E4L5.

17 Do Not Make A Deal With This Shadow Lady

Via: kasami-sensei.deviantart.com, jeftoon01.deviantart.com

Tiana is a pretty iconic Disney Princess, being the first African American princess. Plus, we love her dedication and work ethic. This is a lady who’s going to achieve her dreams no matter what. And let’s not forget that she stood up against Dr. Facilier and came out on top. That takes guts.

But what if Tiana was the one to fear? I love these two interpretations of evil Tiana. Tiana as a voodoo witch doctor is both scary and intriguing (I love the body art). And portraying her as a type of monstrous being from the swamps is an unusual idea, but she looks seriously freaky. It would be interesting to see Tiana as a type of female Dr. Facilier. She would totally take New Orleans by storm.

Art by Kasami-Sensei and Jeftoon01.

16 Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Via: autumnrose83.deviantart.com

You know, I’m not sure why Jane isn’t a Disney Princess. I guess she doesn’t fill the royalty requirement. But she’s a pretty awesome character. Not only is she a classy lady, but she’s a scientist! The whole reason she and her father came to Africa was to study gorillas. That’s pretty cool!

Now, the outfit that evil Jane is wearing is actually the outfit of another rather evil lady that shows up in the Tarzan and Jane series: Queen La. I have to admit, the idea of Jane as this wild woman is a pretty interesting idea, simply because it’s pretty different from what she is initially. Though I’m not sure what she’d do as a villainess. Either way, she’s one awesome evil lady.

15 Maybe She Should Sleep Some More

Via: lunipard.deviantart.com, jeftoon01.deviantart.com

Did you know that the movie Sleeping Beauty didn’t do very well when it first came out? Apparently, that’s why Disney didn’t do another princess fairy tale adaptation for a while after the movie. But Aurora is still pretty iconic as a Disney Princess. And let’s face it; Sleeping Beauty is a gorgeous movie.

Who would’ve thought Sleeping Beauty would look so good in black?

But what would Aurora be like as a villain? I really like her in Maleficent’s outfit. Who would’ve thought Sleeping Beauty would look so good in black? And Aurora in a horror setting is pretty interesting. I’m not sure if she’s in zombie mode, or if she’s just channeling some crazy witch powers, but either way, she looks seriously creepy. That would be a plot twist: Aurora traps the fairies and takes over the kingdom herself.

Art by Lunipard and Jeftoon01.

14 Looking For A Soul

Via: tysilva.deviantart.com

Snow White holds the title of the first Disney Princess. This lady is truly iconic, and she has the reputation of being the sweetest and kindest princess. Whether you like Snow White or not, you have to admit that she was the princess who started it all. It would be hard to imagine this young lady as an evil villainess.

There actually have been fairy tale retellings that portray Snow White as a type of vampire (Neil Gaiman does a seriously creepy short story), which actually does make sense. She has super pale skin (white as snow), dark hair, and blood red lips. Vampire Snow White would be pretty spooky. She could draw you in with her sweet demeanor and then when you weren’t expecting it, she’d strike. Hmm, someone should make a movie about this.

Art by Tysilva.

13 She’d Probably Do His Job Better

Via: thenamelessdoll.tumblr.com, kasami-sensei.deviantart.com

You have to admit that Meg is a pretty interesting character. She’s sassy, sarcastic, and always a bit mysterious. When we find out she was working for Hades the whole time, it just made her character even more fascinating. So, what would happen if Meg ended up becoming a bit more evil?

I love the idea of Meg becoming a type of Hades character. Maybe she ends up taking over Hades’ job, or she takes down Hades and becomes him. She looks amazing with flaming blue hair. I don’t know if becoming the Queen of the Underworld would make you a bad guy (in actual Greek mythology, Hades was a pretty chill guy), but I know Meg would absolutely rock at it. All those souls won’t know what hit them.

Art by TheNamelessDoll and Kasami-Sensei.

12 She’s Got The Power Of The Genie

Via: kasami-sensei.deviantart.com, jessica-nahulan.deviantart.com

You have to admire the courage Jasmine had. She wasn’t afraid to tell her father she didn’t want to be married off to some idiot prince, she left the palace grounds to go on her own adventure, she was sassy to Prince Ali, and she was constantly standing up to Jafar. This lady has some nerves of steel.

I think it would be interesting if Jasmine turned into a type of evil genie. Perhaps she was the one who took the lamp and wished to be a powerful genie. The promise of that much power would be intoxicating to anyone. Also, Jasmine as Jafar is a strange, but intriguing idea. That would make for an interesting twist to the tale. I don’t know if Aladdin would know how to go up against evil Jasmine.

Art by Kasami-Sensei and Jessica-Nahulan.

11 I’m Going To See That Face In My Dreams

Via: weheartit.com (Elsa Winters)

I’m glad they made Merida an official Disney Princess since she’s a pretty awesome character. Anyway, Merida is the epitome of a tomboy. She’s the girl that would rather be out riding her horse and exploring rather than having tea parties. But I do like that she and her mother grow much closer in the movie after the whole bear ordeal.

Merida with the powers of darkness would be spooky.

This interpretation of an evil Merida is rather fascinating, mostly because it involves another rather interesting character: Pitch from Rise of the Guardians. Considering Pitch is The Nightmare King and is all about darkness and fear, it wouldn’t take much for him to put Merida under his control. Or maybe Merida sought him out. But Merida with the powers of darkness would be spooky. This is the look of a girl that’s about to make your worst nightmares come true.

10 She’s One With The Spirits

Via: kasami-sensei.deviantart.com, jeftoon01.deviantart.com

Pocahontas is pretty unique since she’s one of the few Disney Princesses based on a historical figure (Mulan was also based on an actual person too!). And despite the great historical inaccuracies the movie has, Pocahontas is a pretty amazing young woman. She had the courage to try and bring two warring sides together and preach peace instead of violence.

But what if Pocahontas wasn’t so much about the peace? What if she had darker intentions in mind? I love these two interpretations of her since they capture her more wild nature. Pocahontas getting possessed by some wolf spirit would be a fascinating idea. We know that she’s in tune with the spirits, so what if she chose to follow the darker ones? You can bet that she could probably wipe out everyone.

Art by Kasami-Sensei and Jeftoon01.

9 Do Not Cross This Warrior

Via: willemijn1991.deviantart.com, kasami-sensei.deviantart.com

Out of all the Disney Princesses, Mulan is probably the toughest. She’s trained in combat, has the highest elimination count, and she’s faced down some pretty scary guys. And she does this while battling the mentality that she was considered inferior as a girl. Seriously, this woman is amazing! So, what would she be like as a bad guy?

Absolutely spooky. She could go two ways, the elegant kind of scary that manipulates everything behind the scenes, or the directly scary woman who will end you without a second thought. Mulan as this warrior is a very interesting idea. She’s got the skills. Plus, if the ancestors decided to give her some extra power, this lady would be unstoppable. Look out, China! You do not want to make this powerful woman angry.

Art by Willemijn1991 and Kasami-Sensei.

8 This Racer Has Had Enough

Via: death-driver-5000.deviantart.com, dfer32.deviantart.com

You know, if anybody had a good enough reason to turn villain, it would probably be Vanellope. Her code was tampered with by King Candy and dubbed a glitch, so everyone in Sugar Rush completely ostracized her. She was totally isolated and forced to scrape by while everyone else treated her like garbage. I’d probably snap if I was her.

Vanellope as a type of Turbo character is a fun idea. We know that if she was able to, she totally would’ve jumped games. And seeing her as this type of creepy half-machine monster is really unsettling. I could see Vanellope looking to get revenge on everyone in Sugar Rush. Then maybe she’d go on a rampage throughout the arcade. She’d probably turn into a virus like Turbo did.

Art by Death-Driver-5000 and Dfer32.

7 Something Fishy Is Going On With Her

Via: fanpop.com (Persephone713)

I don’t know why Ariel was so obsessed with the surface world; I think being a mermaid would be totally awesome! I don’t know what she thought she was missing out on. Though I guess people always want what they can’t have. But what would Ariel be like if she was a little darker?

Ariel as a more monstrous type of mermaid is a really cool image.

I like the concept of Ariel being a type of octopus lady like Ursula. It’s an interesting idea and definitely would’ve added a few twists to the story. And Ariel as a more monstrous type of mermaid is a really cool image. (I don’t know if the artist intended for her to be evil, but she definitely looks creepy.) Ariel could be that type of mermaid that lures sailors to their demise while singing sweetly to them.

6 I’m Surprised This Didn’t Happen

Via: jeftoon01.deviantart.com, willemijn1991.deviantart.com

I would joke about Rapunzel being a ray of sunshine, but considering her powers do come from a golden flower that was a drop of sun, the description seems more accurate than you’d think. Rapunzel really is a total sweetheart. But she’s also pretty tough. Don’t be fooled by her sweet face, she will take you down if she has to.

Evil Rapunzel is kind of scary. Can you imagine if Mother Gothel had twisted her up more to become a destructive machine? It’s definitely possible, and Rapunzel should’ve been way more messed up by her 18 years of isolation than she is in the movie. What if she was a little more psychotic and violent? She could definitely use her crazy long hair for more nefarious purposes. Let’s just be glad she ended up being such a nice young woman.

Art by Jeftoon01 and Willemijn1991.

5 A Queen Of Ice And Darkness

Via: zanekun.deviantart.com, princessfanarts.tumblr.com (XX)

Did you know that they were originally planning on making Elsa the main villain in Frozen? All of that changed when the song “Let It Go” was written. So, then, things were changed because apparently, a lady with that good of a song couldn’t be a villain. Elsa was still a force for Anna to overcome, but they definitely softened up her role.

Elsa as a villain would’ve been so interesting.

I think we missed out on some great stuff because Elsa as a villain would’ve been so interesting. She had it set up perfectly anyway. A girl who was scared of her powers finally lets go and embraces them, only to end up going too far and freezing her entire country. I could see this girl just snapping and going a little crazy. Considering she’s spent years being spooked by herself, it wouldn’t take much for her to go off the deep end.

Art by Zanekun and Princessfanarts.

4 She Could Take Over The World

Via: kasami-sensei.deviantart.com

I seriously don’t get why Kida isn’t a Disney Princess (other than she was in a movie that was considered a flop, which is really stupid). This lady is so amazing. She’s royalty, she can speak so many different languages, she’s an amazing fighter, and she was willing to give up everything to save her people. Kida really deserves more love from Disney fans.

But evil Kida would be both amazing and spooky. And it wouldn’t have been too crazy to imagine. Since she was possessed by the crystal, it would’ve been easy for her to just take over Atlantis and the surface world. Considering what happened to Rourke, it would’ve been very easy for her to have a bunch of crystal slaves. And seeing her more wild and savage side is pretty intriguing.

Art by Kasami-Sensei.

3 Awww, She’s The Cutest Little Demon

Via: artstation.com (Safwen Laabidi)

If Disney didn’t include Moana in the official line-up of Disney Princesses, they would’ve been officially insane. Moana is one of the coolest characters out there. She’s tough, she’s funny and awkward, she’s optimistic, and she’s not afraid to choose peace when fighting seems like the obvious answer. So how would an evil Moana be?

Baby demon Moana is just too adorable.

Well, this artist’s interpretation makes a devilish Moana look cute and a lot less frightening, but we’ll take it, because baby demon Moana is just too adorable. I think that a young demon Moana would be a very interesting idea for an alternate universe; Moana is the daughter of a high-profile demon and sets out to save her people from some sort of threat. Or something like that. Alright Moana fans, start writing!

2 We’re All A Little Mad Here

Via: vinroc.deviantart.com, joputapelirrojo.deviantart.com

I’m not sure why Alice got overlooked for the Disney Princess line-up, though it may be that she wasn’t royalty and hadn’t done any great deeds. (Sorry, but getting lost in Wonderland doesn’t really count as a great deed.) But she’s still a pretty entertaining character. The way she handles the strange things around her is admirable (I’d probably freak out more).

But what if Alice were just as mad as everyone in Wonderland? It wouldn’t be all that surprising if Alice went crazy while in Wonderland. It’s actually more surprising she stayed sane. I could see her turning into this murderous crazy lady that just embraces the insanity and darker side of Wonderland. It would make for a very interesting story. Plus, that creepy grin in the second picture would totally give you nightmares.

Art by Vinroc and Joputapelirrojo.

1 This Sister Has Had Enough

Via: cat-offplz.deviantart.com, kasami-sensei.deviantart.com

The sisters in Frozen really were opposites. Where Elsa was calm and more reserved, Anna was bouncy and full of energy. It’s kind of amazing their personalities didn’t clash as much as they did. But what if Anna was the one who went evil?

To be honest, it’s kind of hard to imagine Anna as a villain, mostly because she’s this generally happy person. But I could see her being pushed to the limit. (It also would’ve been really cool if she had fire powers to offset Elsa’s ice ones.) I could see her going insane if she lost Elsa. If Frozen had ended differently with Hans eliminating Elsa, Anna probably would’ve snapped. Anna as this vengeful ghost would be very interesting and also super creepy.

Art by Cat-offplz and Kasami-Sensei.

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